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Mom Notices Man Sized Son

A few years ago I was dating a single 37 year old woman named Mary who had a son, Alex, that was 18 years old. Mary is 5’7″ redhead, firm body, petite frame with 34c cups and even though shes 37 she could pass for 27 since she exercised regularly.

When Mary and I first started dating Alex hadn’t lived with her since he was 13, he had been living with family. About a year after dating Mary the relatives Alex was living with moved out of state and Alex moved back in with his mom Mary. Mary was living in a 1 bedroom apartment at the time and now that Alex was moving in she upgraded to a 2 bedroom in the same apartment complex.

All this didn’t bother me as Alex and I got along and I lived 30 minutes from them on my own. I recall in prior conversation before she knew Alex was moving in how Mary said that her and Alex were more like friends than mom and son. That she had him at 19 and would always take him to rock concerts and other events that older parents wouldn’t typically do. Also, I remember a conversation of how little boys have a crush on their mom at a young age. Mary mentioned in a laughing voice that Alex use to peek at her in the shower and when changing.

A few months went by, Mary and I carried our relationship on as usual going out at night drinking and enjoying life. The only thing that changed was when we’d have sex we’d wait til Alex wasn’t around or late at night when he was sleeping.

One evening at dinner Mary was venting to me her problems about Alex

“Alex is so messy, He doesn’t help with chores, and just a pain in the butt!”

She spoke of how all he would do is play video games online with his friends when he wasn’t working his waiter job at a local pub.

After a few drinks Mary said we should go dancing then head back around 12am since Alex was working that night til 2am. We headed to the dance club where we stayed, drank and danced for about 3 hours. I noticed at the club Mary was drinking quit a bit more than usual, I figured since she had a stressful week at work and with Alex.

We were driving back to her apartment and she giggled,

“I’m texting Alex to tell me when he is leaving work so he won’t interrupt us.”

We get back to Mary’s apartment around 12:30, go to unlock the door and the deadbolt is locked, which meant Alex was already home. Fuming and drunk Mary bangs on the door yelling

“Alex, open the fucking door!”

A few seconds later Alex opens the door.

Alex is a little taller than his mother at about 5’8″ dark brown hair and he weighs about the same as Mary too, very skinny around 130lbs. At this point Alex and Mary are at each others throats hollering and arguing at each other Mary griping,

“Why do you lock me out of my own fucking house, I pay the rent here!”

Alex responds “I thought you were home! Why are coming home so late!?”

Mary “I’m your mother you don’t tell me what I can and can’t do!”

Boom! Door slams shut and we’re up the stairs to Mary’s bedroom.

I was in shock, not by the argument since Mary is your typical high strung redhead, but by what I saw. Alex was wearing nothing but boxer briefs and he had a semi hard on that nearly came out the bottom on his briefs. It shocked me because on his skinny body you wouldn’t expect something that big.

It was noticeably Big, by my estimation it was hanging at least 7.5 inches and 6 inches semi hard. Now I’m only 6 inches by 5.5 thick and Mary, I later found out, had been with over 30 men said I was bigger than any previous boyfriends.

We get to Mary’s bedroom and she slams the door shut and locks it telling me

“I’m not letting him ruining my night!”

She grabs a glass of wine and takes a drink in her already stuper state. Mary says,

“Let’s take a shower, I worked up a sweat while dancing.”

We strip down and get in the shower. Basking in the warmth of the water from the shower head and sensual smells from the soaps Mary’s attitude turns for the better as she starts rubbing my back down with soap smiling and kissing me. Her hard nipples sliding against my back. Mary tells me,

“Ok now the front.”

As I turn around she starts with my chest rubbing firmly with both hands Lathered with soap. She makes her way down to my stomach past my now rising penis to my feet. She said “Lets get those dancing feet clean.” As she bends down reaching rubbing soap on my feet with her head now level to my erection. She glances and says,

“Someone must like me.”

She kisses the head of my penis and returns standing up facing me. She looks up at me wide eyed with her mouth opened and shocked blurting

“Did you SEE Alex earlier?…that thing was HUGE!”

She bites her lower lip and audibly moans in her drunken state.

She turns to wash herself off and gets out of the shower saying,

“See you on the bed.”

I felt a weird sensation from her remark that made my penis rock hard now pulsating with my heartbeat.

I rinse off and dry off in the bathroom for about 5 mins. I open to door of the bathroom and see Mary already on the bed with thigh high fishnet stockings, black g-string, corset, music playing, wine glass in her hand, and a smell of perfume and lotion in the air.

I rush over to her as she sits her glass down, we starting making out. Her tits are protruding out of the top of her corset. I clamp down on her rock hard nipple. I kiss her mouth, our tongues lapping friskily at each others mouths.

I noticed Mary was a bit more enthused that night as she even got up and gave me a striptease. Taking off her corset, turning showing me her ass while every now and again sliding her g string over flashing me her pussy.

Mary then lays on the opposite end of the bed facing towards me with her legs spread open and slides her g string off. She spreads her pussy lips giving me a full view. Mary was rubbing her clit provocatively tilting her head back moaning as I could see her slit start to glisten. She then motioned with her finger ‘come here’ grabbed my head and guided it towards her now slippery wet pussy.

I licked and tongued her as she moaned and gently moved her hips in unison with my tongue licking up and down her love hole. After a few minutes she pushed me on my back and started giving me a sloppy wet blowjob.

I can vividly remember as she was very enthused humming moaning and even fingering herself at the same time which she never did. She then mounted me and guided the head of my 6×5.5 inch cock towards her cunt. She slid down easily as she was really wet/worked up and rode me bucking back and forth grinding on my rod.

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