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Mom screwed hard by car mechanic

Hi my name is Jack and my dad was working as a assistant in dubai and we live in Canada.My mom name is Ava and she is 36 yrs old stunning beauty.Long black haired brunette with blue eyes, pink lips and voluptuous body sizes.She is 5’4 inches and 65 kgs weight.Her sizes are 36-36-46 and her tits are so huge in size like a watermelons.Her sexynavel is so hot and curvy and her fatty ass cheeks make her a sex bomb and she is an absolute treat to any mens eyes.Her huge ass giggles when she walks around and her sexy milky thighs and sexy legs make her so beautiful.Her melons are so big round and are ripen 36g sized and every men will die to fuck her and many have eyes over her.I have seen men oogling at her hot body when she walks around and many tried to grope her ass and tits and she is aware of those horny men and she had a car so that she wont go down in crowded buses and call taxi and trains where those horny men will oogle her hot body.She always wears sleeveless tops and shorts showing her milky thighs and legs.Her huge cleavage is always visible and its a treat to everyone and even women will get jealous seeing her beauty.I could imagine how many men were fantasies her and making her as their sex doll would be un countable.

Mom was a travel freak and she travels a lot and she is fitness freak.She will hook with her friends and booze with them occasionally and all of then were girls and she avoids men.But those girls were not like that they are married but yet having so many bfs.She wont mind them.She boozes a lot with them.Her car was having some sort of trouble in engine and she was worried with it and the company shows it a major issue and it will be large amount of money she cant afford it right now.She had a friend named Angela down the street and she was her bestie and she used to come to our home.Angela was a sexy chick small tits 32 sized and good shaped body and she is having 4 childs and she looks like a teen.Her hubby was a mechanic he was down the street with his own garrage.His name is Brock and he is actually a womaniser he fucks sluts and milfs around the street and he bargains good and fucks them with some tricks.He was good looking guy.6’4 inches height broad shoulders,huge arms,well toned chests which is hairy,big biceps and good beard look.And he looks so rough and tough and muscular man he is.Every women will fall for him.He was always busy with his work and chicks.Angela told mom about his hubby and she told her to bring her car to his garrage so that he will fix the issues if he can.

Mom dont know Brock before and she havent met him.Angela told Brock about mom’s car issue and he had other plans for her.Brock have seen mom many times and he had crush over her and he always wanted to bang this hot milf and if i plan correctly this milf belongs to me.Brock have told his wife to bring her car when he was free and according to that he finished all his work in hurry and was waiting for mom.Mom went to his garrage.Angela was out of town for his childs school issue and she told her to go alone and its an advantage for Brock.Mom was wearing a pink tops and blue shorts.Her huge cleavage and sexy navel was visible and her sexy milky thighs and legs are so nice to see.Brock was stunned by seeing her beauty.He was amazed hiw could i missed this hot chick being my wife close friend and he welcomed her.Hii Mrs.Ava and how are you? And she told am fine Brock how are you? Ur so busy with your work always and i havent met you in the past and being my bestie hubby.Bro was oogling at her huge cleavage and sexy thighs and mom noticed it and she doesn’t bother about it.Brock started to repair the issue and mom was sitting in the chair.Brock was oogling at her milky thighs and sexy legs.And mom was so bored up.She went near him and she watched Brock was bare body showing his ribbed abs and huge muscular arms and seeing this mom was aroused wow he is so muscular and strong and How lucky is Angela having such a hot man as his hubby.How well he could bang her very day and it shows they are having 4 kids.

Brock was sweat out and full of oil and greeze all over his hot body and seeing a muscular man working hard she was felt horny.Now Brock came out and told Ava this issue is so hard to fix and it makes lot of money.Or else u should buy a new car. Om told him that i have less money and buying a new car is impossible at this momemt and my hubby wont allow me to buy it.So how can i fix it.Brock has other ideas and he smiled at her.Ava i can fix this issue if u make a deal with me.She asked what deal Brock and he smiled at her.Babe i had a huge crush over you when i saw you and till that day i wanted to bang you so hard and make you my slut.Hearing this mom was shocked wtfffff Brock what haooens if Angela knows about this and she is a devited wife to you and am i also a married mom.This is impossible.No Ava it will be secret and i will fix ur car for free if u give me a chace to fuck you.I know ur always left horny and all you need is a good fuck from a good cock so dont override dear.I know all u need is a good fuck and ur body tempts for a good fuck and i will give you.She told okk Brock u can do it but it must be a secret.Brock was so delighted and his long time crush gona be fucked by him now.

Brock came near her and started to kiss her lips he inserted his hard tongue inside her soft mouth and sucked her juices and bite her lips she had no air and now he just removed her tops with his oiled hands and greese and now mom was wearing a white bra and he was amazed wow bitch u have some epic melons and he squeezed it with his huge arms and now teared her bra and her huge 36gg watermelons fall down and display infront of him and he was shocked to see so huge tits wow babe ur tits are so big and ur hubby is so lucky to have such huge titted wife.If ur mine i will suck those fun bags evrytime.Her areola is so dark and large circled her nipples are so dark and large like a gMolestation and he squeezed her melons and started to suck it so hard and squeezed it and she was filled with lot of pleasure and she shouted ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshsh shshshshshshs louder and he went on sucking her melons he tried to swallow her both titties with his big mouth but they are too big to handle then.He sucked her neck and licked her ears and soft neck.his greesy hands had impression over her tits and face and now he licked her arms and arm prits and she was much delighted and this man know how to make a women wet and she was enjoying a lot and now he removed her shorts and her sexy navel was infront of him and she was wearing a black panty and he removed it and he saw her pink pussy shaved and cleaned up and now mom is full nude infront of her friend hubby.

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