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Mom & Sis Sex Stories

In my family myself, my sister and my mother are only members.My sister is 22 years old myself 20, and mom is 46.We stay together in our small house in a remote village.Father died years ago.Sister is married, no children.Her husband is working in a company in Bombay.So she was so horny, and her cunt was thirsty for a big size cock.One night as usual I went for sleeping.That time Chechi’s (sister’s) room light was on.Mom and sis were sleeping in one room.I used to masturbate and discharge my hot water by looking at my sister’s large tits and buttocks. One day I brought one sex book, and read it in my room without noticing by others.When I read those interesting stories, I felt like to fuck my chechi somehow.I made plans to accomplish my goal. I left that book on the table so that she will notice it easily.I left door half closed, and pretend that I am in sound sleep.After some time chechi came to my room for taking her clothes, which were in my room on the clothing line for drying ( I was knowing that). My dear friends these women’s under garments really makes me hard.Irrespective of mother or sister it makes me aroused.Even though mom uses bodice (old fashioned bra) it gives me erection.

I used to sniff their underwear (soiled of-course) and jack off.OnceI could notice stains of my jism on mom’s bodice.After wash they apply optic brighteners like blue, this will clearly show semen stains in white clothes.I think mom didn’t recognise it.Sister’s panties are my favourite ones. The strong aroma of ammonia from her piss will be always there, along with the smell of her POORU OIL (cunt juice).Her panties were home made in those olden days.Usually called nickers or sheddy.These are like trousers, so the crease in the middle will be always inside the cunt slit. You can imagine the amount of pussy butter it can absorb.I often suck that portion and enjoy her cunt flavour.Even by showing her sheddy to my KUNNA (prick) it will jump up and stand like an iron rod.Since her nickers were in colour printed clothes, she did not notice my ejaculation marks, I think. So where was I ?Yeh.. Chechi came to my room.She immediately noticed the book (it’s cover page was a picture of a naked woman)I slowly peeped, she was wearing only a nightie, there was nothing underneath.Big swinging breasts were easily observable.

Instantly my kunna got up.She was going through pages, and thinking that I am asleep she carried the book along with her.I got up and followed her silently.There was gap in the window of their room.I peeped through it.The sean inside was so stimulating. Chechi was sitting on the cot.Her night gown had been lifted up to her hips, and her thighs were spread.Chechi’sPOORU was fully opened like a flower.While reading the book her fingers were busy in rubbing her KANDH (clit) inside her cunt. I understood mom was watching all these fingering games of Chechi.Mom slowly got up and asked her “What are you reading?”Chechi said it is a book.Mom said let me see it.Then chechitold, it is from his room I got.Mom started going through it.Chechi was still rubbing her clit.When mom sawphotos in the book, got excited.I felt that her years prick starvingyoni is dripping water of Kama.Some photos were of son fucking mother.When she saw those, I knew her large POORU started itching.Mom said “this book is interesting mole (baby)”, and continued reading.

Chechi suddenly got up and proceededtowards bathroom.I quickly hide away.I saw chechiwas sitting in the bathroom without closing the door, and pissing.Then I also entered the bathroom in pretext of pissing.But my KUNNA was like a bayonet .But she disregarding it, continued pissing.I looked at her pussy, it is quite big in size, and her KANDH (clit) is about three quarter of an inch.She looked at my big prick and exclaimed.“ eesvra (god) what a big Kunna is your’s”I was feeling bashful.I read your book, chechi said.You likes to insert it in a POORU , is itn’t ?Why didn’t you ask me ?By saying this she held on my iron rod and started moving the foreskinto and fro.Do you like to suck on my KANDH (clit)? I nodded yes.Then come on, she sat on her buttocks, from the squat pose and lifted her legs up.I saw, she was sitting in her piss poodle, which was on the bathroom floor.Strong smell of her urine made me intoxicated.But first I pressed her tit meat like bus horn over her nigh gown.She removed gown soon and laiddownon floor and parted her thighs.I pulled apart her pussy lips and inserted my tongue and started licking.I sucked on her sweet clit strongly like a vacuum pump.Chechi shook her hips up and down violently.I was getting impatient, I jumped on her and entered in her POORU.

Her slimypussy greeted my prick warmly, so smooth it was.I was in heaven.I sucked on her both boobs, started fucking her vigorously.Like a crazy woman chechi yelled obscene things. “You son of bitch fuck me hard, you had this marvellous KUNNAand my POORUwas starving all these days, Com on pump it into chechi’s cunt you bastard. I also retorted in the same way“Poori-mole come on take it…. I will break your pooru today.I want the long clit cunt like yours.. you slut…and we kept on fucking like husband and wife without bothering anything. Finally I shot my prick milk into her pussy.We were tired.Then only we noticed mother’s presence there.We never thought we were in the bath room, while fucking.Mom had come there for a pee. She got excited.My prick was still inside chechi’s POORU.Due to her high state of stimulation, mom thrown away her mundu (women’s lower garment) and squat on the floor and shook chechi and told. “Come on stop it and get away”When I opened my eyes, what I saw was mother squatting, exposing her matured big cunt.I soon pulled out my prick from chechi’s twat and got up.We three moved to bed room naked.When mother saw my 8” cock , her POORU opened, I felt it like her cunt is smiling.Her KANDH(clit) was bigger than sister’s.Mom was watching my prick interestingly.All of a sudden she knelt and start suckingmy KUNNA.We both laid down on the cot.It was in a 69 position.Mother kept her big pussy on my my face, and her mouth was on my KUNNA.I spread her thighs, and looked at her hairy pussy. Few hairs had turned grey. Still it was spectacular. Yes my place of birth !!!!!Her cunt lips were opened, and her large clit was hanging.It was like a date fruit.It is much bigger than chechi’s.It was dripping honey, I licked on it.Slightly saltish, still it was tasty.Sucking was easy since it was too big.I drank that slimy pussy juice well.And inserted my tongue deep inside and slurped.Mom was grinding her POORU on my face.

I made her to lay on her back, and climbed on her.I looked at her pussy, and brought my gun to its lips.Oh my God! I am going to enter my own mother’s cunt .That feeling was so exciting.I felt like my Kunna is elongating by it itself and going to enter her pussy , if I delay anymore.I could not wait, I slammed my hips.Her POORU was so tight, may be because of, not in use for long time.I felt like she is younger than my sis.May be my brother in low had fucked her pussy very roughly I guessed.I pushed my cock strongly to enter her fully inside.It was so warm.I wished I could enter my full body into heruterus, and stay there for some time.It was a heavenly feeling to relish in my own mother’sbody.Her cunt was also trying to pull me inside, as is it found some of its lost part.I reached up to her entrance of uterus.I tried hard to pierce into.Mom told, forget everything baby and try to fuck like I am your wife.Then my nasty thoughts prevailed. “You bitch you are my wife, I will fuck you as and when I feel.Now come on swing your butts.Do you like that aanappooree…. And we fucked for quit long time.Since it was my second shot within half an hour, I took long to reach climax.Mom had several orgasms, before mine, I sensed.At lastmy KUNNA shot semen bullets deep into her uterus.She was hugging me hard in the final assault.She had really enjoyed it, from her face I could judge.Later on mom and sis were my wives.And I fucked them both generously and lived like husband and wives with out any wedlock.

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