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Mom So Hot

As I am sitting here writing this, I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. It all started when my wife was about to deliver our child. Rita and I had been married about three years when she got pregnant. I’m an architect, still trying to establish myself in a big firm. We do all right, not great and we own a nice two-bedroom condo in a small town outside Boston.

As I am sitting here writing this, I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. It all started when my wife was about to deliver our child. Rita and I had been married about three years when she got pregnant. I’m an architect, still trying to establish myself in a big firm. We do all right, not great and we own a nice two-bedroom condo in a small town outside Boston.Due to some complications, Rita was bedridden for the last three months of her pregnancy and had to be watched carefully. When it came time for the baby to be born the doctor checked her in early so they could try to control her delivery.

Around the time she was about to go to the hospital, my folks offered to drive up from their home in Connecticut and stay with us to help out until Rita felt up to taking care of herself. We jumped at the offer since Rita’s parents were both dead and she really doesn’t have any other family. My folks have always been great to us and were a pleasure to have around. They were always there for their kids when they needed them. I was the third of four, two boys and two girls, and so my folks just figured that it was my turn.

My Dad is semi retired as a contractor, though he keeps busy consulting and such and Mom is a nurse, but only part time. So getting away for a while wouldn’t be a problem for them. In fact my Dad had a friend of his that wanted him to consult on a development he was building, so he could make it a business trip as well. They originally lived up here, but had moved to Connecticut shortly after I got married. They are both in their mid-late fifty’s and look like every body else’s parents. Dad is a little over weight with graying black hair and Mom is tall and thin and has deep red hair with whispers of gray around her face.

The cause of all that happened started when Rita first developed these complications and had to be confined to our bedroom. Along with this came the orders of no sex for the duration. We had not had a very active sex life lately and not to brag, I have a very high sex drive and I need to get some every day. We weren’t getting along too well, fighting and bickering, but not willing to part so we thought having a baby might help. We started going together in high school and got married about 5 years after college. While Rita isn’t a great looking girl with brown eyes and long, curly brown hair that she wears in a ponytail down to the base of her back, she has some attributes you can’t ignore. She has huge, round tits and a soft round ass and killer legs all wrapped around a full figure that made her very sexy to me. When we first started going together the sex was great, but what I really fell in love with was just how sweet she is.

Then as time went on, things went a bit sour, so when she got pregnant we thought it might force us to work on our marriage. So being shut off like this was killing me and, not wanting to cheat on Rita, I was left with old rosy palmer to reduce the tension. I haven’t beat off this much since I was a kid and to be honest, it wasn’t getting the job done. From the time I hit high school, I never had a problem getting laid, mostly due to my personality. Not that my equipment was inadequate, about 7″ and thicker than most, but girls just seemed to like me. And once they got to know me they wouldn’t leave me alone. But now here I was, three months without any real sex and climbing the walls!

My folks arrived the night before Rita was going to the hospital and it was real nice having them here. They helped get Rita ready for the next day and Mom cooked a great meal for everyone. I took Rita in the next morning and spent the day with her, getting her settled. The doctor explained that they were going to induce her slowly to try and control her delivery. He told us that she would probably deliver in 48 hours, but they would be monitoring her progress the whole time, and I could go home and they would call me if she got close when I wasn’t there. I left to go home for supper and told Rita I would be back in the morning, since I worked for a very progressive company that gave you three weeks off when your wife has a baby. I had a nice dinner with the folks, watched some t.v. and headed off to bed.

Once I stretched out and felt the cool sheets caress my dick I began to get hard and realized I needed relief. I grabbed one of the playboys I keep in the nightstand and started thumbing through it while I yanked on my johnson. In a little bit I felt my cream rise up my dick and explode all over my hand and down my leg. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and then flopped into bed, feeling as frustrated as ever. I needed a hot twat to satisfy this urge and I needed it soon!

I woke up in the morning hoping that I had been dreaming. But as I looked beside me in the bed there was my sleeping son, and all the events of the previous night came rushing back–I had indeed let my son fuck me. Knowing I needed to collect my thoughts I slipped out of bed, got dressed, and headed for the beach to take a long walk. As I strolled along the beach I confronted all the questions that had raced through my mind after William had fucked me. I walked, alone with my thoughts for a long time, and finally came to a conclusion.

I knew what I wanted to say to William, so I headed back to the house. As I approached the house I noticed that the car was gone. When I got inside I saw that William had left a note saying he was going into town. I took a bath, and then waited for him to return. After awhile I began to worry about him, wondering what state of mind he might be in. Finally, I heard the car pulling up in the driveway. William came into the house, his head down, trying to avoid eye contact with me.“William, we need to talk.”

He blurted back, “Mom, I’m so sorry about last night. I know you must hate me. I…”


“I went into town and bought a ticket for me to fly back to the states.”


“I’ll leave you here and you can have the house and car, and be happy on the island.”

“William, will you be quiet and just listen for a minute.”

He sat down on the sofa while I was standing across the room from him. “I’ve thought a lot about last night. What we did, what we said.” He was looking down, trying to avoid me. “I kept coming back to the same conclusion. There’s only been one man in my life, one man I’ve loved, one man that’s loved me and taken care of me, and that’s you William. So my answer is yes, if you still want me to be, I’d like to be your wife.”

He looked up at me, his eyes growing bigger. “Are you sure Mom?”

“Yes, if you still want that.”

“Of course I do Mom”

“But William, you haven’t even seen me nude before. You may not even like my body!” I teased.

“No chance of that Mom!”

“Well, let’s see.”

I had put on a simple pullover after I had bathed. While William sat watching I slipped one strap off one shoulder, and then the other. The pullover fell to the floor, and I was standing in front of William wearing only a bikini. I had put on the smallest string bikini that had been in my dresser. It didn’t do much to cover my body. The top only had two small patches that were barely big enough to cover my nipples. For the most part, my large breasts were exposed. One string was stretched tightly between my breasts, connecting the two patches of cloth. Strings running around my back, and up around my neck held the bikini in place. The bottom half of the bikini was a patch of cloth just large enough to conceal my pussy. Two strings flared up over my hips to hold it in place.

Reaching up behind my neck I pulled the knot out of the string that was holding the bikini top up, and then I reached behind me and untied the remaining knot. The bikini top fell to the floor, and my tits were completely exposed for William to see. My nipples were already beginning to stiffen, and his stare excited me that much more. Now he could see everything, my large 38D tits were completely on display for him. He could see my large areolas, and my erect nipples. I next pulled the knots from both sides of the bottom of the bikini and let it drop to the floor. Now my son was staring at my totally nude body. When I had bathed I had shaved my pussy, leaving just a small strip of hair just above my pussy lips–just like the girl we had seen on the beach yesterday. I could tell my pussy was very wet and wondered if William could see how moist my pussy lips were getting. As I stepped toward him he stood up from the couch and said, “Mom you’re beautiful.”

We embraced, and then I said, “My turn.” I lifted his shirt up over his head, and then ran my hands over his masculine upper body. Then I hooked my thumbs into the elastic of his shorts and slid them down over his waist, letting them drop to the floor. We embraced again. My large tits were pressing into his chest and I could feel his rigid cock pressing against me. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down so that he was sitting on the sofa. Then I knelt in front of him. His beautiful cock was right in front of me. It was the first time I had really seen a man’s erect cock. And what a cock! I was amazed at its size, it must have been nine inches long. I couldn’t believe that William had been able to get all of that in me last night. I put my hand up to grasp it, but couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it. Reacting to my touch William let out a sharp breath. .Slowly I started to stroke William’s cock with my hand. I looked up at William who was intently watching my every motion. Our eyes met and we smiled. Then I looked back at the magnificent cock that was right in front of me. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, and started to gently lick the underside of my son’s cock.

“Oh Mom…” William muttered. I continued to lick up and down on his cock coating it with the wetness from my tongue. Then I pursed my lips and slowly slid them over the tip of his cock and started gently sucking on William’s cock. He gasped, and his hips jerked. I used my other hand to hold him down and continued to suck on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, while at the same time stroking his cock with my hand. I was giving my first blow-job ever, and I was excited to be giving it to my son. William’s breathing was becoming heavier and he placed his hands on the back of my head. I figured he was going to cum soon. I wanted to taste his cum and was determined to swallow his entire load. As I continued to suck his cock I started stroking it faster with my hand and he cried out, “Oh Mom I’m cumming.” He began shooting gobs of cum into my mouth as I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, downing his entire load of cum. William’s cum tasted so good to me.

William was still breathing heavy. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed, his head rolled back. He raised his head and opened his eyes and looked down at me. “That was incredible Mom.” I smiled at him, satisfied that I had pleased him. I crawled up into his lap and was sitting crossways, with my ass between his legs. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him forward to give him a passionate kiss. We kissed long and hard, our tongues battling each other, exploring the tingling between us. When we pulled away William looked down at my chest. My tits were right in front of him. He took his finger and began to lightly trace around my areola. “Mom, your areoles are so big and sexy.” He then began rubbing a nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing it to stiffen and get more erect than it already was. My nipples were protruding almost 1/2″ from my tits.

“It felt so good last night when you sucked on my tits,” I told him, thinking he would take the hint. Instead, William put both of his arms underneath me, scooped me up, and stood up and carried me towards the bedroom.

“Mom, I’m going to lick and suck on your tits till it drives you crazy! Then I’m going to kiss and lick your pussy until you cum!” His words almost gave me an orgasm.

I shuttered in excitement, and coyly asked, “Why William, are you going to eat my pussy?!!”

“If it’s okay with you” he replied.

As seductively as I could I whispered, “Yes honey, I’d love for you to eat my pussy. No man’s ever done that for me before. Please eat your mommy’s pussy, please.”

William’s knees almost buckled from hearing my words. I could tell he was turned on by my lewd talking. He set me on the bed, and then laid down beside me. I was lying flat on my back, with my tits jutting up. My erect nipples were pointing straight up, stiff and begging to be sucked. William wasted no more time. Leaning over he put his warm mouth over one nipple. When his wet tongue rolled over my engorged nipple I let loose. “Ohmigosh, that feels so good…OOOHHHH.”

He continued to suck on one nipple and then he reached up and gently pinched the other nipple. He took his other hand and placed it over my pussy. He could feel how wet I was. He took a finger and stroked between my pussy lips so that his finger was coated with my cunt juices. Then he took that finger and rubbed it over my nipple, coating it with my sweet cunt juice. He put his mouth on that nipple and began to suck, while at the same time he placed his hand back over my pussy. With one stroke his finger slid between my cuntlips and pressed against my swollen clit. It was more than I could take. The sensation of him sucking on my tits and fingering my clit put me in a frenzy. I couldn’t hold back. “OH, William, I’m cumming.”

My pussy started quivering and I could feel a flood of juices. I had been so excited it had only taken my son’s sucking and playing with my tits to bring me to an orgasm! William removed his finger from my clit and sat there watching me. My body was quivering and jerking from the orgasm he had induced. I was slowly catching my breath, and looked up to see William setting at the edge of the bed. I closed my eyes and was relishing my orgasm. At that moment I felt pressure against my pussy and opened my eyes to see William’s head between my legs. He was gently kissing my pussy.

“Mom, remember, I promised to eat your pussy.” I couldn’t believe that I could live through so much pleasure again so soon. I could feel William’s tongue stroking my pussy, lapping up my cunt juices. He would start at the bottom of my pussy and slide his tongue all the way up my pussy lips, going up and down, lapping up my pussy juices. Then he would stick his tongue as deep into my cunt as he could, probing the walls of my pussy. His actions were getting a response from me. It felt so good I instinctively began rocking my hips to meet his tongue. He finally took his tongue and started at the bottom of my pussy, and then firmly licked all the way up until his tongue reached my clit. He pressed his tongue firmly against my clit and I jerked, and moaned, “Oh my god, William. It feels so good.”

I started pressing my pussy harder against his mouth as I ground my cunt into his face. His tongue was swirling around my clit. It wasn’t long before I could tell I was approaching another climax. I began moaning, “Feels so good, yes right there, oh honey you make my pussy feel soooo goooood.” At that moment William reached up and inserted two fingers into my cunt and started stroking the upper walls of my pussy. “Ohhhhhh FUCK!” I cried out, and slammed my cunt hard against his face. His firm tongue pressed against my clit, and I exploded into another orgasm. “Oh William…I’m cumming again…You’re making mommy cum again…Oh keep eating mommy’s pussy…you make it feel soooo good.” I heaved up and down in ecstasy, breathing very hard.

When my orgasm had finally subsided William scooted up over my body. With his large hands he grasped the outsides of each of my tits and pushed them together, creating a deep cleavage between my tits. Then he pushed his face into the area between my tits and started gently kissing my breasts. He kissed and licked on my soft breasts, finally finding his way to a nipple. He slowly licked and flicked his tongue over my nipples, alternating from one breast to the other. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Do you like my tits?” I asked, already knowing the answer!

“Oh yes Mom. I love sucking on your beautiful tits.”

“Come up here and give me a kiss.” He slid his body up and our lips met and locked, our tongues began probing each other’s mouths, darting against each other. William slid further up over my body and I realized that his cock was hard again. I could feel it rubbing against my moist pussy. I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in all my life. This time there would be no resistance, no hesitancy. I wanted every inch of his magnificent cock. I spread my legs wide apart and began rubbing my pussy against his rigid cock. Opening my eyes and staring right into his gaze I whispered, “William, please fuck me. Please put your beautiful cock into my pussy. Last night, as your Mom I didn’t know what I wanted. Now as your wife I want you to fuck me with every inch of your cock.” I continued to grind my pussy against his hard cock. William looked back at me, and then slowly raised his hips. He was positioning the tip of his cock to find the opening of my pussy. Slowly I could feel his massive cock entering my quivering pussy. As he eased his cock into my pussy I could feel it stretching the walls of my cunt. “Oh William, it feels so good. Put it all the way in. Be a good son…er, .husband…and fuck me hard.” I scooted my hips up to give him a better angle to shove his cock into my eager pussy.

“Mom, it feels soooo good. Your pussy’s so wet and tight.”

“That’s it honey, put it all the way in.” He gave one final thrust, and I could tell that my son’s large cock was completely buried in my pussy. We held each other, motionless, for a moment, then we kissed. Then William slowly started pulling his cock back out of my pussy. “Oh gosh” I moaned “It feels so good.” He had withdrawn his cock almost completely out, and then he reversed and plunged it deep back into my cunt. “Oh William…yes…that feel’s soooo goood. Oh yes, fuck me honey…faster…harder. Oh your cock feels so good.” I was thrusting upward meeting his downward moves, as we moved together in perfect unison. In and out his cock kept plunging into my pussy. He raised up slightly and watched my big tits bounce around as he fucked me. They were wobbling up and down, and rolling around, responding to the movements of his cock pumping in and out of my pussy.

“I’m going to cum Mom!” he yelled. Once again, like last night, he asked, “Should I pull out?”

“No William, fill my pussy with your cum. I want you to shoot your load deep into my pussy. Fuck me honey, oh fuck me.” I was thrashing about under him, eager to have him fill my pussy again with his cum.

William lunged forward, slamming his cock deep into my pussy. As he moaned I knew his cock was spewing forth another load of his cum, filling my pussy again. He kept jerking, driving his cock deeper and harder with each movement, as he filled my cunt.

“Oh my gosh honey! You’re making me feel so good. That’s it…keep fucking me…oh your cock’s so big…honey I can feel you filling my pussy with your cum! Fuck me William, fuck your mom, fuck you wife! I want to be your wife and have you fuck me forever!!!!”

I exploded into an earth-shattering orgasm and threw my legs around him holding onto him, pulling him deeper into me. The feeling was exquisite—my son’s large throbbing cock was buried deep into my clutching pussy. I never wanted the feeling to end!

It wasn’t long before I could feel his cum, mixed with my own pussy juices, oozing out of my pussy and dribbling down my ass.

William rolled sideways, pulling me with him. My leg was dMolestationd over him and we snuggled facing each other, with his cock still buried in my pussy. We kissed each other and held each other tightly, happy with the knowledge that we were no longer just mother and son, but now we were also lovers. I realized that I really wanted more than anything to be my son’s wife, and that no mother could ask for more from her son than for him to be her loving husband.

“I hope our honeymoon lasts forever!” I giggled softly.

William just smiled back and said, “I don’t know why it shouldn’t. You’re going to be the most beautiful bride in the world.”

We drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

It was late morning as we relaxed in bed after making love. Whereas the first time my son had fucked me I had been shocked and surprised, I was a very willing participant the second time we fucked. I had indeed enjoyed it very much and it made me realize how much I had missed out on by not having sex for 18 years!

We were exchanging little loving kisses when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it” William said as he hopped up from the bed. He took the call and then returned to the room telling me that our shipment from home had arrived and that the delivery service would be bringing it later today. Before we had left the states William had hired a service to pack up the things we would want in our paradise home and have them shipped to us. There really wouldn’t be that much as we had lived a very simple lifestyle before winning the lottery. Anyway, William told me that our things would be delivered this afternoon.“Since we have some time, how would you like a picnic lunch down at the gazebo?” I suggested.

“Sure Mom, that sounds great.”

“Okay dear, I’ll fix us something and call you when it’s ready.”

I got up and went to the kitchen where I fixed us some sandwiches and put some beer in a cooler. I then headed back to the bedroom to pick out a bikini, and to tell William that everything was ready. I was still nude as I entered the room and I could feel William’s eyes roaming over my body.

“William, everything is ready. Are you about ready dear?”

“Mom, I think I’ll take a quick shower, then I’ll be right there.”

“Okay dear, I’ll be waiting in the living room.”

About ten minutes later William entered the living room where I was waiting. However he was a bit surprised to see me sitting there with only my bikini bottoms on. I stood up, walked to the table where I picked up the picnic basket and said, “Are you ready now honey?” Although I wasn’t looking at him I could almost feel his eyes watching my naked breasts swaying as I moved about.

“But Mom….you’re not going out like that are you?”

His concern over my nudity actually puzzled me for a moment as I responded, “Like what dear?”

“You know…..topless, Mom!”

“Well don’t you like my tits honey?” I replied, now fighting back the urge to giggle.

“Well yes Mom, but….”

“And you’ve seen them before haven’t you,” I asked with a wry smile.

“Well sure Mom, but…”

“And didn’t you say nudity was common on the island?”

“I did Mom, but….”

“But, but, but,” I laughed, “I guess you want to see my butt!”

In one swift motion I removed my bikini bottoms, turned around and wiggled my butt. “Is that better dear?”

“Oh my gosh Mom, you’re incredible!”

“Listen honey, I just want to make you happy. If you want me to be covered from head to toe I will be, but if you want to see me nude I don’t mind being that way for you either. So just let me know what you want dear.”

William’s eyes slowly drank in my body. I could tell from the reaction in his swimsuit that he was getting excited from what he saw.

Finally he said, “You look just fine Mom….just like that.”

“Are you sure dear?” I could see that his cock was hardening even more in his trunks.

“Oh yes Mom…I’m sure.”

“Good, then let’s have a picnic!”

I headed for the door. However before I went out I turned to William and in a more serious voice told him, “William, I think there is one thing we need to discuss. We have one little problem.”

I could tell by the look on his face that he was afraid of what might be coming. Perhaps he thought the last twenty four hours had been too good to be true. However his fears were alleviated when I walked up to him, nuzzled against him, and playfully said, “I don’t think you can call me Mom when we leave the house. For all that matters it might be best if you simply called me Cynthia from now on, no matter where we are.”

He looked at me and automatically replied, “Okay Mom.”

His response caused us both to break into laughter. As soon as the words had left his lips he knew he had already made his first slip. He thus cleared his throat, looked at me and distinctly said, “Cynthia, are you ready to have lunch?”

“Yes, William,” I smiled back. It was going to take some practice but I knew we could pull it off.

We headed out of the house and down the steps to the gazebo. As we walked I deliberately put a little extra spring into my step. This of course made my tits bounce up and down, and I knew William was watching. I simply smiled at him as we were both aware of what we were doing. I truly liked being admired by my son and found it exciting that he liked to watch my tits bounce.

When we got to the gazebo I set the picnic basket down and turned to face William. I looked down and smiled at him as I could see that the tip of his cock was poking out above the waistband of his trunks.

“My my, what do we have here?” I giggled.

“Well jeez, Mom….” He tried to catch himself but couldn’t.

I looked at him sternly, before smiling.

“Well jeez, Cynthia…it’s just that you’re so hot to look at!”

“Hmmm…I guess we’ll have to do something to help you then won’t we?”

I stepped toward William who was sitting on the edge of the chaise. Dropping to my knees I leaned forward and pulled his trunks down. His hard cock sprang out and smacked against my tits.

“It seems like this fella knows where it wants to go” I giggled.

I leaned forward and let William’s cock nestle between my tits. Then I held my tits together as they smothered his cock.

“Would you like to fuck my tits honey?”

“Oh god yes, Cynthia.”

We both smiled that he had gotten it right that time!

He started working his cock up and down between my tits. His cock head slipped through my cleavage and I bent my head down and licked the tip.

“That’s it baby…fuck Mommy’s tits.” I taunted him by using “mommy” to excite and encourage him, as if he needed more encouragement!

He groaned, “That’s no fair…Mom…uh, Cynthia.”

He started to piston his cock faster between my tits. I loved the feel of his hard cock engulfed in my soft warm tits. My tits jiggled a little from his thrusting and I could tell that he loved watching. There was no doubt that my son was definitely a tit man.

As his cock slid between my tits I continued to tease it with my tongue. I would flick my tongue over his cockhead and slit each time it reappeared. He started thrusting faster and faster, his cock gliding smoothly between my large tits. I pressed my tits firmer around his cock and felt his body start to jerk.

“Oh fuck…Mo…Cynthia….I’m going to cum.”

“Yes honey, cum for me”

I held my tits together as he pumped faster and faster. I looked up and our eyes met–the eyes of two lovers, mother and son, who only hours ago had committed to live as husband and wife. Without warning his cock burst forth with a powerful blast of cum, which hit under my chin and dribbled onto my neck and tits. I tilted my head so that I was looking right at his cock when another shot of cum hit right above my nose. I smiled as his cum splattered against my face and opened my mouth, ready to catch any more spurts. Sure enough William shot another spurt of cum that landed right in my mouth. As I closed my lips to savor and swallow it he hit me with even another spurt, this time right on my closed lips. I quickly opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out to accept this delicious glob of cum. Finally, I think we both thought his cumming was finished, as I let go of my grip on my tits. Panting we separated slightly from each other. William’s still rigid cock was gently waving.

“Oh my gosh William, you covered me,” I exclaimed.

But William wasn’t through! As he backed away his cock spurted two more shots of cum onto my tits. We both started laughing at the cum shower he had given me.

I moved to sit in the chaise beside William and started to rake the lingering cum off my face with my fingers and then lick them clean. Looking at the cum covering my tits I started massaging it in, as I looked over at William who was still watching my every move.

“Do you think this stuff is as good as suntan lotion?” I teased as I continued to massage his cum into my tits, neck and even my cheeks.

“Oh I’m sure it is” he laughed.

“Well at least I know where I can get a good supply of it!” I responded.

Realizing our little escapade was over I moved away from William and started to unpack our lunch, placing it on a nearby table. We sat there without a care in the world and enjoyed a nice meal together. A warm gentle breeze was blowing and the waves were washing calmly onto the beach.

After our meal we both reclined in the large lounge chaises in the gazebo. I started reading a novel while William put on headphones and listened to music. We were both enjoying the afternoon when I heard the delivery truck pulling up at our house. Reaching over I tapped William on the shoulder and told him, “Honey, the shipment is here.”

“I’ll take care of it Cynthia.” He beamed as he was proud that he had remembered not to call me Mom.

“Do you want any help honey?”

“Nah, I can handle it. And besides, I doubt the workers could get much done with you around.” As he spoke his eyes slowly drifted up and down over my body, letting me know the intent of his comment.

“You’re terrible” I replied in mock scorn, “but I’ll stay here while you take care of it.”

I continued reading my novel while William went to accept our delivery. It was now mid-afternoon and the full sun was taking its toll. Even in the covered gazebo it was getting warm. I decided that a quick dip in the ocean might be refreshing, plus it would help to clean off the residue of sticky cum from my face, neck, tits and even my pussy.

I hoped that William wouldn’t mind if I went into the water nude. I doubted that would bother him, but there was always the chance the delivery crew might see me and I wasn’t sure what he’d think about that. I figured that if I got to the ocean quickly that they wouldn’t know which direction I came from and thus would have no idea that I was with William. I glanced up at the house and seeing no one I made a mad dash to the ocean, running right into the water.

The water was quite refreshing as it flowed over my body. I dipped down and submersed my head in the water. Running my fingers through my hair I loosened a tangle. “Oops, a spurt must have hit there and I didn’t even realize it!” I thought to myself, realizing that the tangle was undoubtedly caused by William’s cum.

I stood shoulder deep in the water running my hands over my body, almost as if I were taking a shower. As I softly rubbed my tits I thought about how good William made them feel when he sucked on them. Basking in the sun and water I reflected on all the good feelings my son had given me. My son, my husband…a smile came to my lips as I thought of how nice it was to have a husband. It had been difficult raising William as a single mom and I truly felt blessed to have a man who wanted me as his wife.

As these thoughts crossed my mind my hand brushed across my belly. One thought I had been suppressing re-entered my mind. As my hand slowly rubbed my stomach I thought, “What if I get pregnant. I don’t even know if William wants children or has even thought about it.”

I shuttered in the water, thinking about the possibility of getting pregnant from my son. The shutter was not from fear, but from want and excitement. As a young girl I had always fantasized about having the perfect family: mother, father and children. My young teen-age pregnancy had smashed those dreams. But now as I stood here, massaging my tummy, I thought to myself whether that dream might now be possible. The problem was is that I didn’t know how to approach William on the subject. I couldn’t decide whether to bring it up or wait to see if he mentioned it first. Surely he had at least given it some thought. After all, he had already fucked me twice, filling my pussy with his cum both times. However, I remembered that he had asked me each time if he should pull out or was it okay to cum inside me. Was that his way of asking? Perhaps he thought I was on the pill. But wouldn’t he realize that that would make no sense considering I hadn’t dated a man in 18 years?

Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my tummy. I began to recall the way my tummy had swelled with William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, nursing at my breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having large tits I thought to myself, there’d be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the possibility of nursing both of my “babies.”

Another thought entered my mind and my eyes flashed open. I looked up at the house to see if I could see William. It was like a revelation, but it really shouldn’t have been. The thought was so obvious that the only oddity about it was that it had taken me so long to confront it.

“What if I’m already pregnant with William’s baby?” I thought, “It may already be too late to ask him what he feels about having a family.”

Even in the water I could feel my cunt getting wet and warm as I recalled how far William’s cock had pushed up into me. I mean he had cum right into my womb! And if he shot as much cum into my womb as he did onto my body today it was only a matter of timing!

My knees weakened as I considered the possibility of already being pregnant, possibly carrying my son’s child. Yes, we were going to live as husband and wife, but in reality he still was my son. A little brother or sister, or oh my gosh, a son or daughter, of William’s could actually already be at the earliest stages of conception within me. After all, it apparently was pretty easy to get me pregnant. I had gotten pregnant the first time I had fucked; William was living proof of that! So considering that William had fucked me twice already without any protection perhaps I was already pregnant!

I was still wrapped up in my thoughts when I heard the delivery truck leaving. The thoughts I had been pondering were replaced by the present moment. I looked up and saw William walking back down the hill to the gazebo. He saw me out in the water and waved. I waved back and began to walk back out of the water onto the beach. I walked up the hill and met him at the gazebo.

“Did everything arrive all right?

“Yes, there were more boxes than I thought there would be but we just stacked them in the spare bedroom.”

“Well we can go through them later.”

“There’s no rush Cynthia,” his eyes flashing mischievously, “we can go through them whenever we want.”

“Okay honey,” I replied smiling back at him, quietly acknowledging his correctly calling me Cynthia.

“The water is wonderful. You should try it,” I told him.

“Well I did work up a bit of a sweat moving those boxes, so maybe I will,” he replied.

I settled back into my lounge chair and picked up my novel to escape to the world of fiction. I glanced at William and saw him enter the water, and then he began diving into the waves. I enjoyed seeing him relaxing and enjoying himself. I wasn’t ready to address the thoughts that were lurking in my mind. I knew that someday I was going to have to bring up the subject of our possible having a baby together but I was just not ready to discuss it with William. I told myself that perhaps it would be easier to discuss after we’d been living as “husband and wife” for a bit longer.

I finished a chapter in my book and set it aside. Scooting my lounge chair to the rail at the edge of the gazebo I positioned myself on my knees with my arms resting on the railing. I nestled my chin into my hands as I looked out over the rail at the beautiful sight before me. William had started back up to the beach and I raised up and waved to him. He waved back and I couldn’t help but wonder if his eyes were looking at my tits that were swaying back and forth as I waved.

When he finally reached the gazebo William went past me and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I returned to looking out at the ocean. The water was crystal clear, letting all the magnificent colors of the ocean shine through. The air was deep blue and the sandy beach was glistening white. Overhead beautiful birds sailed effortlessly. There was even a pair of dolphins frolicking in the water.

“William, come here, this is such a beautiful sight,” I said as I invited him to join me.

“It sure is,” was his response.

Puzzled, I looked back and discovered that he was looking at my naked ass.

“You’re incorrigible,” I laughed, wiggling my butt at him.

I turned and looked back out at the ocean but as I did so I felt William move onto my chair behind me. He moved up against me and I could feel his skin against mine. As I turned to look back at him I felt him place his hands on my hips and his hard cock brushed against my leg.

“Again! You’re going to wear that thing out!” I teased him. Nonetheless I again wiggled my butt at him. The truth be known, I would never get tired of him fucking me.

I spread my legs a bit further apart and braced myself, holding onto the railing. William recognized my invitation and started to press his cock against my now wet pussy lips. I moaned softly as once again I felt the head of his cock ease into me, spreading my pussy lips apart.

“Oh god, that feels good,” I moaned as I felt him pushing deeper into me. My wet cunt was accepting his cock, holding it tight.

“Oh fuck yes, it does” he murmured.

I tilted my head down and raised my ass higher, letting his cock plunge even further into my excited cunt. His cock went in deep, hitting my cervix. I briefly thought about what had been on my mind earlier and thought perhaps now would be the time to say something. But as William worked his cock in and out of my pussy I was overcome with the feeling of being fucked. Perhaps selfishly I decided that it would be better to discuss the possibility of pregnancy another time.

William started thrusting his cock harder into my cunt. I wondered if he appreciated the tightness of my cunt. Even though I was 33 years old this was only the fourth time in my life I had been fucked. I was sure that my cunt was as tight as any eighteen year old’s.

My thoughts were soon addressed as William moaned, “Oh god, your cunt’s so tight.”

I could feel his massive cock stretching my hugging cunt and knew that we were both the recipients of exquisite pleasure.

William reached under and cupped my swinging tits. I moaned as he began to pinch my nipples. His hands moved all over my full tits that were hanging down for him. He squeezed them, rubbed them and pressed them together. It felt wonderful. All the while he continued to pump his cock into my snug pussy.

I groaned as I pushed back onto his cock. Being fucked from behind was of course a new experience for me…one I wanted to experience over and over!

William raised back up and held my waist as he continued to plunge his cock fast and deep into me. It was as if he was determined to drive it in as deep as possible.

“Oh my gosh, honey….oh fuck that feels sooo good.” I could feel my cunt squeezing his cock, not wanting to let it go.

That thought stayed in my mind: “Not wanting to let it go.” It was as if my cunt couldn’t survive without his cock deep inside me.

But then another thought flashed into my head: “This could be the fuck that gets me pregnant!” I let out a little whimper and moan. Sure I might already be pregnant from William fucking me, but if I wasn’t it meant that the possibility of getting pregnant existed each time he fucked me.

I was overwhelmed by the excitement that I could actually get pregnant from this fucking and I started cumming. My cunt spasmed and clamped down on William’s cock. That was all he needed. He pushed forward, his cock plunging even deeper into my cunt.

“Oh god, I’m cumming Mom.” In his excitement he couldn’t help but revert back to calling me Mom. However we were both so wrapped up in the throes of orgasm that neither of us really gave it any thought.

I ground my cunt back into him as his cock pushed further into me than I ever thought possible. This time he didn’t ask if he should pull out. He just held me tight and jerked into me, ramming his cock into my accepting pussy, filling my cunt with what I was sure was potent cum. I couldn’t help but wonder at the moment if he had any idea that he could be getting me pregnant. If it was on his mind he certainly was doing everything he could to make it happen! He bucked and jerked over and over, relentlessly driving his cock deep into my cunt.

The thought of this incestuous union and what could happen from it caused me to cum like never before. My cunt continued to milk his cock, wanting every drop of his hot seed. I wanted his baby-making sperm to find its way to a waiting egg.

“Oh baby, baby, baby,” I moaned. I was sure he had no idea of the double meaning of my cries.

I wanted so badly just to tell him, “Knock me up, lover. Fill my pussy with your seed. Give me all your cum. Cum deep in me and get me pregnant.”

Instead I let my pussy do the talking as it caressed and loved his cock. He kept spasming with little jerks as his climax slowly subsided.

Finally William pulled out and laid down beside me. “Oh my gosh, that was incredible!” he gasped.

“It certainly was” I replied as I nestled beside him. “I love you so much”

“I love you too” he responded.

As we lay there facing each other I knew our love as husband and wife was still just beginning. It would certainly continue to grow. There would definitely be areas where our love as husband and wife would be different from our love as mother and son. I reached over and caressed William’s cheek and then leaned forward and kissed him. As I moved away I slowly ran my hand down over his shoulder, then to his stomach, and finally to his cock where I gave it a loving squeeze. I then slid my hand up over my tummy. I couldn’t help but wonder if a beautiful baby would result from our love. I put my arms around William and held him tight. Perhaps I was already pregnant. If we kept fucking like newlyweds there was no doubt that I soon would be if I wasn’t already. In any case I knew that I couldn’t put off the subject forever. Soon I was going to have to see how William felt about being a daddy.

I woke the next morning about as horny as ever and it seemed my beating off was only making matters worse. I put on a pair of long shorts and the way the fabric inside brushed against my dick only inflamed me even further! I was in a deep, lustful fog as I threw on a T-shirt and made my way out to the kitchen and made some coffee. I was sitting at the table reading the paper when my mom walked in.

“Oh honey, I didn’t know you were up already. I would have gotten up earlier and made you some breakfast.” she said.

“It’s ok mom, don’t worry about it. Where’s dad?” I asked.“He went to buy a paper, he’ll be back soon. Can I make you some breakfast?” she asked.

“Sure, that would be great.” I said and watched her move around the kitchen.

I noticed for the first time that my mom had a nice figure that her thin robe couldn’t disguise. She had full, round, tits that seemed to just sag a bit under there own weight, a small waistline with just a hint of a slight bulge at her stomach, a nice, round, ass and long, tapered legs. It must have been due to my lack of sex, but I became mesmerized watching her move about the room, retrieving things from the refrigerator, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying under her robe.

I had never in my life thought of my mother as any kind of sexual object, but in a blink of an eye it all changed! At one point she bent down to get a pan out of the cabinet and her robe parted across her leg, her nightie riding up her legs, exposing her creamy white thigh. My dick lurched in my pants and began to swell as she remained in that position, trying to find the right pan, with me being unable to tear my eyes away from her bare leg! She got frustrated in her search and stood for a moment and then bent over to continue her hunt, causing her robe to ride up the back of her legs and stretch tightly across her round ass! This sight caused my aroused dick to go into overdrive and quickly rise to its full length, hard as a steel bar.

I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings of recognizing this woman as my mom, the woman I had known all my life and had never considered as anything but that. She was my loving parent who tended my childhood scMolestations, soothed my fears over nightmares and drove me back and forth to various practices. But now I was confronted with this sudden, irresistible, reaction I was having to her as a desirable woman! I had seen her prepare breakfast in this exact same way, dressed in this exact same way and never felt an inkling of what I felt at this moment!

I thought I must be losing my mind, but I couldn’t stop watching her as my pulse began to race and my body heat started to rise. I found my breath shorten as my hormones went into overdrive and I was overcome with lust for my own mother!

I was reeling in a sexual intoxication as I watched her move to the stove, taking in every little jiggle beneath her robe. My heart was racing and the hair on my arms was standing up as I started to imagine the feel of her soft skin against mine. I couldn’t sit there any more and got up to take my cup to the sink, quickly realizing my dick was fully erect and pushing out the front of my shorts. I reached inside and readjusted it as best I could so it would lie back against my stomach, the wide elastic waistband helping to hold it in place. My intention was to get out of that room and get to my bedroom where I could get some self-relief. The kitchen is a galley style with a square at the end for a table and chairs. As I made my way by my Mom there is not a lot of space since there are cabinets and counters on either side.

In the process of going by her she suddenly seemed to have a problem setting the burner, said something under her breath and then leaned over the stove to get a better look. In bending over she sent her round ass right into my inflamed crotch and I could feel my hard dick briefly become enveloped into the crevice of her ass cheeks! This had the same effect on me as when a dentist hits a nerve as a shiver went up my spine and my dick lurched in my pants. I didn’t get a chance to savor the feeling as she quickly straightened out and half turned to face me. She showed no signs of realizing that she had accidentally bumped into my raging hard-on with her pillowy ass!

“Oh, sorry hon! I didn’t see you back there!” she said.

“Its o.k. Mom.” I lied. “You got a problem?” I tried to compose myself and seem interested in helping her.

“It’s your stove. I can’t seem to get the setting right on the burner” she complained.

“Yea, we have the same problem, let me show you.” I said as we both turned toward the stove.

I leaned in from behind her, my chest lying on her back and my engorged dick lightly caressing her ass. We were practically cheek to cheek as I showed her how to adjust the stove to any temperature she wanted. As I did this I took in the heady, musty scent of my mom’s body, obviously she hadn’t showered yet and her aroma was driving me wild!

As she watched my hands on the control dial closely I let my eyes wander down my mom’s neck and chest until I caught an eyeful of cleavage from her billowing nightgown and robe. Her tits were round and succulent, covered in freckles and they rose and fell with her breathing. I could almost see the beginning of her areolas and nipples, but they remained hidden against the material of her nightie. My libido was in overdrive now, as I couldn’t fight off the overwhelming rush of lust I felt for her! My eyes retraced their trail up her chest and came to rest on her exposed neck. It was long and graceful even though it showed her age. I wanted to bury my nose up against it and ram my dick between the crease of her round ass!

Somewhere deep within my stupor I heard her say “Thanks, hon” and look at me. I quickly refocused on her face.

“You know mom, you smell really good, what are you wearing’?” I asked.

“Why nothing, I haven’t even showered yet.” she replied with a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

“Really?” I asked. “I could have sworn I could detect something really nice.” I said as I let my face drop to the area of her neck just below her ear.

I took a deep breath and filled my senses with her odor, lost in a world of wantonness. I pressed my nose against her sloping neck, nuzzling it up and down.

“Tom, what are you doing???” she asked, with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

I didn’t answer, but kept on nuzzling her neck as I brought my hands up and rested them on her hips. I felt all reason leave me as I began to follow my nose with small kisses up and down her neck

“Tom, stop it right now, this isn’t funny!!” she yelled pulling her neck away from my face.

“Oh…Uhh..sure…” I said and broke away reluctantly. “I… ah… better get ready to go see Rita.”

I struggled to leave the room without exposing my raging hard on to my Mom and made my way to my room. Once inside I stripped quickly, my rock-hard dick twitching and swaying. I made my way into the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower. Once under the spray I soaped up my dick and jerked it urgently to the thoughts of my mother’s warm, pliant body pressed against mine. As my thoughts turned to the feel of her thick, soft lips on mine I came violently, my knees buckling as my cum flew out of the head of my dick.

I recovered in a short while and got out, drying off and getting dressed. I made my way out of the house and to the hospital. I spent the entire morning and early afternoon with Rita, mostly watching t.v. until I couldn’t feel my ass in the chair. I told Rita at this point I needed to go and said goodbye.

I left the hospital and went to the mall where I did a lot of girl watching, which did nothing for my condition. I couldn’t believe I had tried to put a move on my own mother! Just thinking about it gave me the shivers.

I spent as much time as I could at the mall before I made my way home.

Mom was making supper in the kitchen as Dad watched the tube.

She looked at me with a quizzical face and moved away. I watched her move about the kitchen, dying to get back next to her and press myself up against her.

She stopped at the counter and continued with breakfast. I slowly moved towards her and settled in front of her.

“Uh, Mom…I’m sorry…I just miss you…” I lied.

She looked at me for a moment and seemed to melt right before me.

“Oh honey! I’m sorry! C’mere!” she said, opening her arms in a request for a hug.

I stepped into her arms and wrapped my arms around her waist, intoxicated by the feel of her soft frame meshing against mine in a tight embrace. I turned my hips away from her to avoid her feeling my ram-hard dick.

“I miss you too!” she murmured as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I buried my face into the crook of her neck again, taking in her scent.

“My poor baby, a father now.” she sighed. “I do wish we lived closer.”

“I love you Mom, I love you so much.” I breathed and then planted a soft, lingering kiss on the base of her neck.

“Oh, Tom! I love you too!” she responded, pulling me closer to her as she continued to stroke my head.

I planted a series of kisses along her neck, caressing it with my nose.

“Uhmmm, its been so long since I’ve had the chance to hold one of my babies like this” Mom said dreamingly as she subconsciously tilted her head, exposing more of her neck to my kisses.

I became a bit more ardent with my kisses, parting my mouth and lightly sucking at her neck as I moved up and down.

“Ohh, Tom, It feels so nice to hold you like I used to when you were little.” she sighed as she planted a few fleeting kisses of her own on my cheek and ear.

I was consumed with lust as my mother’s light kisses stoked the fire in my loins and I continued to plant open mouth kisses along her neck and jaw line. I reached the tip of her chin and glanced up at her, seeing that she had closed her eyes and had a contented smile on her lips. I moved in slowly and pressed my lips against hers in a soft, lingering kiss.

“Mmmmm!” Mom moaned in a pleasant way as our lips met and pressed gently together.

I had forgotten how soft and supple my Moms lips were and the feel of them pressed to mine nearly caused me to cum in my pants! She allowed the kiss to linger a few moments before she peeled them apart and pulled my head back into the crook of her neck.

“Eehhmmmm, your rather affectionate this evening.” Mom giggled as she rubbed the back of my neck with one hand.

“I, uh, just like being held again.” I said as I went back to planting small kisses at the base of her neck.

“Ohhhh!” Mom moaned in a sympathetic tone. “Well anytime you need it, I’m right here.”

I was determined to get as much out of this moment as possible, so I resumed my assault on her neck with open- mouthed kisses, sucking a bit more ardently.

“Uhmmmm!” Mom moaned as I wandered up her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

As I hit a spot halfway up her neck, I felt her tense up, realizing I had hit a nerve. I pressed in a bit harder, opening my mouth wider and flicking my tongue against this spot.

“Ohhhh…Tom…I..think we had better..stop…..” Mom moaned and gently struggled against my embrace.

I ignored her and continued to kiss and suck at this area with even more urgency.

“UHHHHhhhhhhh!” Mom moaned, still fidgeting against me, yet at the same time resting her chin on the top of my head, opening more of her neck to my kiss.

I moved up on her neck, lingering at each spot long enough to emit a moan from her as I kissed and sucked at it.

“Uhhhhh….T…..Tom…..uh…I…. think….we….we…should…..ohhhhhh!” she moaned, half fighting me and at the same time entangling her hand in my hair, pulling my mouth tighter into her neck.

I reached her jaw line and planted wet, open-mouthed kisses along it, aided by my mothers unintentional reaction of lifting her head. As I came to her chin, I kissed it gently, flicking my tongue against the cute cleft that is a family trait.

Mom’s eyes were mostly closed and her body was in a battle between pushing me away and pulling me closer.

Her lips were parted, struggling to bring air into her lungs, as she emitted a constant, low moan. I moved my lips towards hers, watching for a reaction that never came. I touched her lips with mine, barely making contact, feeling her breath brush against them. I slowly pressed my lips gently against hers, holding them there and then slowly pulling them apart. Mom had no reaction, as her parted lips hovered close to mine. I moved back in and pressed my lips against hers again, sealing them in a soft, illicit kiss.

“Mmmmm,” Mom moaned as I gently pressed my lips against hers, slowly applying a bit more pressure.

She stopped struggling as her hands slid down from my neck and quietly landed on my arms. I slowly swiveled my head, sliding my lips across hers and deepening the kiss. I began to notice a change in Mom’s reaction, her body, which had been tense, relaxed a little under my embrace as her lips seemed to soften under my kiss.

Her breathing steadied and her eyelids gave up their fight and closed, while all tension in her frame eased off and her head seemed to relent to the movement of my kiss!

Under her breath came quiet, soft moaning and I could feel her start to ever so lightly kiss me back! Her body was gently pressed to mine and I could feel her hardened nipples brush against me as her round tits snuggled slightly against my chest. I wanted her as badly as I’ve wanted any woman in my life and I knew now there was no doubt I was going to fuck her, my own mom!! The kiss went on for several more moments, soft yet firm, our heads bobbing gently in unison, our parted lips sealed.

Suddenly a car door slammed shut followed by the sound of someone climbing the short staircase leading to the door in my kitchen. It shook us both from this dream-like state and caused us both to quickly break off our kiss and move away from each other just as my Dad opened the door.

Mom shook the cobwebs from her head and rapidly turned to face the sink as Dad greeted us both. I made a hasty retreat, leaving them both in the kitchen.

I made it to my room and into the bathroom as I removed my pants and took hold of my swollen member. I rapidly began to jerk myself off, my eyes closed remembering the taste of that kiss I had just shared with my Mom. As if we were still pressed together, the feel of her tits resting into my chest, her mouth on mine, I began to cum!

It came running out of me in spoonfuls, so strong I felt my knees buckle and I needed to grab on to the vanity to hold myself up. As soon as it subsided I cleaned up and showered, quickly dressed and headed out to the hospital, yelling to my folks in the kitchen as I sped out the door.

All the way there I was wracked with guilt over what I had done to my mother, and yet, I couldn’t help getting a bit aroused when I thought about how she gave in and started kissing me back!

I went to bed early but had trouble falling asleep. I kept wondering how William might feel about getting me pregnant. I tossed and turned a bit as I worried that he might be upset that I had not discussed this beforehand if I was already pregnant. Of course there was also the possibility that I wasn’t yet pregnant. Then I worried whether he would be agreeable to getting his mother pregnant.

When I awoke I looked over and saw that William was still asleep. I slipped out of bed and had a small breakfast as I looked out over the ocean and enjoyed the beautiful morning. Remembering the shipment that had arrived yesterday I headed to the spare bedroom where William had stored the boxes. I was surprised to see so many boxes there since we hadn’t had that many possessions back in our apartment.The first box I opened was marked “Mom’s bedroom.” I started to remove the contents, first seeing the pictures that had been on my dresser, then coming to a small box of inexpensive jewelry. When I got to the clothes in the bottom of the box I realized that there weren’t very many. I hadn’t had many nice clothes, mostly just work clothes, and apparently William hadn’t told them to send too much. I wondered what I was going to do. Other than the clothes I had packed when we came I only had the bikinis the realtor had left for me. I was certainly going to need more than that. True we didn’t wear much around the house, but I did have to go shopping sometime!

I continued opening boxes and setting things out around the room. I had gone through boxes marked for mom’s room, living room, kitchen, and storage while leaving boxes marked for William alone. I figured he’d want to go through his own things. When I moved the last labeled box I noticed that the other boxes were different. They had arrived yesterday but they weren’t from our apartment. Looking closer I saw that the return addresses on them showed they had come from Victoria’s Secrets and Fredericks of Hollywood. Needless to say, my curiosity was aroused.

About that time William walked into the doorway. I looked up at him and smiled, “Good morning sleepyhead.”

He stretched and asked how long had I been up.

“About an hour is all. I started opening boxes from home.”

“Yeah, it looks like you’ve been busy.”

“Would you like some breakfast honey?”

“Sure Cynthia that would be fine.”

We headed to the kitchen where I fixed him a simple breakfast. I sat down at the table with him, sipping on a cup of coffee.

He looked over at me and said, “I suppose you saw the boxes from Victoria’s Secrets and Frederick’s.”

“Yes honey, I did.”

“Mom,” he slipped, “I knew you didn’t have a lot of clothes before so I ordered a bunch of stuff for you. I hope you like it. But if you don’t you can send it back or you can order more stuff. There aren’t too many places around here for you to buy clothes so I figured ordering by catalog would be best.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you dear.” Then I thought for a moment and asked, “And why wouldn’t I like them? I’m sure you picked out nice things for me.”

William’s face turned a bit red as he replied, “Well, it’s just that…most of the outfits are you know…kinda sexy.”

“Honey, you know I don’t mind wearing sexy things for you. But I hope you did buy me some things to go shopping in. I can’t go to the village in a bikini and I don’t want to create a scene at the market!”

We both laughed. “I think I picked a few things out that should be okay for that,” William replied. He was finished with breakfast so he asked, “Would you like to see what I ordered?”

“Sure honey…let’s go check it out.”

I was eager to go back to the bedroom where the boxes were. I wasn’t used to getting a lot of nice things at once and thought that this would be fun. William cut open the first box and then told me to go through it. The first thing I pulled out was a nice summer dress with thin shoulder straps. Holding it up I could tell that it would go to just about mid-thigh when I wore it. “It’s lovely dear. I can even shop in it,” I laughed.

I continued to remove more items from the box. There were a few more dresses, some nice tops and even some shorts. “You did well,” I giggled. I stepped over and gave William a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s one box down, five more to go,” William said as he opened another box. Reaching into it the first thing I pulled out was a pink bra.

“Hmmm…that’s pretty,” I said. I soon discovered that there were a dozen bras in the box, with matching panties for each bra. William had picked out bras and panties in black, blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white. “What’cha do…buy one of everything?” I joked.

“Well I couldn’t make up my mind. I figured you’d look good in all of them so I said what the heck!”

I continued opening boxes, holding up each item of clothing. There were some jeans, skirts, sweaters, more shorts, sexy tops, and even more bras and panties. William had even ordered some stockings for me. One box I opened contained nothing but shoes. There was everything from sandals to shoes with 5″ spike heels. “You certainly know how to take care of a lady,” I told him.

William opened the last box and then stepped back for me to go through it. The first thing I found was a black corset. That was followed by several garter belts and more stockings. I kept pulling out more and more lingerie. There were teddies, nightgowns, babydolls and more. I could tell William was a bit anxious as he awaited my response to his selection. I turned to him and smiled, then I walked over to him and gave him a deep passionate kiss, saying, “I can’t wait to model some of these things for you honey. They’re all so pretty. You make me feel so special.”

“You are special. I love you soooo much.”

“When would you like me to wear the lingerie honey?”

“I thought maybe in the evenings, around dinner time.” He tried to hide his grin, “I mean I’d still like to see you in bikinis and nude during the day.”

“Whatever you wish dear. But right now I’m going to put these things away, and try to figure out what I’ll model for you this evening.” I winked at him.

I spent a good part of the day putting things away. I was amazed that it took so much time to unpack considering I didn’t think we had all that much. But being in a new environment I had to find a place for each item. At our apartment I could have easily relocated each item, but here I took my time to figure out exactly where in our villa I wanted each thing to go.

Late afternoon came before I realized it. At 5:00 I called out to William who was down at the gazebo that I was going to clean up and that dinner would be ready in about an hour.

I headed to the bathroom and decided to take a warm bath. As I slipped into the tub I started to recall the lingerie that William had selected and began to decide what I would model for him tonight. Reaching for my razor I decided that for most of the lingerie he’d purchased I would look sexier if I shaved my pussy completely. Thus I shaved my pussy again, this time removing even the small patch of hair above my pussy lips that I had left before. As I ran my fingers over my now smooth pussy my mind turned to earlier thoughts and I formulated a plan. Tonight I would ask William if he wanted to be a father.

I could feel my pussy getting wet from the excitement of what we would be discussing. As I slowly stroked my pussy I closed my eyes and thought what it would be like to be pregnant again. Unlike the first time when I was unexpectedly impregnated by a stranger this time I would relish the pregnancy. There was no one else alive that I would rather have get me pregnant than my son. I had no doubt that he loved me deeply and I couldn’t imagine him not wanting me to have his baby. I continued to gently stroke my smooth pussy lips but as much as I wanted to bring myself to an orgasm I decided I’d wait for a climax with my husband later in the evening.

Getting out of the tub I toweled myself dry, slowly rubbing the soft towel over my soft skin. After I had dried off I took a bottle of perfume and put a dab on my neck and some between my breasts. I sat in front of the mirror and put on red lipstick to match my red fingernails, and applied makeup as if I were going out for the evening.

Walking into the bedroom I pulled open a dresser drawer and gazed upon the assortment of new lingerie. “Hmmm, I wonder which of these William would like to see me in,” I mused. I giggled aloud as I concluded that he would be glad to see me in “any” of them. I thus reached for an ensemble like I had never worn before. It included a garter belt, stockings, stretch g-string, lace demi-bra, and a sheer robe—all in black. I had never worn a garter belt in my life but had heard other women talk about how their husbands loved them.

I sat on the side of the bed and put on the stockings, pulling them up over my smooth legs. I stepped into the garter belt and slid it up till it rested over my hips and then I attached the stockings. I briefly looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. Seeing myself in only the garter and stockings made me feel sexy. My long hair was hanging down my back between my shoulder blades. My lips were red from the lipstick I had applied. And my large naked breasts stood firmly with no sag. Since most of my sunbathing had been done in the nude I didn’t have any tan lines. In fact, I couldn’t believe how tan my body had already gotten in the short time we had been on the island.

Glancing at the bra I saw that William had remembered my bra size and had ordered size 38D bras. My mind drifted again as I briefly wondered how full my tits would swell if I got pregnant. Perhaps then a 38D wouldn’t be big enough!

When I slipped on the sheer robe I realized it was purely for effect. It did nothing to cover me since you could see right through it. And I certainly didn’t need it for warmth or privacy. I knew that it was just one of those things that men liked, and there was nothing more that I wanted than to please my man.

I left the bedroom and entered the kitchen and realized that William was still down at the gazebo. As I was preparing dinner I heard the door open and knew it was him entering.

“William, is that you dear?”

“Yes Cynthia. Is dinner ready?”

“Just about honey.”

As I was answering him I was heading out to meet him. When I entered the room where he was his eyes got big.

“Oh my gosh” he gasped.

I twirled around for him. “It’s so lovely dear. Do you like it?”

“Do I like it? You look fabulous!”

I stepped closer to him and gave him a hug and a peck on the check. As he pressed against me I could feel his stiff cock. I playfully squeezed it and said, “Yeah, I guess you like it.”

If William could have had his way he would have stripped me on the spot and fucked me then and there. I suppose he might have been a bit disappointed when I whispered into his ear and said, “Lets have dinner and then I show you how much I like it!”

All during dinner William couldn’t take his eyes off of me. He particularly focused on my breasts. The black bra had pushed them together creating a deep cleavage. Furthermore the robe and bra were so sheer that I might as well have been nude. I knew William could see my nipples and half expected him to comment about how stiff they were. However if William was excited, he had no idea how excited and horny I was. There were so many variables to my excitement. I was dressing sexy…in the sexy lingerie he had picked for me. Plus I felt a bit wicked as even though I tried I couldn’t erase the thought that here I was in front of my own son, dressed like a wanton woman. And finally I knew that tonight was the night. That after our meal I would be asking him how he felt about being a father. I was pretty sure what his response would be but was just a slight bit nervous as I thought that it’s not every son that thinks about having a baby with his mother. I worried just a bit that there was the slightest chance that he would say no—that he didn’t want to get his mother pregnant—and if that happened I would be devastated.

I snapped out of my daydream when William said, “That was a fantastic dinner. There’s a nice breeze outside. How would you like to sit on the porch and maybe have a glass of wine and watch the sunset?”

I smiled and responded, “I’d love that dear.”

“Okay, I’ll get a bottle and some glasses and join you there.”

On my way to the porch I picked up an old family photo album I had left out. I took a seat on the large outdoor sofa and waited for William. When he arrived he handed me a glass of wine and I thanked him. As he sat beside me he asked, “What do you have there?”

“Oh, it’s just some pictures from back home. Would you like to look at them with me?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

He sat beside me as I opened the album to the first page where there was a picture of my mother. “Mom sure would have loved this place.”

“I’m sure she would have,” he replied. Neither of us stopped to consider how we would have explained to her how we were living there together!

I turned the page and there was the picture I wanted to show William—a picture of me holding a new-born baby. Of course it was William I was holding in the picture. It was hard to believe that the tiny baby in the picture was the same person who was now 18 years old and fucking me. I was also amazed at how young I looked. I smiled at William and said, “You were such a good baby honey, and so cute!”

He looked at the picture of him as an infant in my arms. “The perfect son,” he replied. We both couldn’t help but giggle.

I kept turning the pages. There was page after page of me with William as a new-born baby. My baby, who was now sitting next to me as a grown up young man. My baby who had told me only a few days earlier that he wanted me as his wife. My baby who was now my lover.

I took a deep breath and softly asked, “William can I ask you something?”

He replied, with no idea of what I’d be asking, “Sure, anything.”

“Do you like babies?”

“Well I guess so. I haven’t given it much thought.”

He saw my eyes flash at him and that’s when I think he got it. “Oh wow Mom,” he slipped, “are you talking about what I think you are?”

Looking him directly into his eyes, making sure I could capture his response, I replied, “Yes honey. There’s no other way to ask I guess. But would you like me to have your baby?”

I was so relieved when his answer was instantaneous. “Yes Mom yes, I would love for us to have babies together!” In all his excitement he had reverted back to calling me Mom. I didn’t even think about trying to correct his misstep as I was sure it was the result of his being excited about the prospect of getting his mother pregnant.

“Babies” I giggled, taking immediate note that he was talking about more than one. I was so excited as I could see my dream of having a family was going to come true. Thoughts flashed through my mind at lightning speed as I pictured myself pregnant, my tummy swelling by the month, my tits filling with milk, nursing a new baby. I don’t know that I had ever been happier.

I reached over and stroked William’s cheek softly and said, “Well, I guess if we’re going to have babies we’d better get started.” I teased him, “So do you feel like fucking me?”

“Oh yeah” he moaned.

William stood up and then reached down and scooped me up. I realized he was going to take me to our bedroom. I put my hands around his neck as he carried me.

“I want to have your babies dear. I want to have lots of babies for you.”

“Oh god” he groaned, and his pace picked up a bit. Quickly we were in our bedroom and he gently laid me down on the bed. I slipped off my robe and lay there in just the bra, g-string, garter and stockings. William quickly removed his shirt and shorts. I don’t think I had ever seen his cock so swollen. Indeed the idea of me getting pregnant was as exciting to him as it was to me.

I started to unclasp my bra when he said, “Leave it on….please.”

“Sure sweetie”

He then reached over and cupped my breasts through the bra. My nipples had been stiff all evening and I gasped as his fingers played with them. “Oh honey that feels sooo good!” He pulled my bra cups down under my breasts which caused them to sit firmly together. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tops of my breasts. Next he licked them, his tongue sliding all around my nipples. Finally, his tongue slid over my nipple and flicked back and forth. I knew that my pussy was never wetter than it was at that moment and I could hardly wait for him to fuck me.

William took his time though and continued to lick and kiss my breasts. When his mouth eased over my nipple and sucked on it I started to shutter. “Oh my god” I gasped. I was on the verge of cumming. All my earlier thoughts and then our later talk about getting pregnant had me so worked up that I couldn’t hold back.

I was gasping, “Oh my god, oh my god” as William continued to arouse me. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more he slipped his hand inside my g-string and cupped my pussy. “Ooooohhhhhhh fuck.” I moaned. No sooner than his finger slipped between my pussy lips then I started to climax.

“Oh my god….oh my god,” I continued, being at a loss for words. My body started jerking and bucking. William began to work his finger a bit faster and just slightly deeper as my orgasm continued. While his finger sank into my pussy his thumb rubbed over my clit. My hips were bucking up wildly, my legs shaking uncontrollably. All the while William kept fondling my pussy. I was gasping in ecstasy; my tits bobbing wildly even though they were still held by the underwires of my bra. My pussy was creaming on William’s hand like never before. I would certainly be ready for his cock tonight! “I’m cuummmiinnnggggg,” I groaned. I shuttered and gasped, my head was twisting from side to side, my hips were lifting up and my legs were kicking wildly. Gasping for breath I could simply mutter, “Oh..ooh…oh,” as my body was overcome with the sensation of an incredible climax.

My climax slowly started to subside. I didn’t even realize how deep I was breathing until I looked up at William who had a bemused expression on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yesss….that….felt….sooo….good,” I hissed in between breaths. My body was still having little tremors as I caught my breath. “Oh my gosh honey…that was unbelievable,” I gasped.

I reached for William and pulled him up to me and we kissed passionately. I was so ready to be fucked that I spread my legs apart and ground my pussy against him. His cock was sliding all over my very wet pussy. I could tell he was as eager to fuck me as I was to be fucked.

We were both so excited we really didn’t take any time for foreplay. I whimpered, “Please,” actually begging him to fuck me. He leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock into my pussy. Then with one firm thrust he pushed his cock deep into me.

“OH yes,” I moaned, as I felt his rigid cocking sliding deep into me. I responded by pushing back up to him, anxious to get his cock completely buried in my cunt.

We started fucking wildly, bucking to each other. Undoubtedly we were overwhelmed by the purpose of our union—to get me pregnant! William was fucking me hard and deep. I could feel the tip of his cock bumping my cervix. My pussy was creaming all over his cock as it plowed into me over and over.

“Baby, you feel so good” I moaned. “Do it honey, fuck me and get me pregnant.”

“Oh god Mom.” William started thrusting even faster. It was as if a primal urge had taken over. We weren’t just fucking, and we weren’t what I’d call making love, but the intensity of our coupling might best be described by saying that we were mating. For this time anyway William was a virile male determined to impregnate his willing mate. I didn’t know if I was fertile at the moment but I sure hoped I was. The only thing in the world I wanted was for William’s seed to shoot deep into me and send his baby-making sperm to a waiting egg.

I pulled my legs back as he continued to thrust into me. He raised up on his arms and looked down at me as his cock pistoned in and out of my cunt. My tits were wobbling wildly from the motion of our fucking. I raised my head slightly and looked down to see his cock. I could see my pussy lips spread wide, hugging his massive cock as it worked its way in and out. William took notice of my focus and he also looked down. Together our eyes beheld the sight of his cock sliding in and out of my cunt, both of us understanding the intent of our union, knowing that soon he would be shooting a potent blast of cum into me.

William dropped down and we held each other tightly as he continued to drive his cock into me. “Mom, I’m going to do it.” he groaned.

“Yes baby, do it. Fill my cunt with your cum. Please baby. Knock me up, get me pregnant!” Those were the words I had been wanting to say all day.

I felt him stiffen and then groan. His cock slammed deep into me and he started cumming. I clinged to him tight, my arms around his back, my legs wrapped around him, and my pussy clutching his cock. William continued to groan and spasm, his throbbing cock blasting spurt after spurt of his potent seed into me.

At the same moment William started cumming I started to cum again. My hips bucked up uncontrollably as his cock plunged into me. My cunt milked his cock, desperately wanting to get every drop of his precious cum.

“OH FUCK” I moaned. “OH honey, you’re doing it! You’re filling my pussy!” My hips were gyrating madly as I was cumming, as I was accepting his load of cum. It was as if I was subconsciously trying to coax it into the depths of my cunt where I knew it would do its deed.

Our bodies slammed together wildly as he gave and I received. We held each other very tightly as we completed the act of mating. Only time would tell if a new life would start to blossom within me. But at the moment all I could think about were millions of his virile sperm swimming inside me, racing to start the process of conception.

William remained over me as we caught our breath. He started giving me little kisses on my nose, forehead, eyelids and cheeks. Our mouths met and we shared a probing kiss.

He broke away and said softly to me, “I love you, and I want you to be the mother of my children.”

“Nothing would make me happier,” I replied. Then I continued, “But William there is one thing I guess I should mention. You know that you’ve already fucked me several times. So there is the possibility that you’ve already gotten me pregnant.”

“I’d already thought of that Cynthia. And if that’s the case it’s certainly fine with me.”

As he spoke I felt his cock start to stiffen again. Apparently the thought of having possibly already impregnated me was enough to excite him back to hardness. I smiled at him as I squeezed my cunt, encouraging him on. When he was hard again he started to fuck me again, but this time with slow loving strokes. We looked steadily into each other’s eyes as he started sliding his cock in and out of my cunt. This time there was no rush. We both enjoyed the sensation of our second round. I continued to watch William’s face as he started cumming again. I had a warm feeling in my heart as my husband filled my cunt with even more cum. I didn’t know whether or not I was now pregnant, but I knew that at the rate we were fucking it would only be a matter of time.

William slid off of me but continued to hold me in his arms. I felt so loved by him. We chatted as we lay there. He had all kinds of questions about pregnancy and babies. I could tell this was going to be a fun and loving experience to go through with him. I had no doubt in my mind that he would be a wonderful father who would make my dream of having the perfect family come true. After awhile we both fell asleep, still embraced in each other’s arms.

As I lay on the bed, daydreaming of making women pregnant with my potent seed and making plans for the future, I heard the car come down the driveway and park, it had to have been Mother and Cindy back from the Doctor’s office, since Dad was at work. I had taken a shower and made plans for getting as many women pregnant as possible.

Mother rushed excitedly into my room. “Cindy is going to keep the baby. I know I will end up raising both babies. I just hope she helps with the nursing of hers ‘cause I plan on breast-feeding both if she does not. The Doctor wants you to read these procedures and contracts. He was impressed at you hitting the time just right with getting Cindy pregnant.” She handed me the stack of papers. I started leafing through them reading some of the shorter ones. I saw that mother started ripping off her clothes while I read the papers.She took my cock in her hands and licked the life into it. As I read the procedures, I asked, “Have you read these?”

Mother looked up at me and said, “I read them while Cindy was getting her exam. The Doctor wanted to fuck her during the exam, but he held back. He said he had appointments to handle this afternoon. Read the contract, I think the money will be fantastic!”

She licked and sucked my cock. I started to get hard. I read the contract. I was to get $500 for each time I was to have sex with a patient. I was to know the schedule a week prior and would have no more than four appointments a day and no more that 4 days a week. I would have to limit myself to mother and Netuu prior to any marriage. I didn’t like that clause. I knew I would get around this restriction some how. “Mother, You know that I have a potential of $8,000 per week? Wow!”

Mother stated, “Why do you think I am so horny. I’m going to drain you. I wish I could get pregnant again just thinking about what you are going to do with those women.”

“Mother you don’t have a problem knowing I am having sex with 16 different women a week? The contract states that I will get about 30 to 45 minutes with each patient. You are going to get jealous?”

“You have got to be kidding!” Mother stated. “I am going to be busy getting the books and appointments taken care of. We have to keep track of every penny you earn. I will keep great records. Then when our babies hit the house I will be nursing them and you if you want some milk. And then will be getting you ready for the next sessions. I will be planning your workouts and meals to make you the most potent stud in the world. I think Cindy will come around with time, you will get to have her again.”

Mother climbed on my hard cock and asked, “Please, suck on my nipples and get them ready for nursing. Don’t be gentle, ‘cause the babies won’t be gentle.” She slid her soppy cunt down the entire length of my cock and paused a long time while I latched onto a nipple. I lick and sucked her nipple making her moan with pleasure.

Mother had left the door ajar. She told me, “Son, I want to thank you for making me pregnant. I had forgotten just how sensitive my nipples are when I am pregnant. I know that you will love getting milk when it comes in.”

I switched nipples and sucked and licked her even harder. Mother started driving her pussy in a fevered pitch up and down my cock. She had had at least two orgasms and the flow from her pussy was drenching my lap. I just loved the wet sounds of sex. I started to drive my cock into her womanhood and lightly bit her nipples. I noticed that her breasts were getting larger. “Mother is it normal for your boobs to be getting larger at this time?”

“You will see that I will have very large breasts very soon. I should go from my normal 34B cup, which is starting to get tight to maybe a 36C or D cup, when my milk comes in. and the nipples seem to be getting larger already. You will see all of the changes in Netuu’s and my bodies. I plan on nursing for a long time after the babies are born.”

“What will happen to Netuu? “ I asked.

“She wears a 36C bra and that will grow much larger than I ever will. I will make sure that you get to see her changes. It makes me horny just thinking of the changes.” She hammered my cock moaning as she entered another orgasm.

I was getting ready to blow my load deep into Mother. “You just got really hot son. Blow that pent up load deep into my womb.” was what she said to me as she started moaning really loud, in her orgasm. I made it just two more full strokes and blew my load deep in her womb. I kept pumping my cock into Mother as we cooled down. The wet noise of our sexes mating was wonderful. My mouth never quit working on her nipples I sucked really hard on them. Mother seemed to want to keep me inside her, by clamping and squeezing every drop out of my cock. I licked and sucked her nipples harder while she did this.

I kept driving my cock deep into her pussy as I rolled us over to where Mother was on her back. She was still in her orgasm. I put a hickey both nipples to make sure she was going to know who her lover was. I hoped that I would get to have Netuu again. Who was I to doubt mother? I pretended that it was Netuu I was burying my cock in. I quickened that pace and intensity of my thrusts into her sloppy and drenched tunnel. As we drove each other into a frenzy I noticed that Netuu was at the door watching. I put a show on for her; I slowed down and pulled mother’s legs over my shoulders. I then used full strokes. This sent mother over the edge. She went glassy eyed and I took no mercy on her. As she neared passing out I exploded in her pussy with my next load of hot semen. Rope after rope ended up in her womb. As we finished I noticed that Netuu had left the door.

Mother said, “the Doctor said if you agreed to the contract we should sign it and get it back to him. He said that as soon as we get the contract back to him we would have a meeting and start the procedures.”

I asked, “Do you see any problem with the contracts or the amount of time I will be spending? “After seeing her indicate No I said, “Then schedule the appointment with him. I can’t wait on getting a lot of women pregnant and being a stud.”

Mother, in a glassy eyed stare, said, “It probably won’t be anyone you know. You most likely will never see them again. But, you will have me anytime.”

I left mother on my bed and walked down to Netuu’s room and knocked on her door. She told me, “Come in.” I walked in naked with my cock slick with mothers and my juices. I saw she was lying on her bed and asked “How she was feeling?” “Pregnant and my stomach is not good,” was her reply. I offered to get her some soda and crackers from downstairs. She said no. I sat on the bed and comforted her.

The next day was more of the same, as were the days after that. We often had sex in the gazebo in the afternoon and I continued to model lingerie every night for William which always led to our fucking. We didn’t always talk about me getting pregnant but I know it was always in the back of both of our minds.

Days turned into weeks. During that time William had become interested in boats. He often photographed sailboats and other boats as they went by in the ocean. One day he called to me as a beautiful boat went across the horizon.

“Isn’t that a beauty Cynthia?”“It’s very nice,” I replied. Then I continued, “Honey, you know what, you like boats so much, I think you should buy one.”

“Would you go out onto the ocean with me?” he asked.

“Well of course I would!”

“To buy one we’d have to go to the city.”

It was apparent that he had been giving it some thought.

“That would be fine,” I responded, “Do you want me to go with you?”

“Of course, you’ve got to help me pick one out.”

“Well I don’t know anything about them, but I’d love to go with you.”

Back at the house William called a marina and got some information. He then suggested that we go to the city for a few days. “The sales rep said I could look over some boats and he’d take me out in any I wanted. He even said if I picked one out he’d give me some instructions. They sounded very good. They said they’d give me all the training I needed to handle a boat in the ocean. Even though it might take several trips back there before I feel comfortable going alone.”

“Whatever you think is best dear,” I told him. Then I recalled something I had heard on the local radio. “William, I heard on the radio that this is spring break week. We probably won’t be able to get a room at a hotel.”

William replied, “I’m sure that we can get a room. I don’t think we’ll be staying in the same place that the college kids stay.”

“Oh, are you going to treat me?” I giggled.

“You bet.”

William made all of the arrangements and in a few days we were pulling up to the fanciest hotel on the island.

“Will this do?” he asked with a grin.

“Well, I suppose I could get used to it,” I replied in jest.

However when we got to the lobby we encountered some problems. The clerk waved his finger at us and said, “I’m sorry, but we don’t give rooms to college students.”

That brought a smile to my face. Did he think I was a college student? In any case William wasn’t discouraged at all.

“We’re not college students,” he told the clerk.

“Yeah right” was the response he got back.

“No really,” William replied, “we live on the island.” With that William gave him our local address.

“Well I don’t know,” the clerk hesitated.

William next pulled open his wallet and handed him his American Express card. “Here, check me out. We really are from the island. There won’t be any room damage, but I think you’ll find out that we’re good for it even if there was.”

As the clerk headed back to an office William muttered a bit loudly, “Jeez, what’s a guy gotta do to get a room in this place? Bring his mommy with him?”

He snickered as I quickly poked him in the rib with my elbow. “William!” I exclaimed as we both started to laugh.

It wasn’t long before the clerk returned and very politely said, “Let’s see, you requested the penthouse didn’t you?” He motioned to a bellboy and directed him, “Take this couple to the penthouse suite.” He handed William his credit card which he’d obviously checked and said, “Please, enjoy yourselves and have a good time as our guest.”

It didn’t take us long to unpack and I soon discovered that William was anxious to get to the marina to start checking out boats. I commented on several shops as we drove and told William I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the local shops while he checked on boats. He told me that a lot of what he would be talking about today would be a bit technical so that I might as well enjoy myself and do some shopping. I could take the car and come back later and pick him up.

As we pulled into the parking lot I was amazed at all the beautiful boats. “They’re all so pretty. I don’t know how you’ll decide!”

“Yeah, it might take awhile,” William replied.

We entered the shop and a man came up to greet us. When he gave his name William told him, “I talked to you on the phone the other day. I’m William, and this is my wife, Cynthia.”

My heart melted. It was the first time William had introduced me as his wife. I beamed with pride and excitement as I hugged his arm. It was our first introduction to the outside world as husband and wife and William had made it feel so natural. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him for making me feel so good. Unfortunately, the sales rep took over and it was time for me to depart. As I stepped to the car the rep yelled out, “Come back in two or three hours if that’s okay.” I nodded that that would be fine.

When I got back into the car I was suddenly on a mission. Although I had told William that I wanted to shop, there had been something else that had caught my eye as we had driven to the marina. We had passed a drugstore. There weren’t any drugstores near the little village where we lived so we went without a lot of things. So now that I had the opportunity there was one thing I wanted to see if this drugstore had—a home pregnancy test. I was two weeks overdue for my period and was fairly certain that I was pregnant. I had almost said something to William but had promised myself that I wouldn’t tell him anything until I was absolutely sure. I traced the route we had taken and found the drug store we had passed. It didn’t take long for me to purchase a few items and head for the hotel.

Once I was back in our room I was a nervous fit just from being so anxious. I wasn’t worried that I was or wasn’t pregnant I just wanted to know which was the case. I followed the instructions for the pregnancy test and waited breathlessly for the results.

A big smile crept across my face. According to the test I was pregnant! I laughed, giggled and cried tears of joy. “Oh William, I love you,” I said out loud to no one but myself. “I’m going to have your baby!”

I quickly hurried to the bedside table to get the local phone book. Even though the test said I was pregnant I wanted to make absolutely sure. I had passed a health clinic on the road and I looked up their number and gave them a call. They agreed to see me tomorrow and I knew I could go by there while William was looking at boats again. My only immediate concern was that I was so giddy that I was afraid William would figure I was up to something. I had to compose myself as I headed back out of the hotel and drove back to pick up William.

Pulling into the parking lot I waved at William and the sales rep. They headed to the car and I took a deep breath and asked, “Did you find one you like?”

“I’ve narrowed it down to three,” William replied. “I want to go out in them tomorrow.”

:”Sure honey, that would be great.”

I scooted over and William got behind the wheel of the car. I cuddled up to him and he seemed to sense something. “Are you okay,” he asked.

I thought quick and responded, “Oh honey, it was so nice when you introduced me as your wife. You don’t know how nice that made me feel.”

He put his arm around me and gave me a hug responding, “Well, you are my wife.” I scooted closer to him and sighed.

As we drove back to town William said, “You know, we ought to take advantage of being here. There are a lot of fun night clubs. How would you like to go partying tonight?”

“I’d love that dear.” I really wanted to go, but I was also somewhat relieved that we wouldn’t be alone in the hotel room where I might blurt out the news that I was now aware of.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant and then headed back to our room to get dressed to go out. I picked out an outfit that I hoped would blend in with the college girls. I was a bit nervous that I’d be side by side with them in the night clubs. I combed my hair so that it flowed fully down off my shoulders onto my back. I unpacked a little white half sweater and put it on over a white and purple-flowered bra. The sweater had a plunging neckline that exposed quite a bit of my breasts. It buttoned up with eight buttons between my breasts, and was cropped such that most of my mid-section wasn’t covered. I next slipped on a ruffled lavender skirt that was loose and bouncy. I reached for some bikini panties but had a naughty thought. I wondered what William would think if I went without wearing any panties tonight. I had heard that some college girls do that and I thought well why not? I tossed the panties aside and headed out of the bedroom.

William looked at me and whistled. “Are you ready to go? You’ll definitely be the prettiest and sexiest babe there.”

I strolled over to him and whispered into his ear, giggling, “Flattery will get you everywhere mister.”

By the time I got to the hospital I found out that they had called me because Rita was getting close to delivering. The rest of the day was a blur as the baby arrived and we were so wrapped up in our happiness that I hadn’t given my Mom another thought until she and Dad walked into Rita’s room toward the end of the day.

Mom refused to make eye contact with me and spent the whole visit making a fuss over Rita and the baby. Dad seemed quite normal, so I could only surmise that Mom didn’t tell him, not that I expected her to. They left about an hour later and I hung around until Rita convinced me to go home for supper. When I got home supper was just being placed on the table and Dad got up to get me a plate.

Mom on the other hand did her best to be pleasant, but very standoffish. We got through dinner mostly talking about the baby and as soon as we were done Dad grabbed his paper and excused himself to the “library”, if you know what I mean. Mom quickly got up and started clearing the table and bringing things into the kitchen. I hadn’t noticed what she was wearing up until now and took a moment to drink it in.It was a flowered, short sleeve dress with an open collar that fit rather snug from her shoulders to her hips before ending just above her knees. Watching her move about got me the same reaction as this morning because the dress did little to hide her obvious curves, including her full breasts and round ass! The bounce in her chest and the sway of her hips and ass as she made her way around soon had me in a state of arousal and the feeling of drowning in forbidden lust!

I decided I had to pursue this, but perhaps with a different approach. I stood, grabbing a couple of plates and made my way into the kitchen. Mom was busy filling the sink with water as I placed the dishes on the counter and stood behind her for a moment.

“Uh, mom we need to…uh..tal….” I started.

“NO WE DON”T!” she cut me off.

“But Mom , we can’t just ignore what happened this morning.” I said.

“NOTHING HAPPENED!” she admonished.

“Give me a break!” I said. “We both know that’s not true and we need to talk about it!”.


“Well that’s adult.” I said. “Just forget it ever happened and things will go on as normal?”

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it!”. she said, in a somewhat softer tone.

“But just let me explain…please??” I asked.

My mom said nothing as she started washing the dishes.

“You know how Rita has had a tough time with the pregnancy and all?” I started.

“Well it’s been hard on me, you know, going without sex and all and I’ve been real frustrated and all. And, uhm, I can’t really explain it, but this morning when you came in dressed in your robe, moving around making breakfast, I…I got excited. I know how nuts this sounds, but when I got close to you I just lost it and…and you know the rest…”

She didn’t move for a few moments, but then finally turned around, tears in her eyes.

“And how do you think I feel? she asked. “My own son! And then …as if that wasn’t bad enough…I….I..didn’t even….!”

She couldn’t finish the sentence, but we both knew what she was talking about, her letting me kiss her. She quickly turned back around and stood there.

“Mom, I just so sorry, it was all my fault.” I said. “Can you forgive me?” I asked.

“I…I…don’t know…if I can forgive either one of us.” she cried.

“Oh c’mon Mom, we can put it behind us.” I said as I moved up behind her.

Just at that moment, as I looked at her from behind, taking in the curve of her neck, the points of her shoulders, her rigid back, ample hips and her soft, full ass, I felt awash in desire again! It was then that I realized that it wasn’t just that she was a woman that was making me behave this way, but the fact that she was MY MOM, and that this was so forbidden! The very fact that I was trying to fuck my own mother was what was turning me on so much!

I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around. She refused to look up at me, keeping her eyes on the ground. I studied her face and came to rest on her full, sensual lips, the lips that tasted so wonderful! My desire flamed within me and I knew I was going to try to kiss her again! This was so weird! I was in lust with my own mother! I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up.

“Look at me, Mom?” I asked.

She raised her head and looked me in the eye, hers filled with tears and her lips trembling slightly.

“I can’t say I’m sorry about what I did.” I kept my hands resting on her shoulders. “I just acted on impulse”

My hands slid up her neck and came to rest under her jaw line. She kept her eyes on my mouth as I spoke, as if I would come up with some explanation that would absolve us both.

“That’s no excuse!” she said softly. “It was a lovely moment that turned into something….else!”

“I know and I’m sorry if I hurt you. It’s just that…you’re a truly beautiful woman Mom and for a moment I forgot you were my Mom.” I said.

“Oh please!” she protested.

“No, its true!” I admonished. “I guess I never really noticed before, but you are a very sexy, beautiful woman.”

She just looked at me, her face telling me she was having a hard time buying this.

“Tom, when I think of what could have happened if your father hadn’t come in when he did.” she cried.

“It was just a kiss!” I argued, hoping it meant more to her too.

“It was more than that and you know it! It was where it might have headed!” she said.

“I…I guess in the state I was in……” I admitted. “But then why didn’t you do something?”

“I….I guess it’s because its been some time since I felt desirable. You father hasn’t shown much interest in quite some time and when….you…..started……you know..….I sort of zoned out! I got swept away by feelings I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I guess…I…also forgot for a moment who I was with…””she explained, casting her eyes to the floor.

“Can we get past this?” I asked

“I….I…don’t….” she started. “We….have to! I can’t go through my life being afraid to come near you…”

I leaned into her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She stiffly stood there, quite undecided about how to react.

“Mom?” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“Oh, Tom!!” she cried and wrapped her arms around me.

I buried my head into the crook of her neck and pulled her tightly against me.

“I never want to hurt you. I love you too much.” I said as I caressed her back.

“Oh, honey! I love you so!” she cried and rested her head on my shoulder.

We stood there hugging and caressing one another for a while. It got me really turned on and I had to maneuver my hips to keep my rapidly expanding dick from coming into contact with her.

“Mom. If it makes you feel better, I think Dad is a fool!” I said.

“Oh!” Mom replied and squeezed me.

She then pulled back and grabbed my head in both of her hands, looking me in the eye. She smiled sweetly at me and then drew my head in and planted a firm, but motherly kiss on my mouth. I felt my dick lurch at the feeling of her lips on mine, even if it was brief. She quickly returned her head onto my shoulder and I buried my face back into her neck.

We again stood there hugging and caressing one another and I planted several fleeting kisses across her neck.

“Uhhmmmm!” she moaned in reaction to my kisses and continued to caress my back.

This encouraged me to start pressing my kisses a bit harder against her neck, parting my lips. I began gently sucking on her neck, flicking my tongue against her skin. I felt her tense up and begin to struggle a bit.

“Uh…Tom…don’t. I told…you what that…feels like..” she said, her hand fluttering up to my head.

I ignored her and began pressing my mouth against her neck, firmly kissing it and lapping at with my tongue.

“Uhggghh! Tom…please..we…shouldn’t….” she protested, but moved her head to expose more of her neck to my kisses.

She continued to struggle as I maintained my mouth action on her neck, sucking on her soft skin and bathing it with my tongue. I was now pressing my engorged dick up against her crotch, slightly rubbing it up and down as my hands kneaded her back and sides and my mouth made its way up her neck towards her chin line.

“God…Tom….we need to….stop……” my mom begged in a breathless voice as she tried in vein to move her neck out from under my sucking mouth.

I continued to kiss her neck and felt the tension in her body relax and her breathing become ragged as I made my way under her chin. She moved her head to the side, almost in a gesture of surrender, and moaned in a low tone as I set my sights for her lips. As I reached the point of her chin, I pulled back for a moment, looked into her glassy eyes and saw that she had partially closed them.

I leaned in and gently pressed my parted lips to hers in a slow, firm kiss. She didn’t move, she just stood there as I kissed her. I slowly pulled back, peeling our lips apart, looking into her partially closed eyes.

“Ohhh, Tom…..stop…we can’t….” she moaned while staring at my lips.

I moved back in, capturing her lips between mine for moment before releasing them. I moved back in again as just as I reached her lips, she parted them, clinging to mine for a moment, before parting again.

“Oh Mom!” I moaned, kissing her cheek.

I kissed my way back to her lips and paused, looking into her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her again, firmly pressing my mouth on hers.

“UUHHMMMMMMMMHH!” she moaned, but kept her eyes closed as I pressed my mouth onto hers.

She was limp in my arms for a few moments, but then, very slightly, began to respond to the kiss. Slowly her lips softened and she began to kiss me back while her arms snaked their way up my shoulders and around my neck. She pressed her lips firmly against mine, our heads bobbing gently as our lips slowly parted and the kiss grew to a deep, soulful embrace. It went on for some time, our lips sliding against one another’s in a building fire of passion, pressing more and more firmly together until, in an explosion of lust, she tightened her grip on me and we dove into a frenzy of desire.

In a burst we were kissing up a storm, ravishing one another’s mouth, moaning in pent-up hunger, grasping onto one another in unbridled lust!! Our mouths opened and were filled with the force of our searching tongues, fencing in an illicit duel, as our hands clutched and grabbed in a fervor filled dance. All time stood still as our incestual kiss went on and on, neither one of us having the will or the inclination to break free. Abruptly, out of the fog, I heard the sound of flushing coming from the bathroom and knew my Dad was on his way out!

I broke free of our kiss, pushing her slightly away.

“Dad’s coming out… to…move..!” I wheezed.

Mom, still in a haze, looked at me under groggy eyes, her body unsteady.

“Oh…ok…” she mumbled and then grabbed my head, pulling me towards her and smashing her mouth back onto mine.

I immediately forgot the danger and wound my arms back around her and resumed our demanding kiss, both of us moaning in wild abandonment!!! A few moments later we both heard the door to the bathroom open and quickly broke free, with Mom heading out to the garage and me leaning over the sink, trying to catch my breath!

I got control of myself and joined my Dad in the living room, where he was watching t.v..

“Where’s your mom?” he asked.

“Taking out some garbage” I lied.

We were soon joined by Mom who announced she was going to read in bed for a while and left. She was on very shaky legs as she made her way to the guestroom, although I doubt my Dad noticed. He and I stayed up for a while, until I couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed where I jerked off thinking of my Mom and our latest kiss!

The next morning I got up and found both of my folks already up and eating. The moment I got to the table Mom announced she was off to take a shower, ignoring me altogether. Dad and I sat around shooting the breeze when it occurred to me that if I played it right I might learn a little about Mom’s sex drive from Dad.

“Uh, Dad”, I started, “Can I ask you for some advice?”

“Sure.” he replied

“Well, when Mom was pregnant with one of us did you ever, you know, get shut off?” I asked.

“Well, yes and no” he said.

“What’s that mean?” I asked

“Well, if you must know, my, uh, sex drive has never been too, uh, strong, if you catch my drift.” he said.

“How so?” I asked.

“I, um, never had a great interest in it. I know that sounds weird, but, to tell you the truth once a month was about all I ever needed.” he said.

“Huh.” I replied.

“And that was ok with Mom?” I inquired.

“Well, not exactly. She was always after me for more. Your Mother always had a very healthy sex drive. She just married the wrong guy.” he explained.

“So how did you…” I started.

“Stay together?” he finished for me.

I shook my head.

“Well, we love one another, and most times that’s enough, at least it was for her.” he said.

“So do you ever….?” I left the question hanging.

“Oh sure, every once in a while. In fact, between you and I, something got into her last night and I didn’t have the heart to turn her down, since it had been a while.” he said.

I felt myself blush as I realized I was what got to her last night, to the point that she seduced Dad! I began to put it all together and realized that the reason my Mom relinquished to my advances is she isn’t getting any from the old man and probably has a lot of pent-up urges. They probably got the best of her.

I got up to go shower and get ready to go to the hospital when I passed Mom in the hall and she put her head down and went right past me. Well, so much for that!

I left and was soon sitting in Rita’s room, enjoying the baby and talking with my wife. My folks joined us after a couple of hours and said they had some news. Dad had been offered a consulting gig on this job he had been monitoring and it would last a couple of more weeks. He said he had talked it over with Mom and they would be getting a hotel suite for the rest of their visit. I could tell this was Mom’s idea by the way she enthusiastically was shaking her head, probably as a way to get away from me. But Rita would have none of it and after a lengthy argument the folks agreed to stay.

They left shortly after and I caught up with them back home. Mom almost seemed to be her old self and at one point Dad sidled up to me and said he thinks last night might have been a mistake and that Mom had made several references to a second honeymoon. Sure enough, Mom seemed to be very content, probably thinking she could now brush me aside in lieu of her husband’s new found sexual vigor. After supper they announced that since they were staying they needed to do some clothes shopping and would be heading to the local mall.

We drove across town to a nightclub we had heard about. There was a long line waiting to get in. We parked our car and got in line. The place was packed with college students and I wondered again if I would be able to pull this off. The line moved along steadily. There was a group of four girls in front of us and six guys behind us. I chatted a bit with the girls while William talked with the guys.

One of the girls in front of me dropped her purse and objects started falling out of it and rolling around. She grabbed her cellphone and one of her friends grabbed her keys. A bottle of nail polish that had fallen loose started rolling toward me and I bent down to pick it up. At that exact moment a gust of wind appeared from no where and blew my skirt up. My naked butt and bald pussy were exposed to the guys in line behind us. I suddenly realized what was happening and stood up abruptly. I turned back to see a beaming William. Several of the guys were giving him the thumbs up.He moved beside me and said softly, “No panties, that’s hot. I like that.”

“Well I didn’t mean to put on a show for the whole neighborhood!”

“No harm done. And believe me, no one was complaining.”

Nonetheless I was still too embarrassed to turn around and face the guys behind me. I could only wonder what their thoughts were. However I didn’t have to wait long to hear one of their comments. William had turned back to them and one of them yelled out to him, “Your girlfriend is one hot mama.” If he only knew, I thought as my face turned red, if he only knew. I stifled a giggle as the door opened for us to enter the nightclub.

We found a table and took a seat to the side of the stage where the band was playing. When it was time to order drinks I asked for a soft drink. William looked puzzled and asked if I was feeling okay. I told him I was thirsty from the warm night and only wanted a soft drink. I was relieved when he simply shrugged okay. Of course he had no idea that knowing that I was likely pregnant I didn’t want a drink with alcohol.

The club got wilder as the evening progressed. It wasn’t long before the DJ announced that there would be a wet t-shirt contest. I laughed knowing this was something that neither William or I had ever witnessed before. My laughter turned to surprise when all of a sudden I was being recruited to be a contestant in the contest.

“I can’t do that!” I told the DJ.

“Go ahead, you can do it,” William encouraged me.

I looked at him a bit surprised. “Do you want me to do it?”

“Well, only if you don’t mind.”

I could tell that he really wanted me to do it, and the crowd was chanting for me to go on stage, so I looked at William and said, “Well if it’s what you want.” His nod was all the prompting I needed. I winked at him and headed to the stage to join the other participants. All the while I was thinking, “There ain’t no way I should be in this contest! I don’t stand a chance with these young girls.”

The DJ took us all backstage to a small room and told us to remove our shirts, blouses, tank tops or whatever and to put on white t-shirts the club furnished. Being the novice I was I started to put my t-shirt on while I still had my bra on. I saw the other girls taking off their bras and was relieved to see that they hadn’t realized my mistake. I quickly took off my bra and slipped on the t-shirt.

There were about twenty-five of us competing in the contest. As we headed back to the stage the DJ announced that six of us would be winners, and that each winner would win one hundred dollars.

I watched as the contest started, not quite sure what to expect. As the first girl stepped up to the DJ he took a pitcher of water and poured it over her breasts. The t-shirt was immediately transparent. The girl waved her arms above her head showing off her breasts. I guessed that she was about a 34B and knew that if size was a deciding factor that I was in the running!

One by one the girls displayed their chests to the roar of the crowd. Finally it was my turn and I took a deep breath as I stepped closer to the DJ. I got the surprise of my life when he poured the water over my breasts. It was ice cold! I gasped and shivered and the crowd roared. My large dark areolas were instantly visible under the confines of the tight white t-shirt. But more than the fact that my breasts were so easy to see that I might as well have been topless was that the cold water had an immediate affect on my nipples. They started to stiffen and poke against the material, tenting the t-shirt much more than any of the younger girls had. The crowd was screaming, cheering and whistling as I walked from one end of the stage to the other. I looked over and found William in the crowd. He was smiling, proudly I think, and gave me two thumbs up. I smiled back at him, winked, and added a little bounce to my step. Of course this caused my large breasts to bounce up and down as I walked back to my place in line.

The judging was soon done. It was based on the response from the crowd and I was picked as one of the six winners. I figured the contest was over and started to leave the stage.

“Wait a minute,” the DJ commanded, “you can’t leave yet.”

I was a bit puzzled as he walked over to me and said, “Now the six of you need to compete in the best tits contest.”

I had a puzzled look on my face as he continued, “Yeah, you all need to go topless.” He turned to the crowd and yelled, “You want to see these babes topless?”

Well of course they did. I started to resist but looked over at William and could tell he was okay with it and I thought well why not, they’ve pretty much seen my tits anyway. Plus my girlish pride had been pleased by being referred to as a babe.

The DJ took us to the back room again and gave us some instructions. He told us we would all need to remove our t-shirts. But then he told us we would need to remove our shorts or skirts too and parade on the stage in only our panties.

“I can’t,” I whispered to the DJ.

“Oh sure you can honey,” he responded.

“No, I really can’t,” I pleaded.

He stepped closer to me and asked what the problem was. I hesitated and then told him I wasn’t wearing any panties. He laughed and told me I wasn’t the first one to use that excuse. Then he said it would be no problem, that the bar had panties they provided for just such occasions. He opened a drawer from which he retrieved a pair of sheer thong panties and told me to put them on.

I slipped off my skirt and put on the panties. The other five girls in the competition were now ready too. They all looked so young and I was a bit afraid that I’d embarrass myself competing against them. I casually glanced at each of them as I evaluated my competition. I quickly realized that I definitely had the largest breasts in the group. A couple of the girls were probably about 34B’s, perhaps two were 36C, and a petite girl there was only about a 32B. I was suddenly proud of my 38D size but then wondered if the crowd would think they were too big.

Each contestant was called out to the stage individually. I could hear the crowd cheer as each girl paraded across the stage to the admiring gazes of the crowd. I was the last one to come out and when I came out on stage I was greeted by a roar. The DJ met me at the edge of the stage with a pitcher of water. I smiled at him, knowing what to expect this time. As he had before he poured cold water over my chest as the crowd cheered even louder. I was a bit surprised when he cupped my breasts and held them as he poured the water over them, since no one but William had touched me there for a long long time. In the excitement of the moment I was unaware that the water was running down over my body and down between my legs. What I also didn’t realize was that the water running over the thong panties I was wearing was making them become transparent. As I walked across the stage my shaved pussy lips were easy to see. I looked at William who was cheering as loud as anyone and smiled meekly. I guessed he really liked seeing me on display. That thought encouraged me more and I mischievously put a bigger spring into my step. This of course again caused my tits to bounce even more, which inspired even more cheers.

The DJ told us all to lineup for judging, yelling out to the crowd, “Who’s got the best tits?” As I stood there all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. First of all, I couldn’t really believe that I was basically nude in front of a large group of people. As I looked over at the other girls I was competing against I had several other thoughts.

I thought, “I wonder what they would think if they knew I wasn’t an 18 to 21 year old college girl but a 33 year old, a 33 year old mother as a matter of fact! How would they feel about competing against me then!”

More thoughts flickered through my head, “I wonder what they would think about me not only being a mother, but a mother who lets her son fuck her!”

But the most intriguing thought for me was, “I not only wonder what they would think if they knew they were competing against a 33 year old, that is a mother who fucks her son, but that is also pregnant with her son’s baby!”

I snapped back to reality as the DJ moved to me. The applause for me left no doubt that I was the overwhelming crowd favorite and I was declared the winner. I took the five hundred dollar prize and gave it to the other girls back stage, explaining to them that I didn’t need the money. Then I dressed back into my skirt and sweater and went back out to greet William.

“Congratulations Cynthia,” he called out to me.

I moved closer to him and put my arms around him. “I hope you didn’t mind me being up there.”

“I loved it,” he said, “I always said you were the sexiest woman on the island and now I have proof.” He held up a certificate the DJ had given him to give to me. It read, “Cynthia, Best Tits on the Island, Spring Break Gala.”

“Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to frame it,” I joked. We both laughed and moved to the dance floor. We start dancing to the fast beat and I couldn’t help but watch William staring at my tits as they bounced under my sweater.

“Like what you see?” I teased him. He knew what I was talking about and simply nodded his head.

The music changed to a slow song and he took me in his arms. In the dim light he let his hands roam over my body.

“Mmmm…that feels good honey.” I pressed to him tighter as I felt his arms slide around me and pull me tighter to him. I could feel his stiff cock against me. I slipped my hand down between us and playfully squeezed his cock. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me tonight dear.” For the first time I saw him blush as I realized that the young couple dancing beside us had overheard me. “Oops, sorry,” I whispered.

“Don’t be sorry,” he admonished me, “I don’t mind anyone knowing I get to fuck the sexiest women here, the woman with the best tits on the island.” He held me tight and then continued, “Are you ready to go back to the hotel?”

“Ready whenever you are.”

We slipped out of the nightclub and got into our car. William decided to take a route back that would hug the coast for awhile. However he didn’t realize that there was a drawbridge on the route, and just as we got to it we had to stop for it to rise up.

“Sorry, I didn’t have any idea this was here,” he told me.

“No problem.” I scooted close to him and kissed his cheek. “Perhaps we can find some way to pass the time,” I giggled.

We started making out like teenagers. It didn’t take long for William’s hands to start roaming over my body. He slipped a hand under my sweater and played with my breasts. Then he slid a hand under my skirt and fondled my pussy.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned in his ear. Then I slipped my tongue into his ear and rolled it around. I could tell that even though he was surprised by the sensation that he found it pleasurable. And now it was my turn. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans and slid his zipper down. I reached into to grasp his cock and was surprised. Just like me he hadn’t worn any underwear!

He smiled at me and said, “Two can play that game you know.” He further explained, “My cock gets so hard when you dress up so sexily I don’t like it being confined.”

My response was to pull his cock free and slowly stroke it. “Yeah, no use in keeping this big guy bundled up,” I mused. Then I bent down and licked just under the head of his cock. “Besides, he tastes so good.” My mouth opened and took in the head of his cock. I slowly sucked on it, rolling my tongue all around his cock head. He leaned back in his seat and groaned as I continued giving him a blow job. My mouth slid down and took in more of his cock, my lips tight around his cock, my cheeks indented as I sucked harder.

Slowly my head bobbed up and down on William’s cock. It had been awhile since I had sucked him off. Every time I had tried to recently he had insisted that I let him cum in my pussy, saying he didn’t want to waste any cum. I would giggle and tell him that he had plenty of cum to go around, but he insisted that it all be deposited in my pussy since he was determined to get me pregnant. All the same, I enjoyed sucking his cock and tasting his cum and I had missed doing this. So now I was glad that he hadn’t stopped me.

My head started to move up and down faster as I continued to suck him. I felt him shutter as my hand encircled his cock and started stroking it as I sucked. I pumped his cock faster and pressed my lips tighter, determined to coax a load of his cum into my waiting mouth.

I heard William say, “Someone’s watching.”

I paused briefly and said, “What?”

“Someone’s watching. The man in the control tower is watching.”

“It’s okay,” I mumbled as I returned to sucking his cock. I stroked and sucked, faster and faster, humming on his cock as I sucked.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, “I can’t hold back. Oh fuck.” He thrusts his hips upward and suddenly started shooting streams of warm cum into my mouth. I was determined to accept it all, swallowing each spurt that shot into my mouth. All the while he was cumming I kept sucking and stroking his cock. I loved the feel of his body jerking and twitching, knowing I was giving him much pleasure.

I finally pulled away and sat up beside him. “Did you like that honey? I certainly did.”

“It was great,” he replied, “but I’m so sorry to have wasted it.”

“Wasted it? What do you mean?”

“Well you know. I’ve only cum in your pussy lately, trying to get you pregnant. I’m sorry I couldn’t hold out. It’s just that it felt sooo good.”

I was touched that he felt so guilty. “You didn’t waste it honey,” I softly told him.

He didn’t pick up on my comment and responded, “Well it’s just that even though I enjoyed that so much I had told myself I would only cum in your pussy until I knew you were pregnant.”

Now it was me who felt guilty and I knew I had a decision to make. Despite the promise I had made to myself to not say anything to him until I was absolutely sure I was pregnant I didn’t want him to be upset with himself. I looked straight at him and repeated, “You didn’t waste it.”

“What do you mean?” He still hadn’t figured out what I meant.

I took hold of both of his hands and grinned, telling him, “William, I’m pregnant.” It took a moment for it to sink in. He just looked at me for a few seconds. Perhaps he was a bit startled, perhaps it was in disbelief. Then I could see it register in his eyes, and a big smile came upon his face. He realized he had done it, he had gotten his mother pregnant.

“You’re pregnant?” he exclaimed.

“Yes dear. I just found out today.” I proceeded to tell him about taking the home pregnancy test. “It should be accurate, but just to make sure I have an appointment tomorrow. I wasn’t going to tell you until after a doctor confirmed it. But there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m pregnant. And you’re going to be a daddy!”

I squeezed his hands and we simply stared and smiled at each other. We were in our own world, lost to the world around us. That is until horns started honking behind us. We hadn’t even noticed that the bridge had lowered and traffic could move again. I leaned my head against his shoulder as William resumed driving through the city.

“Pregnant,” he bristled, “I’m going to be a dad. And you’re going to be a mom—again!” I giggled and smiled up at him as he sped back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel William held my hand as we headed up to the elevator. Once inside it he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. “I love you. You are already the best mom in the world and you’re going to be the best again.”

I melted into his embrace, wanting him to hold me forever. When the elevator reached the penthouse and the door opened William suddenly scooped me up and carried me into our room. I felt like a bride being carried over the threshold. He had to make a trip to the bathroom—too much beer I teased him—and I walked out to the balcony that looked out over the city.

William soon returned and stepped up behind me. His arms encircled me and held me. I could have stayed in his embrace all night. I was enjoying the little kisses he was planting on my head, ear, cheek and neck. His hands gently stroked my shoulders and arms, finally encircling me. His hand slid over my still flat stomach and I grinned, knowing what he was doing.

“You can’t tell anything yet,” I told him, “it’s too soon. But it won’t be all that long before I start to show. Will you still think I’m sexy when my tummy starts to swell?”

His hands massaged my belly as he responded, “I’m sure you’ll be the sexiest pregnant lady on the island.”

As we giggled I felt William slide one hand up under my sweater. He began to fondle my breast, squeezing it, cupping it, lifting it and holding it.

“They’ll get bigger too, and heavier also,” I told him.

He didn’t say a thing but just continued to play with my breasts. Finding a nipple he pinched it and pulled on it, making it grow even stiffer. I ground my butt against him and was surprised when he stepped back. However I immediately heard his zipper being opened. I still didn’t have any panties on and soon I felt William lifting my skirt up over my ass and I felt his cock behind me. I grabbed hold of the railing on the balcony and spread my legs apart. My eyes closed as I felt William’s cock rubbing against my wet pussy lips. I smiled to myself, knowing he was hard again, and wickedly thinking that every 33 year old woman should be fortunate to have a virile 18 year old stud to service her.

I moaned softly as William eased the tip of his cock into my pussy. I loved the feel of his thick cock stretching my pussy open and I moaned softly as he pushed in deeper. His hands gripped my waist tighter and he thrust his cock deep into me.

“Oh baby it feels so good.” I sighed as his cock filled my cunt. It was right where it belonged, right where I wanted it to be. He started to slowly fuck me with long deep strokes. I pushed back as William thrust his cock forward, driving it even deeper into my cunt.

“How does it feel to fuck a pregnant pussy?” I teased. I surprised myself at how wickedly nasty I could now sometimes be. I was sure it was a result of having missed so many years of sex. Now I wanted to make up for every moment I had missed, and I had the perfect person to do it with. I knew that I would always let William fuck me whenever, wherever and however he wanted.

“It feels fucking good,” he replied as he picked up the pace. “But….”

“But what,” I asked?

“But it looks like I’m going to be wasting it after all,” he laughed.

As I ground my pussy back onto his cock I replied, “Well I wouldn’t call this wasting it. You’re just keeping my pussy satisfied and happy.”

William started thrusting faster. He reached around and began rubbing my clit. I groaned and felt my cunt start to squeeze his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed as my cunt eagerly accepted his cock plunging faster and deeper into it. His finger started rubbing over my clit in circular motions. “Oh god,” I moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

William was close too. He started slamming his cock into me as my orgasm hit. My cunt muscles clenched his cock and he groaned as he started cumming into me. I wiggled my ass as his cock kept filling me. The sperm he was shooting deep into my cunt would once again race to find a waiting egg. But this time they would be too late. The deed had already been done. I was pregnant with my son’s baby.


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