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Mom Taught a Lesson for Daughter How to Lick Mom Ass

“Goddamn it. These fucking critics, they’re hurting my
career,” Britney Spears yelled as she walked into the
living room, where her mother was sitting alone.

“It doesn’t matter what I do, they’re always burning my
ass in those fucking magazines. Why can’t they just
leave me alone.”

“Why do you care what they say, Brit. Just ignore those
assholes. You know they make a living badmouthing people
who have what they’ll never have. Just screw them, and
do what ever you want to do,” Britney’s mother said
softly as she took Britney in her arms and consoled her.

“You’re right, mom. I should ignore them, but it’s hard.
I can’t pick up anything without reading something about
me or my private life that isn’t even true.”

“You better be happy they don’t know the truth, Britney.
If they did, then we would have a REAL problem on our
hands, wouldn’t we,” mom laughed.

“I mean, just imagine if everybody, the whole world,
knew our love for each other. The world is not exactly
accepting and forgiving of a pure love between mother
and daughter like we have. You would have no life, let
alone career if they knew the truth. Now look at me,

Britney looked up from her mother’s bosom into her eyes.

“They can never know the truth, so you should just laugh
every time they make up lies, because you and know
better, anyway paying Justin (Timberlake) all that money
to keep up a front about your supposed relationship with
him is the best idea we came up with. Now give mom a

Britney lifted her face, but instead of giving her
mother the tender kiss you would expect a daughter to
give to her mother, Britney kissed her mother square on
the lips for a passionate lesbian’s kiss. Within two
seconds mother and daughter had opened their lips and
tongues were flashing in and out as the women moaned

Britney’s hands were all over her mother as she panted
and breathed into her mother’s mouth. Her hands roamed
over her mother’s shoulders to her breasts, were she
continued to squeeze the globes as saliva kept pouring
from one mouth to another, and white foamy spit filled
between the corners of their mouths.

“You’re right, mom,” Britney whispered as her lips came
from her mother’s with a smack, strands of spit sticking
between their lips. “This is our secret, our nasty
little secret. Fuck them all. I love you, mom. I love it
when we pleasure each other.”

“I love it too, Britney. Now take off my pants and
panties. I can’t wait to feel your tongue in my cunt.”

“Christ, mom. You always make me so fucking hot when you
talk nasty like that. It makes my pussy so wet.”

“Well then, take of your clothes as soon as possible so
I can clean it for you.”
As soon as Britney had discarded her own clothes, she
unbuckled her mother’s pants, while her mother took off
her shirt. Brit pulled the pants from her mother’s hips,
and threw them behind her. Britney’s mother spread her
legs, exposing her panty covered crotch to her daughter.
The cotton was virginal white, apart from the damp spot
all along her slit.

“Can you smell it, Britney? Can you smell how hot and
horny your mother is for you?”

“I can, but I could smell it even better if I could
smell straight from the source,” Britney said daringly.

“Well then smell from the source, why don’t you? Stick
your nose in your mother’s wet crotch.”

Britney dove forward and pressed her nose into the warm,
moist mound that was still covered by panties. The
moistness made her face wet as she happily inhaled her
mother’s pussy odors. Her mother had both her hands on
Britney’s head, her fingers gently roaming through the
blonde hair. She humped her crotch into her famous
daughter’s face as she felt her hot breath on her mound.

“God, your breath feels so good on my cunt,” the mother
moaned, after which she raised and spread her legs. The
motion made the cotton panties withdraw slightly into
the sweaty crack of her ass.

“Smell my butt, Britney. Smell your mother’s ass. Stick
your nose between my cheeks.”

As Britney’s mother pried her butt cheeks apart with her
hands, Britney herself tried opening her mother’s crack
even more, then planted her nose firmly at the spot
where the anus was bound to be. The steamy, raunchy
smell of asshole wormed into her nose and settled in her
soul. Britney inhaled her mother’s nasty stench and
quivered with lustful delight.

“Oh Jesus, mom. Your asshole smells so fucking hot. Like
it always does. I can’t wait to taste.”

“You’ll have to,” Britney’s mom replied, “There’s other
things to do first.
Now take off my wet panties.”

Britney grabbed her mother’s soaked panties by the
elastic band and yanked it down her legs, only to grab
her mother’s ankles.

“Oooh, Britney. Are you going to do what I think you’re
going to do?” mother cooed.

“Yes I am, mom. I’m gonna suck those delicious toes of
yours again.”

Britney held her mother’s feet up, and looked at the
wrinkled soles. The big toes were curling. They were
huge and looked extremely succulent, like gigantic
pacifiers. Britney licked at them with the tip of her
tongue, then lapped. She then proceeded to circle her
tongue around them, before she ultimately let them slip
between her lips and started to suck them. Moaning aloud
and looking her mother in the eyes, she sucked and
slurped away on her mother’s big toes, bobbing her head
as if sucking cock. This lasted for over a minute, and
her mother was groaning at her child suckling on her
toes, the feeling of her daughter’s spit on them and
running between her toes and running down along the
soles of her feet.

“Oh lord. That’s enough, Britney. I can’t take anymore.
Give me a kiss.”

Britney leaned forward and dMolestationd her athletic body over
her mother’s soft figure. They had their breasts cushion
each other’s as they embraced in a lesbian liplock,
tongue grinding into one another. Smacking and slurping
as they snowballed each other their spit.

“Mmmm.I’m so very proud of you, Britney. I can never get
over the fact that I made such a hot, nasty, beautiful
daughter, but I’m so happy that I did. One of the few
good things to come from your father. Please go down on

“In a minute, mom. First let me suck these beautiful
tits of yours. Let me suckle them just like I did when I
was a baby.”

Britney took a hard nipple of her mother in her mouth
and sucked hard, licking and slightly biting in-mouth.
She brought out the goose bumps in her aureoles with
this treatment, and did the exact same to her mother’s
other breast. Then she moved further south.

She licked down across her mother’s stomach, tickling
her belly button with her tongue, which brought out a
chuckle from her mother. She slid further down, dragging
her tongue through her mother’s damp pubic bush. The
large brown bush tickled her nostrils as her tongue had
zeroed in on her mother’s clit, and as she first touched
it, her mother’s groin slammed into her face and her
mother’s yelled. Britney grabbed her mother by the hips
to keep her down as she flicked and rubbed her tongue
into her mother’s sensitive cunt button.

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