Sunday , November 27 2022

Monstrous violent night

She stood there, all of 5” tall, looking death in the face.

In front of here is what can only be described as the hideous monsters we worried about slithering under our beds as children. Lurking in our closets.

He stood at least three times her height, and even get started about his girth.

He stood there immodest, unclothed as any creature should be.

She couldn’t help but glance at the pelvis. She couldn’t comprehend what creature this was. Where she was. What was happening. She felt an overwhelming sense of dread, and arousal as her eyes are glued to his long green groin. Nearly the size of her entire body she shook from the adrenaline and confusion. She couldn’t help but wonder how she got into this situation.

“The..the…the light” she thought to herself. The only thing she remembers before appearing into this… this place.

She ponders on her day, how she got there, what lead up to it.

First day of senior year, and it wasn’t looking so great.

Dinggg dinggg dinggg her alarm clock goes off. She reaches out from under the covers, tiredly trying to hit the snooze. It takes a few minuets for her eyes to adjust.

“Shit, I’m late!” Her alarm had been set for 7:30 am instead of 6:30 am.

she rushed downstairs to the bathroom for a quick shower.

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