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Mother and son play in the bathroom

My mom and I had lived alone since my dad left when I was 5. She was a great mom and we were always close growing up. Even though she wasn’t the super hot ridiculousness that you read about so often on Literotica, she was beautiful in her own way.

At 54, mom took care of herself but was pleasantly plump with a great smiling disposition and a wonderful set of tits. While most boys my age fantasized about waifs in catalogs, I found older women, especially my mom to be particularly alluring. I had spent many a night beating my meat to thoughts of her and had taken to looking for her used panties to smell while I jerked off.

Historically, I had taken showers at night before bed, but shortly after I turned 18 I started running in the morning to stay in shape and would shower after I got home. It was then we started to develop an interesting pattern. It seemed my shower time coincided with her time to collect laundry and start the washer.

It started with a knock on the door when I was in the shower. Mom would knock gently and ask if it was ok to come in and grab the dirty clothes. The first morning I told her I’d be out in a second. Id did the same thing the second. The third morning, I told her to come on in and grab them.

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