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Mother Fucker – A mother is seduced

“Your mother is so fucking hot.”

I looked over at my girlfriend in disbelief.

“Fiona! One day she could be your mother-in-law, you shouldn’t say things like that – especially in front of me.”

“I’m just saying. What a cute ass.”

Fiona grinned. She likes to act reserved and quiet in public, but in private she becomes an insatiable beast.

“Well try not to.”

“Wouldn’t you like to watch me with another woman?”

I had to admit, when I found out Fiona had experimented in college, I was turned on. The idea of Fiona’s sweet little face between another woman’s legs was a real jerk fantasy for me, the night she told me we had sex three times.

“You’re thinking about it, right?”

I blushed, “You’re such a slut Fiona.”

“I bet I could seduce her.”

“Impossible, my mother is a saint. She hasn’t even been with another man since my father left.”

“Heh. All that time without sex, I bet she has a pile of vibrators!”

“Please don’t talk like that.”

“C’mon, she’s a human being, we all need to get off from time to time. I’d have her begging in no time.”

Despite the subject of her desires I could feel my cock stirring.

“You really think you could seduce her?”

Fiona looked me dead in the eye.

“I’m one-hundred percent sure. You feel like making a bet?”

My empty wallet called out from my back pocket.

“Not that you would win or anything, but can I trust you not to go all the way?

“I’ll make sure youre happy, I promise. One-hundred dollars.”

“Deal. Right now? When she comes back with the drinks?”

Fiona smiled, “Yes.”

“Should I hide or something?”

“No, you can watch. I’ve seduced a few women before, I’m pretty good.”

“I guess the money is as good as mine. Good luck, I guess.”

We sat and waited in silence. Eventually my mother entered the room carrying a tray of cool drinks. I took mine and sipped at it. When Fiona reached for hers she subtly brushed against my mothers arm.

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The two of us were seated on the couch, my mother put the tray down on the coffee table and sat opposite.

“So,” said my mother, “Do I hear wedding bells?”

I nearly choked on my drink.

“We’re in no hurry Eve,” answered Fiona, “I want to make sure your son is everything I need.”

“You’ve been together for over two and a half years, what don’t you know yet?”

“To be perfectly blunt, I don’t know if he can satisfy me. Sexually.”

I watched my mother’s face, I was sure this would cut the conversation short. She simply blushed and nursed her drink.

“We haven’t spent much time together in the bedroom,” Fiona lied, “I don’t know if a man could ever truly please me.”

“Are you a virgin?” my mother asked, looking back and forth between us.

I kept a carefully neutral expression.

“No,” said Fiona, “I’ve been around. The only way I’ve ever climaxed is from oral attention though.”

Fiona smiled again, I couldn’t believe my mother hadn’t left the room in embarrassment yet.

“I’m sure my son could u-use his… mouth on you,” my mother stuttered.

Fiona faked embarrassment, “It’s just that… the only one who can truly understand a woman is another woman. Women are so patient and gentle.”

“Have you been with many women?”

I bit down on my tongue.

“A few. There was one, my college roommate, she was so amazing. Some nights I would pass out with pleasure. She taught me everything.”

I knew from personal experience that Fiona knew a lot of tricks.

Fiona tilted her head, “Have you ever been with a woman Eve?”

My mother blushed deeply, “I could never do that. The only person I have ever slept with was my ex-husband.”

“Well, we can all surprise ourselves. Have you ever been truly satisfied?”

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“He wasn’t the most… sensual person.”

Fiona fluttered her eyelashes, “I just can’t imagine life without sex. You must get so frustrated…”

My mother sighed, “Sure.”

“Do you own a vibrator?”

“I can’t discuss this in front of my son!”

“We’re all consenting adults here. C’mon, I rally want to know.”

My mother gave me a glance, then looked down at her feet.

“I have a whole drawer full.”

“Wow. You must spend a lot of time with them.”

“Sometimes. It helps me to relax.”

“I have a couple of vibrators, but they aren’t enough to push me over the edge. How about you?”

“It feels good…”

“So you say. But do you ever climax?”


“If you hold it up against your clitoris on a low setting it feels really good. Never as good as a tongue though…”

“What does it feel like… down there?”

“What do you mean?”

“A tongue…”

“Ah. It’s so soft, so agile. The first time my roommate licked me I came in less than sixty seconds! I was so innocent back then…”

Fiona looked my mother in the eyes.

“I could teach you a few things, if you like.”

Things were snowballing, but I still felt I could trust my mother not to go too far.

“I don’t know…”

“Trust me, I learned from the best.”

My mother ran a hand through her long blond hair, “If you really want…”

Fiona got up and made her way over to my mother’s chair.

“Why don’t you start with your breasts.Play with them just a little, show me.”

I watched as my mother started to slowly run her hands along the front of her dress, feeling her large breasts through the fabric.

Fiona watched her intently, “You aren’t used to this, are you? Here, let me show you…”

Fiona grabbed a breast in each hand and gently manipulated them. I looked on awkwardly as my girlfriend played with my mothers tits.

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“Here, let me try this out…”

The hands made their way around the dress and underneath. My mother didn’t say a word as her bra was silently removed. In no time my mother’s bare breasts were hanging out of her dress.

“That’s better right? But hands can only do so much…”

Fiona leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. She licked away for a little while then pulled back, leaving a wet patch.

“I can tell you liked that. A tongue is so much better right?”

My mothers legs actually separated a little. Fiona ran a hand up each leg.

“Just use your imagination. Think about that feeling, a delicate little tongue in your most sensitive place. I bet you would cum so fast.”

My mother’s eyes closed, her legs opened even further.

Fiona ran a hand up my mothers dress. She lifted her ass momentarily, a second later her cotton panties were dragged down and discarded.

Fiona flashed me a naughty look. My mouth was hanging open, my cock strained against the front of my jeans.

“Would you like me to lick you Eve?”

My mother nodded.

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