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Mother in Law erotic fetish stories

I met Jane two years ago, when we were both twenty and immediately fell for her. With her jet-black hair, dark eyes and 36-24-38 figure, she could have had anyone she wanted. Although she is 5’10” to my 5’2,” we seemed to get on right away. Amazingly to me, we got closer and closer, and within three months were talking of marriage.

The only problem we had was Jane’s 43-year-old mother Grace. It was clear she did not like me from the start, and to be honest it was mutual. Grace is a couple of inches taller than her daughter, with the same coloring. Her figure is slightly fuller than her daughter’s, but it suits her and to be honest she is incredibly sexy. In fact it was the sexual hold that she seemed to have over me that proved my downfall. But more of that later.

The two problems that Grace had were one that she thought me a wimp because of my height and slight build, and two Jane’s former boyfriend Brad. Up until six months before I met Jane, she and Brad had been intending to marry. Jane had admitted to me that she had deep feelings for Brad, and had his parents not sent him to join the Army after he got in a spot of trouble, she would be his wife.

Grace adored Brad, you see, tall and good looking, and well built she thought him the ideal man to look after her daughter. The total opposite of me, in her words. Luckily for me (at the time), Jane has as strong a will as her mother and the wedding went ahead. Grace is a rich woman, having been divorced from a very successful businessman, and she made sure the wedding was a lavish affair for her daughter’s sake.

My most vivid memory of the wedding, was when Grace found her moment to catch me on my own. She caught me in a corridor, and pushed me roughly up against a wall.

“I think you are a wimp John,” she began, in a soft, menacing voice. “An inadequate, weak- willed little faggot, who can’t even look after himself, let alone a wife. If I find out I am right, I am going to punish you for it. I will see that you are humiliated, degraded and broken. You will wish you had never laid eyes on me, do you understand?”

I just gulped, because to be honest with you, she frightened the hell out of me. Slowly, she reached down, and took a tight hold of my balls.

“I asked you a question boy.”

“I understand,” I replied meekly.

Things went pretty well for the first couple of months, although Jane did mention that she was not enjoying the sex very much. We had not had sex before our marriage at her insistence, although she had been intimate with Brad. She said she thought all cocks were the same size as his, though mine was about 5″ shorter than his and much thinner. She also mentioned that he lasted a long time, while I was lucky to last longer than a commercial break. I countered that we were all different and, fearing Grace’s wrath, promised that I would spend plenty of time using my tongue to make sure she was satisfied.

As it was her first time away from home, Jane felt more comfortable having her Mom spend every other weekend with us. These were always uncomfortable for me. Grace seemed to deliberately leave her bedroom door open in the morning, so that I would often get a glimpse of her in just her black underwear. At these times our eyes would meet briefly, and she would give me a smirk, which said “you want me, but you can’t afford me”. She seemed to know that she had a power over me; it was as though she knew all about me. Like when she would sit around in the evenings in only a short robe, showing lots of leg, and in particular her beautifully manicured feet. She would catch me looking at them, and smile as if to say, “I know about your foot fetish boy”.

I well remember the Saturday that started me on the road to where I am now. Grace and Jane had planned a shopping trip, and I had said I would have a lie in and then catch up on some work at home. In my half sleep, I had heard the door close, and realized they had gone. This was my first chance to do something I had wanted to do for a while.

Still naked, I went down to the kitchen and made straight for the laundry basket. Rummaging through, I found a pair of Grace’s black panties. Putting them to my nose, I sniffed deeply to get the aroma of the woman I did not like, but drove me crazy sexually.

“So, you like the smell of your mother in law do you?”

I reeled round in horror, to see a smirking Grace standing by the door. Apparently, she had told Jane she had a headache, and decided to have a bath to clear it. She walked over to me with the same smirk, and looked up and down my weedy body.

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“God John, Jane told me you were small,” she laughed. “But I didn’t think they made them that small!”

“I’m sorry Grace,” I muttered, my face deep red.

“What is your wife going to say, when she knows you sniff her mother’s panties while she is out?” she went on.

“Please don’t say anything Grace,” I pleaded. “She would leave me, and I could not bear that.”

“Kneel down,” she said, with a voice of authority, and I complied automatically.

She kicked off the slippers she was wearing, to reveal the unblemished feet with scarlet painted toenails that I had stared at so often.

“You love my feet, don’t you John?” she observed, her voice softer now.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Why don’t you plant half a dozen kisses on each one, I know you want to,” she added.

Hesitantly, and feeling embarrassed and humiliated, I bent down and kissed her soft feet. When I knelt up again, I found that she had opened her short robe, and I was staring directly at her black haired bush.

“Why sniff the panties, when you can sniff the real thing,” she laughed, pulling my head close. “Let me hear you sniff, boy.”

I sniffed at her fragrant pussy, and was horrified at the fact that, despite my fear, my cock had become erect. Pushing my head back, Grace looked down to view my feeble cock.

“I see you like my pussy,” she smiled. “Let’s see if you like my ass.”

She turned around to present her firm ass to me, and instructed me to kiss each buttock half a dozen times. Then I was made to first sniff and then lick her puckered asshole six times. That done, she told me I could get up.

“Well, just wait till I tell Jane that her macho husband has been sniffing my ass and pussy, won’t she be amused?”

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