Wednesday , May 31 2023

Mother plans a special surprise for Son’s birthday

Katherine Peterson perched on the chair in the plush office, her handbag pulled tight to her on her lap. Her skirt lay pleasingly above her knees and dark, nyloned legs, a fact not lost on Peter whose eyes slid over her body fleetingly before sitting down behind the large teak desk. Smiling at her, Peter reached into the desk drawer at his bottom right.

“We’re delighted you agreed to proceed with this Mrs Peterson-”

“Miss, actually.”

“Oh, of course, my apologies.”

Peter pulled on to his desk a rectangular box. Carefully he put it on the desk. “Do you have the disclaimer we sent through?”

Katherine reached into her handbag and pulled the thick wedge of papers from it and placed them on the desk. Peter, who looked not a day over thirty, peered through the papers carefully. Katherine looked around the office. The whole room had been dressed to match the dark wood of the desk. Thick velvet curtains in deep red lay across the bay windows, through which the hum of the Knightsbridge traffic could still be heard. To the left of the desk stood a bookcase. Opposite to that was another door leading to the back of the office. Katherine had come through a different door behind her. All in all it looked nothing like any other boutique in west London.

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