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Mother wants son’s Whopper.

It all started last year when my husband had to go on a business trip to New York for a week. My husband and me hadn’t been to sexually active for about two years. Oh we would have sex every now and then, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Seeing he was going to be gone for a week left my son Kevin and I home alone together. Kevin was 18 at the time and still didn’t have a girlfriend. I couldn’t understand it seeing he was a very attractive young man.

After I returned home from taking my husband to the airport, I accidentally walked in on my son who had just got out of the shower. “Oh I’m sorry Kevin,” I said, but yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of him standing there in front of me naked. He looked so stunning and I couldn’t help but take notice of his manhood hanging between his legs. It must have been at least 8 inches limp and was very thick.

“That’s okay mom, you’ve seen me before as I was growing up” he said as he wrapped a towel around himself. For the rest of the day I couldn’t get the thought of his cock out of my mind. I wondered how big it would be fully erect if it was 8 inch’s limp? I found myself getting turned on by the mire thought of it. After dinner we sat watching TV

The movie was rated R with allot of sexual scenes. At one point I glanced over at Kevin and saw that he was sporting a huge bulge. “God his cock must be gigantic,” I thought to myself as I peered down at the bulge. After the movie ended I asked him, “So are you seeing any girls?” “Nah, I really don’t have the time with school” he said.

“Well you should go out and find a girl” I told him, “What for?” he replied, “A young man like you should be dating” I said. Then I don’t know why I asked, I guess it just slipped out “Have you ever had sex with a girl?” This took him by surprise and he started to blush. “No not yet” he said in a low scared voice. I could feel the desire building between my legs. Kevin then got up and said he was going to go take a shower. I watched as he walked out of the room. I sat there thinking about what it would be like to have that big cock of his inside of me. “This is wrong, he’s my son,” I thought to myself.

I got up and headed upstairs, as I passed by the bathroom I noticed that the door was open. I stopped and peeked in, My heart skipped a beat as I looked at the glass door of the shower. There was my son stroking his meat. The size of it was unbelievable, it must have been ten inches or bigger. That’s when I knew I had to have it. I stepped back and then rapped on the bathroom door. “Kevin?” I yelled, “Yea mom” he answered, “After you get done put your robe on and come to my room so we can talk” I instructed him, “Okay” he replied.

I hurried to my bedroom and stripped down naked and put on a short sheer teddy, then I crawled into bed and waited. I laid their thinking about what I was planning on doing and I felt my pussy getting real wet. About ten minutes later my son entered the room.

“Come here and lay down next to me so we can talk” I said as I pulled the sheet down beside me. He came over and crawled in under the sheet. I turned so that I was on my side facing him; this allowed him a clear view of my breast. I knew that they were visible to him due to the fact that the material of my teddy was so thin. As we lay there talking, our conversation turned to sex.

I glanced down and noticed a huge bulge in the sheet, I now knew his cock was hard. Seeing this made my pussy throb. I could feel my nipples getting big and hard, so I rolled back over onto my back.

“Kevin, roll over and lay on top of mommy” I said

“Why?” he asked

“I would just like to hold you in my arms like I use to when you were little” I replied

With that he rolled over and slid on top of me. As he did I gently pulled my teddy up and spread my legs, allowing him to lay in-between them. I started to run my fingers through his hair and down over his neck. I could feel his massive cock pressing against my mound, it felt so big and hard. His robe was the only thing between his hard cock and my naked pussy.

“Raise up for a minute, the knot in your robe is hurting me,” I said

As he raised up I reached down and untied his robe and slid it open. Then I motioned for him to lay back down on top of me. I felt his cock touching my mound and it sent a wave of electricity surging though my body. I ran my hands up under his robe and lightly started to rub my hands up and down his back. At the same time I ran my foot up and down the calf of his hairy leg.

His cock began to throb against me as I continued to entice him. The love juices from my pussy were flowing like mad. I just had to have that massive cock of his deep inside of me.

“Scoot down just a bit” I said. He moved down a little but it still wasn’t enough. So I told him to move down a little further. As he did I brought my knees up and spread my legs wide. As I spread my legs I felt the head of his cock slip down between, coming to rest at the entrance of my pussy. Seeing I was so wet, the head of his cock found its target and slipped just inside of my waiting hole.

“Scoot back up a little” I told him. Slowly he moved up. I felt the head of his hard cock entering me, sliding deeper and deeper. Soon his cock was fully inside my throbbing pussy. I began to move my pussy up and down on his long shaft, fucking his huge cock. Then I felt him slowly start to slide it in and out fucking me. It felt so wonderful.

“OH YES, give to mommy, fuck me with that big hard cock of yours” I whispered in his ear. I reached down and grabbed his ass as he started to fuck me harder. I couldn’t believe how big it felt inside my pussy, it felt as though it was going to tear me apart. Soon I was bucking up as he thrust his cock deep into me, I knew he was about to explode inside of me. I pulled his face to my breast and he took one of my hard nipples into his mouth and began to suck it.

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