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Mother’s Lovers with her son

I always saw people eyeing my mother with a different angle and she enjoyed their poking stares undoubtedly.That was not the age of my puberty but I was a full grown-up boy. As told earlier about her affairs., Instead of getting angry or feeling jealous, I felt strings of strange pleasures which make my penis hard and bigger. At that age it seemed to me that my brain was being controlled by my penis.

It all happened when dad had gone on a office trip to abraod for around month and asked his Uncle to stay with us Me my mom and my sister. It was my summer vacation so I used to just watch TV to pass my time. I noticed mom was pretty happier and enjoyed a lot in my Chacha’s (Uncle) company. Exactly 2 weeks later I heard that my Chacha’s friend Shakil was going to visit us. She really got overjoyed as she heard that news. I always knew that my uncle was very frank with mom and both he and his friend were always interested in her. I had noticed them on my 13th birthday party when mom had invited them. They were always eyeing mom but had no chance to get near her as dad was around. I knew he was coming for mom but I did not want to interfere.

Finally the day came when he arrived. Mom greeted him very warmly. I showed him his room as I put his luggage in the room. By mistake, I dropped one of his handbags and the items in the bag popped out. I quickly gathered the articles to place them back and was shocked to find a full bundle of packs of condoms. Immediately my doubts about their intentions got clear. After that my mom showed them our newly constructed house so that they could easily roam around.

I started to stay at home most of the time to keep an eye on their activities. Mom used to show give them full view of her milky breast whenevr they got chance. I was always around mom. Sometimes when shakil took shower he always call mom to bring towel to bathroom. And when mom was handing towel he pulled her in they spent some time there. After some time mom came out in panic in semi wet dress. These were the only times they could have mom. I noticed they were getting frustrated for not getting mom just in one day. It was obvious that they did not want me to know that they wanted to fuck her. One day they asked my Mom that Shakil’s friend owned a summerhouse at a beautiful hilly resort, just at a few hours drive from our home. Why shouldn’t we go for a few days to there? Every body agreed including me as I had started to feel erotic about my Mom but we had to make plans for the next evening as mom had some work in the morning.

Mom completed her tasks and informed my father at Dubai about our trip, who allowed us to go on one condition if his brother accompany’s us. We left my sister nisha to our relatives. So after collecting the warm clothes we set for Nathiagali at six pm. It was started to get dark but the mountains were looking very romantic to me. It took two and a half hours to reach at Nathiagali. During the travel Shakil who was quite an educated and friendly person started to be friendlier with me. He was telling us the jokes all the way and my mom really participated with him. I then realised, how my Mom was excited about them and too much happy. I decided to let them give a chance to enjoy. I even started to enjoy their company too and leaving my arrogant behavior behind and joined them. When we reached at Nathiagali I observed the house was newly constructed and was quite isolated. It was constructed up on the hill and the only approach to the house was a staircase had 25-30 steps. It was right in the middle of a very bushy area with lots of trees. Mom was looking quite sexy in her fitted see through, blue Shalwar and Qameez, showing her large breasts prominently.

It was raining very heavily and getting too much cold when we reached there. We climbed up the stairs very speedily to get into the Veranda but due to the heavy rain we almost got drench. When we were clibing stairs, one could see mom’s butt crack in shape while she move in her wet dress. My Mom’s dress seemed to be disappeared and clenching with her skin. Her brassier and her belly button could easily been seen through. She was giving a complete wet and erotic look in that posture. They both feasted their eyes and my mom pleasurably displayed and allowed them to enjoy. Soon she realized my presence and put her arms around her large breasts pretended to shiver in cold. Shakil immediately unlocked the door to get us in.

The house had two bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. We put our handbags in the bedroom and selected one for mom and me and one for Asim Chachu and Shakil. After drying us out, we arranged an umbrella and approached the car as we all were feeling hungry so went for the dinner to the bazaar after settling down. It was a quick dinner because it seemed that they wanted to be home for their action as soon as possible. We sat around the wood fire to keep us warm in the living room as it was getting colder. Asim Chachu (Uncle) put on the stereo he had brought along. The atmosphere was very friendly. Then Shakil went to his room and brought a bottle of Wine.

He said showing the bottle, “If u guys don’t mind may I enjoy this?”

Everybody showed no objection and allowed him to enjoy. He started to drink and then he invited mom for a dance. Mom looked at me once hesitantly and getting a gentle smile from me she moved on to Shakil’s arms for a dance.

I watched Shakil moving his hand on mom back and occasionally touching her butt. I saw Mom loved it but was aware of my presence. Whenever mom’s back was away from me Shakil put his hand in mom’s salwar. They didn’t realise the mirror at mom’s back which was showing me everything. Moms facing towards me, when shakil put his habd inside her salwar he squeezed her butts, mom closed her eyes with pleasure. He was rubbing her butts as hard as he can and mom was responding well. Then to my surprise mom turned around, so that her ass would touch shakil’s front. And Shakil put his hands on her boobs, still dancing in slow motion and romantic way. After some time he put his hands inside mom’s kameez, and started touching her boobs. It seems they were in no hurry now and enjoying every moment. But seemed mom was loosing control and called me “Honey aren’t you feeling sleepy.” Then Suddenly Chachu poured a glass of whisky for himself and said, “let’s enjoy.”

I saw from the corner of eye as Chachu went to the side table, prepared a couple of soft drinks mixing a little whisky for mom and me without knowing us. I knew his intention was to put me to sleep and enjoy with mom. I pretended to drink and emptied the glass behind me in the pot. Then Chachu joined them. Now mom was sandwitched between them. Both were as close as they could to mom’s body. Mom blurbeded me then “Honey Got to bed if you felling sleepy, mumma is enjoying this little party, and will be in room aftre time.” After half an hour watching my mom enjoying dancing in both of their arms, I acted to look sleepy. Soon it was 11:00 and I begged leave to sleep. Chachu dropped me on the bed and after confirming that I was asleep he switched off the light and went into the living.

I got up very instant and opened the door a little to see them enjoying with my hot mom. I saw Shakil was now rubbing his body with my mom very freely and she was enjoying too. My Chachu also joined them and coming on Mom’s backside he started to press his body too. Then he put his arms around my Mom and started to squeeze her breasts. She threw her head on Chachu’s shoulder and put her arms around his neck. Mom gave a naughty smile and then turned her face towards my room. Shakil had already begun to kiss mom. Mom was also participating freely by that time. Chachu pulled her Qameez off leaving her in her blue sleeveless thin and short slip and Shalwar. They continude to dance. Now Mom’s boobs were more visible, her bra could be seen easily through her sleevless slip. Shakil continued to kiss mom all over her body, while Chachu removed the slip. Mom was in bra and salwar now.

Then shakil unhooked mom’s bra. Mom tried to hide her boobs with her hands, with her down. It was most erotic scene i had ever seen. Chachu in front of her, and Shakil was behind her,. Shakil turned her around and slowly removed her hands.

“Ab hamse kyaa sharmana”, mom let her hands go down, exposing her enormous boobs hanging. Shakil was so happy to mom’s breast. “Wow you have most beautiful breast i hv ever seen. I would kill for boobs like these.” He started kissing mom, touching her boobs with one hand. Chachu also continued to enjoy her touch, but mom was totally lost in kiss with Shakil. She started to be active. She put her hands on Shakil’s crotch. Starting to feel his cock.

Chachu pit his hand on her butts inside her shalwar. Mom was totally topless between two men standing there enjoying their touch. Then chachu kissed her both breast, coming down to her navel. Shakil was rubbing his cock to mom’s ass in shalwar and was trying untie her shalwar, And suddenly shalwar falls on floor exposing her long fairy legs. then both of them put their hand in her underwear, touching each part they could. And finally they just tore it. My cock had become very hard as I watched from the crack of the door. Mom was left in totally naked. She took off Shakil’s and Chachu’s shirt and trousers. Mom was looking very sexy just in her lingerie. Her breasts were growing in shakils hands. Both the men removed their underwear and revealed their cocks. They were really hard and enormous, standing like a pole. It seemed mom had freshly shaved her pussy and kept it ready for them. Chachu carried mom to the wooden table right in the middle of the room.

Mom said erotically, “I was waiting for you both for so long , but that stupid son of mine..”.

Shakil kept on kissing mom more deeply. Chachu sucked her right breasts and played with the other one. Mom’s nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. Chachu was squeezing her breasts as if he was squeezing a water balloon. Then Shakil started sharing sucking my Mom’s gigantic breasts also. Both of them were planting some deep kisses all over mom’s white milky breasts. Occasionally they would finger fuck her.

Mom was giving out light moans “aaah ooooaahhhhhh”.

Mom took both their cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. My Mom was completely naked then, with her legs spread wide. Shakil quickly knelt between her legs and started to run his tongue over the folds of her bare pussy while Chachu near the table and fed his throbbing erection into Mom’s open mouth. To my surprise Mom took in the entire cock. It was a really hot sight watching mom’s breasts jiggle around.

I noticed Mom felt a tingle as Shakil’s tongue came into contact with her clit and involuntarily spread her thigh’s wider apart, giving her lover better access to her vagina. She moaned deeply around the cock in her mouth and felt it twitch with the sudden vibration. She had, at first, wanted this to be over quickly, but now felt again that strong urge to please the men she was servicing. Shakil’s tongue on her pussy was wonderful, and she knew she was creeping closer and closer towards orgasm. As she felt herself tipping over the edge of climax, she swallowed Chachu’s cock down to the root and groaned with satisfaction. She felt wave after wave of pleasure waft over her body as her toes curled and her legs trembled and was rewarded with a gush of excitement from Chachu’s cock as he orgasmed into her mouth.

I saw the whole thing from the crack of darkened room. My emotions were in turmoil. I knew that I should be shocked; should be angry and jealous, but all I felt at present was a growing excitement at watching these two studs fuck my Mom’s mouth and lick her smooth cunt. As I watched Chachu withdraw from her mouth with cum dripping from Mom’s lips, I became suddenly aware of my own throbbing erection, and without thinking pulled my cock from the confines of my underwear and started masturbating. I could see Shakil’s cock twitching between his legs and wondered what would happen next.

“Shit, Asim,” said Shakil as he rose from between my Mom’s open legs. “Look, man, your cum’s running down her chin!”

“Yeah, don’t she look cute like that!” replied Chachu with a grin.

“Come on then Shakil, I suppose you want me to suck you off as well?” said Mom.

“No way, baby! I want some of this here!” replied Shakil as he pushed three fingers into Mom’s soaked and open pussy.

Mom gasped at the intrusion to her body. She couldn’t help herself, and as Shakil’s fingers rubbed over her swollen clit, her body shook as another orgasm swept over her.

“Jeez, Shakil. She’s so wet now. Go on, do her now! Fuck that tight little pussy of hers we always wanted!”

Shakil was already standing between Mom’s legs. With his hands under her firm buttocks he pulled her roughly towards him, lined up his cock with her open hole and pushed himself fully inside. My Mom gasped again as she felt him slide into her wet channel up to the hilt. Her eyes were tight shut as Shakil began to fuck her with long frantic strokes. Asim Chachu started to squeeze her huge tits, as her pussy took a vicious pounding.

“Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah.”

Mom left sucking her brother-in-laws dick and was saying” Oh yes. . . . Take me, Hhhaaaaannnn aur dalo .. . . aur zor se (Yes, Fuck me harder…Harder). I love u fucking me. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppperrrrr.”

Chachu waited patiently as Shakil fucked my mom. After the fifteen minutes of hot and furious fucking, Shakil ejaculated his load in my mom. He was so exhausted that he fell to the side. During this whole session mom had her eyes closed.

Now It was my Chachu’s turn to fuck mom he gave her a minute or two to recover, and then said, “I’m going to fuck you now, you my horny bitch bhabi(Sister-n-law), is that what you always wanted?”

Mom moaned and said, “Oh yeah please!”

He ordered Mom to get on her hands and knees. He liked it Rockygy style, and so did she. They were right in front of Shakil, whose cock was rock hard again and eyes were wide open. I could see everything through the crack, and it turned me on even more to watch my sexy Mom getting fucked by her handsome brother in law.

He started to enter her, and his cock was so thick and long, he had to go in very slowly. It was so tight! I noticed. He kept at it though, and soon was deep inside her. It felt amazing! He slowly started fucking her, and each push felt like she would be split in two. The sight of that big cock going in and out of Mom’s tight brown pink pussy was amazing. Shakil was moaning again.

Chachu started talking really dirty to her, something she loved. “I always knew you are one hot bitch, oh bhabi your cunt is so tight. Do you like that big cock, you slut? Ohh, take it, baby, fuck it.”

She started talking back “Oh fuck me Asim, that feels so good Oh God!”

Soon they both had explosive orgasm together, she came so hard around his huge cock, and I thought she was going to pass out. His cock just exploded inside my mother’s tight cunt, and afterwards he held onto her tight, and they both were just feeling the intense pleasure. As I saw them exploding I couldn’t control myself and also exploded a huge amount of cum, sperm after sperm and sprayed on the back of the door. Then he rolled over and she hugged him, while Shakil watched.

After they recovered for a few minutes, My Mother smiled at Shakil, took his cock in her moth and in her long nailed hand and started to pump it up and down. She told him he could jerk off on her. As she started to blow him off and bent forward, her pussy got exposed for my view. I saw the heavy cum was oozing out of her slit and dripping her healthy thighs. He came in a couple of minutes; he was so hot and frustrated from watching my hot mom getting fucked Rockygy style by his stud friend. He came all over my mom’s tits and body, and then she asked him to get a washcloth and clean up his mess. He did, and then helped her to the bedroom. As I saw them approaching the room I immediately rushed to the bed and pretended to be fast asleep. Shakil hugged my mom and left the room. I was so indulge in watching and couldn’t even think about cleaning the mess I had created.Next day, in the morning i woke up earlier, and found mom still sleeping. I tried to wake her up, she said in sleep, ” I am not feeling well honey got to market had some breakfast by your own and get money from my purse, on table. And please dont disturb your chachu and uncle they would be tired too from last night party.”

I did as she said. I went outside, down the town site was really beautiful in hill area. Market was little far so it took me almost two hours going, having breakfast and coming back. When i came back i did not made any sound, while entering the house. When i was just about to enter the hall i saw mom coming out of kitchen taking tray of breakfast and going to the room both uncles were sleeping. She was in her night gown. I followed her and stood outside their bedroom. It was single bed in their they were sleeping both on it, although it was wide enough, to adjust three people but tightly. As mom entered she said,” Get up lovers, he has gone, seems not comig for an hour apparently.”

As she placed tray on sidetable. Shakil pulled her to bed. she sat on him lying on bed. Then she lifted her gown up and placed her butts on her cock, they were still naked in bed just a sheet over them. Chachu was still sleeping. Mom was riding on his cock. The Chachu woke up and pulled her gown over her head making her completely naked. He came back to mom and started inserting her cock in her pussy. Mom was going to have two cock at a time in single whole. Somehow he managed to slid it into her. Mom’s movement became faster and painful. She was screaming loudly. No… please i cant take it please remove it…

I get back to main door and made some noise to pretend i am home. I assumed mom would come out of room and will pretend as nothing happened. But when i again went to their room, it surprised me when i found their room locked from inside. So mom was not in mood to leave it anyway. I went to my room. After sometime chachu came to my room and told me that mom has gone out to buy some stuff. And asked me to stay in my room as they are taking rest in their room. Mom didnot show up till evening.

In evening mom came to room, and said,” I am tired honey i am going to sleep Now.” Same went for two days. After that she stopped making excuses. After dinner Chachu and Uncle went to their room. Mom was picking dishes and told me to got bed as it was time to sleep. She said she will come later as she had to discusss plans for next day and we would go out next day to see hilly area together. I went to my room and waiting for mom to come she didn’t come. I fell sleep. next day i went to chachu’s room. I was surprised they left the room open. I peeked inside room. Three of them were sleeping, mom in middle, Shakil’s face was on mom’s breast. And Chchu was behind the mom. Three of them were naked. Blanket was just covering their lower parts. I could figure it out that they slept when they were doubleteaming mom from front and back.

I went outside the door and Knocked to wake them up. Chachu came and opened the door, came out and closed the door behind him.. He said in sleepish way,” What are you donig Deenu?”

“Chachu, Where is mom?”

“She… she , slept here last night, it was late and she was not feeling well.”

“Is she ok now?”

“Yes, and get ready we will go out today”
I went to barthroom and got ready and after some time mom showed up and went to bathroom to take shower. When all got ready we left for down the hill. I went to market. We went to nice restuarent. While we sittng on table, Mom went to freshroom, after some time Shakil also went behind her. Chachu was siting there with me, we were talking. Agter some time Mom and shakil both showed up on table. While they were sitting.

Chahcu said to Shakil, “You cant wait, huh ?”

“What can i do? this place.. and with.., You know i wont be here all the time and you can visit any time, so i am using most of the time i can”

“Yeah sure, why not after all its your idea to come here, so enjoy as much as you can”

“Both of you now stop talking and order something, i dont feel any energy” Mom said.

Then we ordered our choices.Had our food and left to restuarent. We were wondering in market and some beautiful places, all the time we were in pairs me and Chachu and Mom and Shakil. They were together like newly married couples, hand in hand. From market mom brought lot of milk packets. After visiting some more places we went back to guesthouse. Mom was in kitchen, when Shakil went to kitchen, while chachu was in bathroom I went towards Kitchen and stopped outside to listen thier talk.

“Mmmmmm you know you should be patient not like this openly”, Mom said.

“Sorry if i cant wait, i have never seen a woman sexy like you”, Shakil answered.

“What if we get caught?”,Mom asked.

“Dont worry, i will take care of everything.”

“But i dont want to taken care of anything”.

“I told you come with me, i will keep you like queen.”

“What about your wife and kids”.

“I will throw them out, you know i can do any thing for you.”

“ha ha…YOu know , you dont have to, i cant leave my family, i am happy the way thinhs are”.

“Oh..you wont understandd…I told you several times i LOVE you”.

“Really… i love you too…but you gotta understand, things as they are”.

“Ok… but i wont stop forcing you one day you will come with me, one day i will win your heart”

“YOu already won my heart lover, there is nothing you have to do”

“ok..ok…so why did you buy so many packets, Does dinu need so much milk, this kid drink so much”

“Oh my, Oh my… no this is not for him Shakil”

“Well not all”

“These are for my two naughy babies who cant get enough of me, they need much energy to make me happy.”

“You…naughty girl, i love these things about you..”

“YOu know i want spend precious time you”

“Then what are we doing here already”

“No just you and me”

“Ohoo…baby want me all for himself, hmmm?”

“Yupp…dont you?”

“Well… i am also eager to spend time with you… i will talk with Asim.. if he can give us some time alone…i think he would be dissaappoinetd if we leave him out”

“No.. he wont, look he is your family , and can come to you anytime he want, but i really want to make love to you, you know like married couple”

“Oh.. so romantic… i will talk to him..how about whole day”

“Nahh.. Full day with night in bed just you and me?”

“Deal so on last day?”

“Deal… now give me a Kiss for now”

“Mmm…”,mom kissed on his lips.

“That was good, but i was talking about you know where i mean”, shakkil said.

“Ahh.. you naughty boy”, Mom said as she pulled her breast out of her kamiz.

“Yeah….hmmm…hmmm”, Shakil started kissing her breast.

“YOu know i love it when you do it”, mom said.

“But i love everything about you”,Shakil said.

“OK…ok…now go out side i have to prepare dinner.”, I hurridily went my bedroom.

Then we had dinner, after dinner as chach got outside for walk mom called his name and went outside to talk to him. After sometime mom came back with a precious smile. After she finished dinner, mom went to kitchen, Shakil went behind her. I was still not finished but went towards kitchen to listen them.

“….so what did he say”

“Well he was little dissappointed”

“Cant blaim him, you are not something to give away so easily”

“..but he offered a deal”

“What ? deal?..”

“Yes he sad he wants some alone with me too”

” What bastard, i cant let him have you for him alone while i am here..”

“O..Now dont be so possessive”

“No i just cant wait for whole day”

“Well me neither… but that is not a deal, i had deal for tonight.”

“To night?”

“Yup baby…what did you think, i can wait after you gave me the idea of being alone with you..hmm?”

“So i can have you for myself tonight?”

“Yep .. but not for whole night”


“After Deenu goto bed, asim would fuck me, after he finished we will start our night.. what you think?”

“..great just fuckin great..”

“..ooohh my baby seems so exiceted humm?”

“You just dont know how much i love you..”

“..so why dont you tell me ..?”

“.. that i wold leave my family for you in a second if just say you want to be with me”

“really you dont love you wife, your childeren?”

” its not that you know it… i just want my family with you, my childeren with woman i love… its bad enogh she is already taken and now i when i got her, i have to share her”

“.. childeren with me ..?”

“.. yeah… i know that is just a dream , bt really want to make you pregrant with my baby, keep my baby for nine months in your belly, raise my kid, love my kid more than you do your and that hubby of yours. Which will prove your love to me and i will be happy to know that the woman i love also loves me, and remember me everyday by looking at my child.”

“ohhh …. Shakil… you know i love you…but i dont about kid..”

“.. you can jst say No…i will understand..”

“..its just not that simpe Shakil..its just that.. you know i would really love to have your kid…”

“.. so whats a problem ..”

“…ok i will think about it an d tell you later..”

” really? … you will think.. you dont know how happy you made me..”After sometime Chacha came back from walk and Shakil was going out when mom asked me to go with him for after dinner walk. Shakil and i were out for an hour. He was talking about lot of crap to just pass the time. When we got back mom was there in living room.

“Asim is in bedroom already..”

As she came closer i noticed she was walking funny.

“Deenu goto bed i have some work in kitchen i willl be late”

“Good night mom”

“Night Sweetie”

I went into room and closed the door and starting hearing what they were talking about.

“The basterd fucked you good”

“He was rough , i think he is angry, he fucked me senseless , I am littele sore now”

“…does that mean…”

“….of course not, we are going to do tonight , no matter what but just be gentle”

“.. you know i would not hurt..”

“.. I know Shakil i know”

I opend the door slightly to see in hall, I could see them in hall, they were kissing. Slowly undressing her. When fully naked he lifted her up. Sha wrapped her legs around him, still kissing. The started kissing her boobs. Then he lay her on coutch and unzipped her pant, made her penis outand slowly put it in her pussy. After fiften minute of thrusting in and out he said he was coming. Mom did not stop him and he unloaded in her.

“Dont say that was it”

“You really think?”

“..I just want you more…can yo get it up more?” pointing to his cock.

“.. i am but before that…” he put his head between he legs and start licking her cunt.

” oh my god….mmmm”, she put her hands on his head. He was tasting her like candy. She was enjoying every bit of it. After licking her pussy he stood up and said it was her turn now. She got up and stood on her knees. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pant and underwear. She took his cock and started sucking it. She was loving it. When he got hard again, he sat on sofa. Mom stoop up and lowered hersef on his lap, pointing his prick to her cunt, with her hands. Sha started jumping. He cupped her breast and squeezed them as hard as he can. When the were tired he laid on sofa and mom laid on him. They both started cuddling.

“i think we need some rest before going for round two.”

“..well it seems..”

“..Why dont we got to bed?”

“Sounds good..”

They both went to room and after some minutes Chachu came out with cution and laid on coutch and fell sleep. Other room door closed and locked. Then i went to bed myself. It was around six in the morning when mom came to my room. Shakil was beehind her.

“..It was incredibe..”

“…I cant believe, i am sore but still want more…but i think need to call it a night”

“…you know we are good together… just admit it we belong together”

“…Oh..Shakil do be silly baby… are not happy about that i am going to have your baby.”

“…yeah that feels so right…my baby in your belly…” he said putting his hands on her stomach.

“..and he would be as handsome as his father”

” And his daddy will love him more than anyone..”

“…Ohhh even more than me?”

“…you are not just anyone darling, i i love him i will have to love his mother even more.”

“ok now got to your room before deenu wake up”

She kissed him. He put his hand between her legs.” Dont touch here now, i still hurts, you made it”

“I was just trying to claim what was spposed to be mine..”

“Well ..you certainly did… and no one beside you would be able to make me feel”

“.. Now Asim will feel only feel lose pussy of yours.”

“.. And its only you i want to feel anyway.”

“You want another round?”

“OH MY GOD, i cant believe you go for more?”

“Try me, love”

“Now? But you sent Asim to bed”

“We have couch..”

“Then just do it lover”

And he kissed her. without breaking the kisses they went out to living room. I got up and went near door to look out of room. They were their on couch. Mom was lying on couch. He was pounding slowly in her pussy , his hands her boobs squeezing them.

“Fuck me Fuccccckkk Meeeee!”

“Yeah baby, fuck you, your pussy so hoooooooot”

“Oh babiiiii, its your cock which make my pussy so hooot”

“Tell me who owns yor hot pussy?”

“You lover you, nobody else. its your pssy,”

“Yeah thats my girl”

“fucck your pussy, claim it”

“As you wish baby, as you wish”

“Touch my boob Shakil touch them”

“They are soft baby, soooo…..soft”

“These are for your baby or babies, give your baby…. make pregnant baby…..i want your kids”

“i will my love i willl, tell me you will love them most”

“I will Shakil, you know i willl, they will be your kids, my kids, our kids…. oh my god i want your kid so bad”

“Me too, baby me too. I want it to be in your belly, want to see my bastards in your belly”

“Please dont say this,…. they willl never be bastard, they will be sign of our love, baby”

“Yeah… I love you Sheela”

“I love you too, Shakil”

And he started faster, fucking shit out of her, senselessly. After sometime Chachu came out of bedroom.

“Oho gor god sake please stop, do you ever tire”

“Not with this godess my friend”

“Atleast Sheela try to be careful with noises, when your Deenu is in next room”

“Oh Asim i cant help it,…..he fucks so gooood, no one had ever fucked me this way”

“I know you love his dick, but please..”

“No Asim you are wrong, I love him not his dick”

“Oh…but be careful”

“Oh Asim, dont be so jealous i will reward you later”

“Yeah yeah If you have something left”

And then they were laughing. After sometime Mom came into room and fell sleep”

Same went for rest of the days. Some times Chachu and Mom, sometimes Mom and Shakil, Sometimes they do threesome.But mostly it was mom and Shakil. They were uunseperable. He never missed a single opportuninty , standing, sitting, sleeping and in kitchen, bathroom and every where he fucked her. One morning he fucked her in the same bed I was lying, thinking i was sleeping. While leaving Shakil told mom that he will call her somedayThen one month after returning Mom got call and next time when Dad was out, she was gone for a week telling she had to visit her sick friend. When she returned she was sad. from hearing mom on phone, she was missing their time together with Shakil. she had been with Shakil for a week. Then one day she called Shakil.

“Hello Shakil”

“Me too baby”

“Love you, love you, love you, enough”

“Guess what?”

“That’s right, daddy,”

“Yes Our baby”

“I hope its boy, just like you handsome”

“You may come tonight to celebrate”

“No he’s not home for this week”

“No, for just tonight you can come”

“Ok, By then Deenu will be asleep”

“Ok, waiting for you, Love you”

That night after dinner, i went to bed, around nine I heard door bell ring, I went to room door openinig it slightlty, So that i can see outside. Mom opened the door. Shakil entered and kissed mom on lips. Then breaking the kiss.

“He is asleep?”

“Dont worry, its just you and me tonight”

“Good, I cant wait for sweet pussy of yours”

“I cant wait for that big cock of your any longer either.”

And then mom started unbuttoning his shirt. He was trying to undress mom, they too fast. They kept kissing.They were still half naked. Mom wrapped her lags arround him. He lifted her up and moved to couch,laid her their and removed remaing clothes. They were completely naked. He did not wait for a second. After entering her pussy, he started humping faster and faster.

“Oh my god….you are tearing me apart”

“Sorry babe could not wait”

“Its ok baby, i know its your pussy, but just dont tear it please.”

“You can trrust me my love”

“Oh me god ….i looove you cock….i love fucking you……i love youuuu”

“I love you too”

Then they calmed down,and sat on couch. He embracing her and her head on his chest. Her hands were playing with his dick. He wass fondling her breast. They kissed and then Shakil said:

“That was the best welcome I ever had”

“I just wanted to show you how much I love you, and wanted you to claim me as your woman”

“Love you too honey, and you are my woman, it just starting. we have whole night, haven’t we?”

“Of course we have lover, Ijust wanted to be closed to you, to be held, to be loved”

“I will make love to you, maake you scream, fuck you have been the way”

“Oh I cant wait, lets just start,take me to bed lover”

And that is what he did he, lift her in his arms, like lover and moved mom’s room. And they closed the door. Whole night mom was screaimg. It could be heard easily. In morning I woke up to get ready for school, i found Shakil in kitchen. He was in dad’s gown.He was making breakfast.

“Hi deenu”

“Hi uncle”

“So ready for school”

“Yeah where is Mom?”

“She sleeping, i think she is not well”

“what happened?”

“Listen get breakfast and go school, dont worry, I wil take care of every thing”

With that he served me my breakfast. took a tray with breakfast and went to mom’s room while I was having my breakfast. I went outside the room to look. Mom was lying naked there on bed. White thing flowing out of her body. He woke her up.

“Wake up honey, he is getting ready to leave”

“Did you make him breakfast?”

“Yeah he just eating and will leave pretty soon”

“You cant just wait for poor boy to leave and fuck his mother , hmm?”

“Not his mother Sunita, My woman.”

“Well then prove it”

And were again on it. I left for school. I spent day wondering what woud they be doing. When I got home, He was watching TV. Before he left I heard them talking.

“Listen Sunitha, I have booked a room in Hotel green here, You will be coming there tonight”

“What I cant leave like this, Shakil, And for whole night.”

“Note for whole night sweety, for three days”

“THREE days, what will people say?”

“No one have to know, Listen, I will be waiting for you there, If you dont come its OK, If you come that would be great. Ijust wanted you for myself without worrying about anyone, i have very romantic plans for us.”

“But shakil..”

He kissed her before she could say anything,” Just come, I will wait for you”

And then he left. Mom was silent for rest of the day. Then evening she told me she was going too meet her sister, and will ask Kamla Aunty to take care of me. Kamla Aunty is our neighbour. Very friendly and helping. She treat me like son, since they had no kids. And then Mom left. She came after three days. As she entered the door I can see she was crying. She went to her bedroom and locked. After half an hour phone rang. Mom came to pic up the phone. ”


“I know”

“So What do expect? yes i am angry”

“What? You ask Why?”

“Damm it Shakil, I just wanted one more day and you chose to go”

“I came to you for three days, without even thinking, and you cant even manage one day out of your schedue?”

“What do you mean at the moment?”

“Its ok Shakil, May be you dont love me as much you say you do”

“yeah .. whatever… just go to you damn family”

“Ok bye.”

And then mom started to cry. After twenty minute our door bell rang. Mom went open. She screamed as she opened the door.

“Shakil!!! What are you doing here. you were going home?”

“I know i was going to but see i cant leave you like this”

The he embraced her. They were now whispering now.

“Lets just go to bed, waste no time”

And they did not. They just went to room. Before they closed the door i heard they were taking.

“You dont know Shakil, how much this time mean to me”

“I know . But you dont know how much you mean to me.”

“Then show me Lover”

And they closed the door. He did not left for that night. For next few days they barely came out of bedroom. I mostly see them at breakfast, lunch or dinner. I see how hard it was for her to walk when ever I see her out of bedroom.He hardly keep his hands from her. When he saw any oppportinuty he would touch her.

“You cant keep your hands off me”

“Your sexy body make me do so”

“You should be careful what if Deen see you touching his mother?”

“So what? he should know every woman as beautiful as you deserve a real man. Its not my fault if his father is not real man and cant take care of her wife”

“Oh come on just stop being asshole, and I am thinking of taking of rest today, my pussy is hurting”

“But you said its my pussy and I can have it whenever I want”

“Of course you can have it, Lover… dont want me to be fully energetic when you fuck me”

“Well with the body like of you, you dont need to do anything”

“The just go to room and wait I will be there”

“No I want it here, and now”

She bent, lifted her gown up.”Ok Just hurry, give it to me”

“Oh jesus. You are so hot”

“Oh fuck me now”

He put his dick in her and started pumping. When they finished. Mom said, “Oh my god, more you do it more i want, Go to room I will be there”

After some time she came to table told me get ready and go to school.She did not even wait for me to go. As I finished breakfast, I went to my room to pick my school bag, and passed mom’s room.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me, harder!!!”

On the third day he was at our house he told her that, they are going out tonaight.

“Whats up honey? When we can spend night here, fucking each other.”

“Listen Sheela, My boss is coming her today, he will be at hotel”

“So why do we have to go?”

“I suggested him to start a branch here, so we can we together.”

“Oh.. Shakil you really mean that?”

“You know I mean every word of it, that is waht we will discuss tonight”

“Ok.. I will go”

“And sheela dont be surprised, he is some type of playboy, he would be with his girlfriend, but you dont let him have you.”

“Oh.. Shakil Are you jealous? My man is jealous of Young stud, who is with his own girlfriend”

“He is not Young man Sheela, But he is stud.”

“Dont be silly Shakil, I will be your woman and only yours only, tonight”

And they left after dinner. Mom was dressed to Kill. She was going toshow his boss how lucky Shakil is to have her. I slept in room.

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