Tuesday , March 21 2023

mums best friends husband fucks me and steals my virginity

I was 16 nearley going on 17. And was a virgin; i lived a sheltered life my mum was very strict and didnt allow me to have boy friends, my mum was going on a girls night out with all of her girlfriends, so i had to stay round my mums best mates house as her husband mick would be in taking care of there son.
My mom walked me round to julias house and then got in the taxi with julia and went to town to meet up with the girlies, mick julias husband was a very sexy guy, i must admit i had a terrible crush on him and sometimes masturbated just thinking of him ,
Mick sat down and was waching footy i sat there for a while and it soon got late so mick showed me the bedroom i was going to be sleeping in, i said goodnight and mick went downstairs.
I got into my nighty and then went to bed, during the middle of the night i felt a hand move up my leg it felt good so i pretended to be asleep, the hand slowly made its way up to my panties then up to my hips , i didnt no who was doing this as it was dark and quiet but i didnt care as it felt good and very exciting. My panties slowly got pulled down and taken of then my legs slowly got seperated i then felt the cover lift of and get thrown to the floor , i still pretended to be asleep i could feel the cold air on my pussy lips then i felt a hand slowly seperate my lips then my pussy started to become damp and moist i was so excited that i opend my eyes up a little and saw mick, yessss thought , i then closed them again and could feel my cheeks starting to blush i then became rather hot, then my nipples became rather hard and stood on end.
Mick then begun liking my pussy i didnt no what to do so i pretended to wake up as i did mick said shhhhh ive seen the way you look at me little girl lay down just lay down, ok i said, then mick started to rub my pussy with his fingers traping my clit and pulling it ever so slightly i mermered out oh yesssssssssss more more please, mick said shhhhh all in in good time little girl, oh fuck me please please, i begeed in sheer exstacy then i felt his finger enter me owww i said , oh i see he said your a virgin arent you he said , i told him yes and he said well ill do as u asked little girl ill fuck you if you do one thing for me , anything i said anyhting; i want you to suck me off first have you ever done that before , erm ermmmm yes , have u he said dont lie ill no if your lying when you suck me of little girl come on tell me the truth , no i said but ive seen it done , oh have you now and where have you seen it done before he said , my moms got some dirty dvds i sneaked a couple into my bedroom
ok he said come here then beautifull , ok , mick then began to take his boxers of , i could not beleive my eyes his cock was huge very big , bigger than the guys on the dirty dvds i felt my pussy become wet much wetter than before i liked this feeling two it made feel horny,

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