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My Brother My Boyfriend – Brother and Sister come close after a tragedy.

This story is work of fiction, and it has nothing to do with anything real.

All the characters involved in sexual activities are 18 years and older.

If you’re looking for a quick stroke story, this story may not be for you.

I thank my editors ‘OnlyEditing’ aka ‘Shelves’ and ‘Todger65.’ You are great. If you find any mistakes, they’re all mine.

I hope you enjoy the story.



Joe wrote the last paragraph of his finals and smiled. Thank god it is over now and he doesn’t have to come back to school any more. He knew he’d miss school and all the fun, but was happy to get it over with. He gathered his bag and looked at his teacher, Miss Lynn. She nodded in approval of his exit.

She was a beautiful, around thirty five year old single woman. Her long straight blonde hair reached almost to her waist. She wore no lipstick, but still her full lips looked cherry red. Her round, smooth cheeks with no marks were rare. With big brown eyes that were so deep, one glance at her eyes and a guy might never get out of them. She’d a red blouse with the top two buttons open, giving a hint of the gorgeous curves of her D cup breasts and a skirt that clung to her apple shaped ass. The bare long legs would make any model jealous and red shoes made her seem like a sex goddess.

As he gathered his bag and walked out the door, she called him from behind hurriedly following him.

“Wait Joe…”

He knew what exactly she was about to say as he stopped just outside the door and waited for her. She paced outside and asked him how did he fare? His answer was short and simple. “I got along real good Miss Lynn. Thanks for all your help.”

She stepped closer to him and whispered in his ear, “What are you doing this afternoon?”

He smiled coyly, “Nothing much. Do you require my assistance with your backyard again, miss?”

She nodded, smiled and said, “Yes, please, make it around three thirty this afternoon if you could.” He only shook his head and headed towards the parking lot. It was not new to him for her to need him to help with her backyard. He knew he’d get compensated in hard currency and a heap more.

Joe had his eighteenth birthday six months ago, a teen with roaring hormones. Having a karate black belt and playing football for his school had got him famous among the girls and the straight A’s for almost all the subjects a favorite student who was never frightened of asking teachers if he couldn’t understand something and they all had been helpful. 6’4″ and 185lbs, his broad chest and athletic body were added advantages too.

He’d never been short of dates; well the truth was, at no time he’d been short of sex since he was sixteen. Thanks to the best sex teacher he’d had during those days. We won’t go into details about that as it is irrelevant here. Before he got to the car, he bumped into the cheerleader girl he was currently dating, Donna. Well, not dating but, you know, fucking. She was standing near the parking gate waiting for him. As he was about to get to his car, she ran and jumped on him.

“I am so happy Joe that this is over and am really looking forward to a long vacation.” He knew that she was visiting Europe with her parents for almost the whole summer and would not be back until college started.

Clinging on to his shoulders she continued, “Joe, I am going to miss you while I’m gone. Just give me a call this evening if you aren’t doing anything special and we can plan a movie or something.”

He looked at her for a moment and smiled, “Sweetie, I already have plans for this evening, but I’ll certainly give you a call in a few.”

Clinging on to him more, “Why, are you so done with me? I am not going away before the start of the next month and it is still two weeks away.”

“Hey, it’s not like that. I’ll be delighted to spend some time with you before you leave.” he disengaged her and gave a peck on her mouth.

She held his hand for a few and squeezed it, looked at him, winked and said, “You know you won’t regret it, if you do.”

He grinned and squeezed her hand in return. They parted and he drove off to his home.

While he drove, he was thinking about Miss Lynn and her backyard business and that put a big smile on his lips. It was not new for him to help her out with chores, but whenever she asked him to do the backyard, he knew what that meant.

He got home in about fifteen minutes and parked his car in the garage beside his sister’s black BMW. His sister, three years older than him had recently moved back with him and his parents after completing college and currently she was looking for a job. She wasn’t much of an outgoing person, like most of the college going kids, but he was sure she has had her share of boyfriends in school and college. She wasn’t naive in the slightest. She’d regular dates in school and certainly wasn’t short of dates in college too.

She had those looks; you know that guys would line up to date a girl. She’d just broken up with her boyfriend of one year before coming home and was depressed when she returned home. He was concerned about his sister’s state and had a little talk with her. She’d told him that her boyfriend was good with her, but before the finals, at one of the parties she caught him with some other girl.

She was shocked and cried, but finally made up her mind to leave him and headed home to be with family for a few months and look for work. Once she got work, she was planning on getting her own place and do whatever with her life. She hadn’t gotten over her last breakup and was yet to come to terms with it. Sometimes she simply sat on the sofa staring at the wall for hours. But once, when he caught her doing that, he had asked her to peace out and start living life again. She’d kept staring at him for a few moments like ‘awe, my little bro is grown up.’ She then merely smiled at him and bobbed her head in agreement.

“I am trying bro, it’s not like I opted to sit here all day long, but there is not much to do when I’m looking for a job and endeavoring to fend off a broken heart. I’ll try to see some of my old friends here and start going out.” She’d assured him.

He smiled at her and said, “If you need any help getting a date, I’ll be glad to help,” and his smile turned into a grin. She smiled back and thanked him for being a good brother.

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