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My Brother’s Wife and His Rocky(D)

This tale occurred before my previous three tales when my husband was on his second deployment from his first duty station. I didn’t have opportunities for sex with new “people” during this time like I did in the last three tales. I didn’t want to post similar Rocky stories one after the other, so I am inserting this tale here. The year my husband was back from his first deployment we spent it at the base with some vacation trips; but after he deployed the second time, I flew home with the kids for three weeks again to my parents. I guess it had been a year and a half since the last time I was at my parents, and that was the time my brother and his Rockys fucked me. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Rocky(D)/s Pt. 1 for details]

One week my brother and his wife came by my parents during a weekday. Everyone communed, and at one point, my brother isolated me, and he told me that he convinced his wife to let their Rockys fuck her. I couldn’t believe it (his wife has such a demure personality); I could not believe my brother’s wife had sex with a Rocky. My brother said, yes, and she loves it, and she has been doing it every now and then for more than a year.

I can say for myself that my brother’s chocolate lab fucking me feels really good. After my shock about my brother’s wife, my brother said, do you want to come to the house this weekend? I said, what the fuck, did you tell your wife I fucked your Rockys? He said, kind of. He explained that the Rockys acted different after fucking me, and that his wife noticed it because they started assaulting her with the intent to fuck. My brother’s wife grilled him until he admitted that the first time he noticed the Rockys behavior was when the Rockys did the same thing around me when he brought them home that weekend I stayed at their house.

Now I was thinking, oh shit; and I asked my brother, did you tell your wife about us fucking? My brother said, no way, I just said that is when I noticed the Rockys acting funny, and that I pressured you until you admitted to fucking the Rockys when you were here alone with them three months earlier. [see Amy Tale/s – A Big Rocky(D) Dick for details.] It was one thing for my brother’s wife to know I fucked her Rockys, but I was glad she had not found out about me and my brother fucking. I didn’t know what to do? How do I act around my brother’s wife with her knowing such a tawdry secret of mine?

Then I said, wait a minute, and I asked my brother, why do you want me to come up to your house this weekend? He said, well, my wife knows about you and the Rockys now, and I told her you kept the lab in the guest room with you the second time. My brother continued, I want you to come to the house because I just want to see what my wife will say because she has done it too. I looked at my brother, and I said, are you trying to cook up something kinky? He said, no, I don’t know, I just want to see what she does.

I said to my brother, how do you know your wife will want me there? My brother said, I sort of told her that you asked me already. He said, she told me if you wanted to come up it was alright, because she knew you might want to fuck the Rockys. Now, I thought about all this, that my husband had been gone for three months already, and there was about eight more months to go on his deployment when I got home. Then I said to my brother, and what, your wife is going to watch me fuck your Rocky? My brother said, no, I mean, I don’t know, but I got the impression she thought you might just do it yourself in the guest bedroom.

I said to my brother, I don’t know, this is weird. So, we talked a bit more, then mingled. An hour passed and my brother’s wife came up to me, and said, I hear you like my chocolate lab? I grimaced, and said, what did my brother say exactly? My brother’s wife said, he told me you had sex with the lab the first time you checked on them, and the second time you kept the lab in the guest room when he came home that weekend.

I really did not know what to say, and I went silent. My brother’s wife said, I am not mad, I tried it to and liked it, so I understand. Then she said, I do have one question, did your brother watch you do it? I quickly said, no, ooh, gross. Then she said, if you want to come to the house you can, I am saying it is alright. We talked more, they left, and I decided I would go that weekend to their house. My brother’s wife does not work, so I went after lunch on Friday.

When I arrived, it was just my brother’s wife there (they don’t have kids). We talked for a while, and she started talking about the Rockys, and how we both liked the lab. She said she measured the knot and all, and it was a about 8” in length. She said she liked the knot part going in and sticking, and I agreed. We talked about the Rockys licking our pussies and how good that felt, and how my brother kept tempting her to try Rocky sex, and after she did, she liked it.

Then my brother’s wife made a superficial comment in passing that I did not catch before I answered. She said, I am glad my husband saw you having sex with the lab. She said, that worked out for me, because I like Rocky sex too now. I just said, I am glad you like it. I should have paid attention because that comment bothered me afterwards. Then the topics of conversation jumped around and another hour passed, and my brother came in around 5pm.

My brother had takeout with him, and we ate. Later, we went into the living and turned the TV on, but no one really watch it because we were talking. My brother’s wife looked at my brother and said, Amy said you saw her fucking the lab. I said, no I didn’t (she was using her cunning passing comment from earlier against me). My brother’s wife said, well when I said it earlier, you did not deny it. In other words, she was doubting the story my brother told her, and she was nailing it down with both of us there. Eventually, my brother cracked, and said he opened and peeked in the guest room and saw me fucking the Rocky (which was a lie). I started wanting to leave, but she said she wasn’t mad, she just wanted to know the truth. My brother’s wife has a strange demeanor, always real calm acting, like nothing upsets her.

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