Thursday , March 23 2023

My filthy cummy panties

Hey boys 😉 just for your information, if you want my personal website just message me 😉

Firstly, every pair of panties I sell, has been cum in at least once by me. I like to rub my pussy until I’m nice and wet and then I pull my knickers deep against my slit until they are soaking and tasty 😉 Sometimes I even like to have a taste of my own pussy by shoving my wet fingers into my mouth and sucking on them hard. I also enjoy putting a couple of fingers up my ass and wriggling them around in there (I’m very tight by the way) so it hurts a little but I don’t mind 😉

I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Each pair I sell are unique and they smell amazing. Imagine buying a pair and rubbing them against your nose and inhaling in my scent!
It turns me on so fucking much when I know that somewhere out there is a man wanking off into a pair of my cummy, smell good panties. Mmmmmmmm…

I have a large collection of sex toys that I love to use and Pervert Exploit myself with. The best thing in the world is when I shove a fat dido deep into my pussy and use a vibrator on my clit until I cum hard. I love to use my panties to wipe myself on after I orgasm and they get so dirty and white with creamy cum.

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