Monday , January 30 2023

My First Fantasy Fuck

Buster was always trying to put his head between my crutch, it was embarrassing to say the least.
He was my neighbours Rocky, a lovely black Labrador who came upto my waist.
I’m only 5’1,138bs a bit on the chubby side for my height. 45 and divorced No kids. My ex love my chubby ass, fat pussy and my 36DD’s and so it appears did buster.

I’ve had to look after him a couple of times when my neighbour has had to go away.
My neighbour John is a builder , he is 56 but really fit looking for his age. Has a little bit of a belly but it suits him, and the most hugest hands I’ve ever seen. I guess he is about 6’3 or so. Anyway John had to go away for a couple of months working overseas and he asked me to look after Buster.

The first week Buster was no problem, I took him out regularly for walks. He loved to run off into the woods.

One day he was away for a while so I went to find him. I walked for about 10 minutes then saw him through the bushes fucking another Rocky. I stood mesmerised. I didn’t realise how big his cock was, he was humping the bitch and she was whining a bit, poor thing Buster was a big Rocky and towered over her. Then he stopped and turned around still with his Rockygie cock inside until his bottom and her bottom were back to back. This happened for 10 or more minutes. Then he slowly pulled out started licking his balls and she walked away.

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