Tuesday , March 21 2023

my first lebian experience

It was second week of my freshman year of college. I had gotten really friendly with roommate, she was adorable and petite. I on the other hand am also blond, but more on the pretty side and 5’7”, so we had become known as the blond twins- because we looked nothing alike except our hair color, which was exactly the same shade. Like the movie Twins I guess. Oh yea, I also have big boobs and Beth has small firm ones.

Some guy I met had asked me if I wanted to meet he and his roommate at the coffee bar, and asked me to bring a friend. I asked Beth if she wanted to double and that’s when she asked me to sit down next to her.

“Jen, I can’t hold it in any longer and now that I feel that we have hit it off I have to tell you I am a lesbian.” She said talking about as fast as she could to get it all out.

Now I am from a small New England town and although I have heard and joked about lesbians, I wasn’t sure I had ever met one, so I was a little taken aback.
“No fuckin way” I said, intelligent response, huh?

“Yep, I am. I have a girlfriend back home and everything. That “guy” you think I have been emailing and calling is really a girl, I just call her Pete as a nickname.” She replied.

I looked at her and processed as much as I could, it went like this in my head “I like her, she has never made me feel uncomfortable, we have seen each other naked every day and she had never jumped my bones, she is feminine looking and again, I like her.”

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