Wednesday , February 1 2023

My Friends Mother With Me

My friend is about 6’0 175 pounds built to no day.

His mother who is a single mom about 5’7 beautiful as can be about 36C Tits a nice and tight firm ass. Father was not all that ready to be a father so the mother divorced him while the kid was still at a young age.

Ok so one night it was about 12 am my best friend had a few people over one night chilled out with some music and a few beers the night went on we called a few girls over they drank with us and hung out till about 2 they all started to leave i was crashing at my friends house for the night.

My friend passed out at 2:30 from being so drunk i pushed him a couple times to see if he was actually sleeping he was dead knocked out and with all these beautiful women up in the house i got very horny so i pulled out my friends laptop started watching some porn but i didn’t want to wake his mom who was upstairs sleeping so i thought so i plugged in headphones and made the volume low i started 2 jerk off and then i heard a noise so i looked behind me.

No one was there so i continued again going slowly then started to pick up the pace and i heard another noise and i looked behind me and didn’t see anything so i continued again and then heard a noise again and turned and no one was there i turn back to the computer and i see my friends mother standing there watching me so as any normal person would do they would hide there boner i did so and then his mother removed my hands away.

She got on her knees and said i have needs also I haven’t had sex in over 3 years i said this is embarrassing she said no its not everyone has needs. She jumps on top of my lap starts hooking up with me i start to bite her neck and she says no stop i don’t need any marks there my son will ask questions i said ok that’s understandable.

she gets off me looks at my dick and says oh boy i haven’t seen a dick this big in a long time she takes her hand and starts sliding it up and down slowly and then starts faster i told her 2 stop because i didn’t feel right at the same time i have been wanting this for the longest time.

So i then told her to continue but i said how about you give me head she said ok started going she put it in her mouth and stuck her tongue all around the tip of my dick swirling it and bobbing her head up and down she then said watch this and she deep throated me was the best feeling of my life so i lifted her up pulled off her leggings and saw that she was bald as an eagle i first fingered her for 10 minutes and she soaked my fingers i put my face down to her vagina and it smelt so good like lavender.

I ate her out for about a half hour after that half hour she started to squirm and at that time i knew she was going to orgasm and she did and i swallowed as much of it as i could and she said lets take this upstairs i don’t want my son waking up and saying what the fuck so we went upstairs to her room.

She threw me on the bed ripped my clothes off and went down on me again getting me rock hard for the 2ND time. i could swear it was a dream but it wasn’t it was better then a dream. i told her to stop and to bend over i wanted 2 fuck her ass so bad but at the same time i wanted 2 feel what it was like inside her vagina.

so i asked her if she had a condom she said no just go ahead even after having a kid she was still tight as can be i pushed my head up against her vagina and was eagerly trying 2 enter her having much trouble i licked her for a few more minutes to get wet and it was then a little easier to enter so i start going slowly and oh boy was she tight.

Slowly i went on thrusting into her she was moaning softly so i started to thrust harder again and she was moaning really loudly and she was enjoying it as was I after doing alot of the work i pulled out and jumped on the bed and told her its her turn to get on top and without hesitation she jumped like a damn cat mounted me and stuck her beautiful tits in my face so she was riding me like a horse while her tits were in my mouth and i was enjoying every second of this she continued to ride me for about another 20-25 minutes after that i told her 2 get off and i wanted her ass at first she said absolutely not but then i bent her over and then she said i have never done it before but everything is worth a try.

I put a little lube on her ass and told her 2 suck me off really quickly so there is some lube on my dick i got up spread those pretty little cheeks apart and slowly went in and in this might have been the tightest thing Ive ever stuck my dick into at first i got my head in then went in further i got about 7 inches in so i was happy and started to thrust a few minutes after i blew my load into her ass it dripped out after wards.

I was exhausted laying on the bed and she said shes not done so we took a quick shower and washed up smoked a couple cigarettes between us 2 and then got back on the bed she once again sucked me off and got me rock hard i told her i was too tired to do anything so she got on top of me and rode me for a half hour straight i told her i was about to cum and she told me 2 cum inside her after the fact i asked her if she was on the pill or did she have her tubes tied and she said nope. so well see what happens next hopefully shes not pregnant cuz i don’t want a kid but if she is the sex was well worth it by far.


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