Thursday , March 23 2023

My Future Wife Being Fucked by Her Brother-In-Law

I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story.

It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every opportunity during the long weekends would come home where mother and older sister lived. I have a close friend who is alive and we do talk about the subject as he was present when I have saw the girl for the first time and fell in love with. The girl walked out from the house with a friend that I did know but was not interested in her, few houses down from where two of us standing.

The girl I knew and the new girl stared walking toward us and soon four of us met introducing to me the new girl that I straight away have favored over the other girl I knew. I have invited them into the house, we had couple of glasses of beer and my relationship with Ana that was her name stared. As I become more and more drawn to Ana, we, after few outings to cinema and local lake, and few kisses, holding hands in the cinema during the movie, I asked her would she come with me as I have to return to work Monday. She said that she must tell something and what she admitted to me shocked me. She said before I give answer to go with you I must tell you something. “I was married and living with a man for 6 months.” I looked at her pretty face in disbelief thinking “how could that be when she is so young – not even 18?” She saw my shock and surprise but said, you see I had to tell you as I know that you are going to find out. “I ask her why she left the husband. Because she was so attached to his mother and paying attention to her more than me.” I have decided that because I love her I could get over that and that I am old enough to accept the fact that she was with another man. We talked about some other thing and she said that she would have to go to the man’s house to pick up her stuff clothing and some other things. I told her that I would go with her at what she agrees.

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