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My Grandma begins my sexual education.

“I just about died when I woke up with that thing on. I was so scared. I had to pee really bad so I went to the bathroom.”

“Did you have any problem peeing? She asked.

“Not really.” I replied. “When I walked out of the bathroom you cornered me. You had a very angry look on your face. You told me you had seen me jerking off in to your panties the day before and I needed to be punished. The punishment was I had to keep the cage on my cock for a week. I was more scared you were going to tell my mom. Especially when you said be glad I don’t tell your mom what a pervert her son is. Plus, it was such a shock I didn’t think about when or how you locked me in that cage. Or even why or how you had something like that.”

“Yeah. I knew I had to act that I was mad at you. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Yes. you needed to learn your lesson in more than one-way young man. That cage is just one of the many toys I have I can use on you. But remember what I also told you?”

“You told me it would be worthwhile at the end of the week.”

“Was it worthwhile?”

“Yes, it was.” I replied.

“And the little pill I gave you before we started? Was that worthwhile too? Did it give you the biggest and hardest erection you’ve ever had?”

“Yes!! it sure as hell was worthwhile too!! I’ve never had a hard on like that before. Not even when I saw my first porno. Or when I fucked those two girls last year at school.” I replied while looking down at my limp cock getting hard again. I thought to myself then. I had to ask her where she got that pill she gave me take.

“Good. I’m so glad you are going to spend a year here with me. Your grandma has many, many more sexy things to teach you. More than any young inexperienced chic can teach you.” She said with a wicked grin.

“If you are a good boy. Maybe next week I’ll invite the widow Ms. Dishman over. I’ve seen the way she undresses you when she sees you. Besides she needs a really good fucking. She hasn’t a real cock since her husband died four years ago. Not to mention she’s confessed to me she’s into some kinky things.” Grandma told me.

“Like what grandma?” I ask her.

“You’ll find out next weekend but only if you’re a good boy. Plus, after we’re done today. I’m going to lock your cock back up. I want you to learn self-control.”

“Aww…really Grandma?? Do you have to??”

“No arguing with me young man! It’s not just self-control, If I do invite Ms. Dishman over next weekend. I want your balls totally full of cum again. When you fuck Ms. Dishman in her ass. You will be able give her a massive cum enema.”

“Really?” I asked my Grandma.

“We’ll see. Now just lie back in bed honey. Grandma wants to give you a blow job to end all blow jobs. Not to mention we have until 11p tonight before the pill I gave you wears off.”

As I lay back in bed and my Grandma slides down to my cock. I look down and see my cock start to get hard and big again…

“Hold on honey. Here I go.” My grandma tells me as she takes my growing cock in her mouth.

After secretly getting caught by my grandma, jerking off into a pair of her sexy, lacy boy short panties the week before. Then getting so drunk at the neighbor’s birthday party the next day. (At least I didn’t make an ass of myself) That I passed out when I got back to my room at her house.

My grandma snuck in and locked my cock and balls in a cockcage without me waking up. It was her way of not only punishing me for jerking off into her panties. But to also secretly make me her lover.

After a week of being locked in that cage and not able to jerk off and cum. She finally released me but with a catch. Now my grandma and I, with the help of a pill she gave me before we started. Just had the hottest four hours of nonstop fucking in our lives.

As I turn over on my back, on her bed. My sexy 65-year-old lover has promised me the greatest blow job in my life.

“Now, honey. You have to realize, that just ramming this monster of yours in my mouth and down my throat is not a blow job.” grandma tells me as she’s moving down my body toward my growing erection.

“That’s something most women can’t do or even handle, honey. But I can.”

“Ok.” I reply.

Then she straddles my legs and sits up on them. Her 48D cup rack sags down under their weight. But I don’t care. I just want to feel her up, grab them, fondle them, drop my cock in between them and enjoy titty fucking them.

“Now honey. since this to be your very first real blow job ever. I’m going to make it a memorable one for us. What I’m about to do to you will be worthwhile.”

“Okay grandma. I believe you.”

“That good honey. I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you. I also want you to do everything I tell you to.”

“Okay, grandma.”

“Honey you are just too sexy and cute. Now don’t move and don’t say anything honey.”

I do as she tells me. I feel her sit up and slide off the bed.

“No peeking.” She whispers in my ear.

I hear her open the night stand drawer on my right. By the sounds she’s taking things out and setting them on the bed next to me. She grabs something and moves to the foot of the bed and does something. She goes to the other side and again does something.

My grandmas bed has two posts at the foot and a headboard made of wooden bars that look like a bridge. Each part is made of thick and heavy maple.

“Honey. Put your arms above your head. Then grab one of the bars on the headboard. and don’t let go.”

I do as she says. Then I feel her get on the bed down at my feet. I feel her hand on my calf and she gently lift it up. I have no clue what she’s about to do.

I feel her wrap my right ankle in something soft and fuzzy. She does the same to my left while she lets out a soft chuckle. I still have no clue what she’s doing or putting on me.

Then she starts to crawl on my right side. As she’s near my chest I can tell she grabs something off the bed and it makes a clinking sound. I feel her then lay down on top of me. Her large breasts and body are pressing down on my body. I feel her spread her legs open causing my 10.5 by 3.5 erection to popup and land on her pussy. Her face is above mine. As I feel her breath and smell her perfume.

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