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My Hot Servant Ramu

Hi, I am Amulya aged 25. I am fair and with head turning looks and a sexy figure 36 28 36. During my college days I had a lot of admirers. 2 years back I got married to Vishal. Vishal was from a rich business family and it was an arranged marriage. With no mother-in-law to trouble me and a loving father-in-law and brother-in-law, life was good. Besides me, Vishal, papa and Vijay, there was Ramu a 50 year old man who was the servant. Ramu had been with the family for a very long time. Earlier his wife also worked in their house but since her death Ramu alone was working. Our sex life was good in the beginning but slowly Vishal was more interested in making money and not love to me. When I asked for it and got it, it was not at all enjoyable. Vishal did it as a duty and without caring for my needs. He used to cum inside me in a few minutes and will go to sleep. I was so sex starved that my eyes fell on Vijay. Vijay always liked my company and didany chore I asked him to do. Once I overcame my reservation about his age, he was 8 years younger to me, I seduced him and then my life was fine again. (The story of my seducing Vijay, I will post later.)

For the last six months Vijay has been keeping me happy in bed. Our routine was set. I will send out Ramu on some long errand and then give him a call. He will come from college and spend some time with me. But still I felt I was missing something but didn’t know what I was missing. Ramu was a tall 6 ft strong muscular man. Often he used to work just in vest and many times in the garden I have seen him working wearing shorts only. He used to call me Beti and treated me nicely always. Lately, however, I have noticed him staring at me often. Sometimes he had given me mischievous smiles also. When I asked him he used to say he was thinking of some movie scene or some such thing and cover up. Then one week back, Vishal had to leave for a wedding in Kolkata and then papa’s friend died and so papa and Vijay both left the next day. After dinner, I was in my room sitting in front of the dressing room mirror, combing out my hair. I was about to change my clothes and go to sleep. My pallu was off to a side and I could see the top half of my right breast in the mirror. I was admiring myself when Ramu entered the room. I hurriedly covered myself up. “Beti, I brought you milk,” he said. I told him to leave it on the bedside table and then I started combing again. I heard the door close.

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