Monday , January 30 2023

My Husband, My Slave

I had just brushed my teeth and climbed into bed. I turned to kiss my husband John good-night and fell to the pillow, my back facing John as it did every night. It wasn’t long before I felt his hard cock sticking between my ass cheeks, my nightgown pushed up over my hips.

John’s hand reached around my body, coming under my breast. “Whaddya say, Sophie? I’m really randy tonight.”

“I just showered, John. If we make love I’ll leak all night and you know how much I hate that.”

“C’mon, baby my balls are aching.”

“Why don’t you just jerk it? That’ll take the edge off. You can do it right here; I won’t mind. Wipe up with a hankie like you usually do.” I lifted John’s hand from my body and returned my head to the pillow.

“Geez, Sophie—I really need it; please!”

I lay there for a few minutes before rolling over. “I’ll do it, but you have to agree to clean me up after.”

“No problem…it won’t take me but a minute to run into the bathroom for a nice warm washcloth. I’ll wipe you down good.”

“No, John—you don’t understand. No washcloth can reach inside of me. You’ll have to use your tongue and I’ll expect you to scoop every last drop out of my puss.”

“Sophie, that’s disgusting.”

“Is it? Wouldn’t you just love it if I swallowed? Why should I do something that you refuse to do?”

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