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My Life, My Mother – Mom Son Sex Story

I will begin with last event first.
I am 33 yr old married man. Our family is of two sisters and two brothers, sisters are married and brother is living in Belgium with his wife. Me along with my wife and son live with my parents. I work with my dad. We have distributorship of various engineering products. We are quite well off and enjoy a respectable status .
It was fierce winters of December 2009; entire northern part of India was grinded to a halt due to low temps and fog. Every business was slow and so was ours. During this period my mother came up with her wish of visiting Tirupati and Rameshwaram and she wanted to be there on 15 January (an auspicious date in the Hindu calendar).
My father asked me to take her along on this pilgrimage as he himself wasn’t well. I did not want to go. I am the one for a lot of travel, yet I had to surrender to the wishes of my parents. It was decided we will only start once weather let up a bit. In the entire course of the dilly dallying my wife chided me for avoiding my duties as a son.
We took train to Delhi and from there took Flight to Madurai in southern India. For last leg of our journey to Rameshwaram we decided to hire a car, which we kept with us for our entire tour.
Weather was nice and I did enjoy the excursion. We went to Rameshwaram and then to Tirupati where my mother asked me to take a head shave. I was enjoying the trip so I did not bother to ask why and just went ahead with her wish.
Tirupati was the last of the holy places mom planned to visit. So from Tirupati we began our journey back home. The car we hired from Madurai, took us to Bangalore.
We reached Bangalore by 4:30 PM and checked in Chancery Pavilion which happens to be my favorite due to its cuisine and bar. I was dying to end this spiritual trip and dip in to some minor sins. We checked into the room and after a quick shower I headed to the bar.
While leaving mom just quipped to be back early as she doesn’t want to wake up and open the door. I took the keys and left on the trip to my world of temptations.
It was not as enjoying after the third Talisker. Once I got my nerves settled I started to miss my wife of 7 yrs. Basically I am a family man I enjoy being with my wife and kid so I started sulking. The single malt was not doing me any good in terms of mood uplift, so I decided against ordering another and called off the day with a frugal supper.
I called mom to see if she had her dinner and I was embarrassed to know that she is waiting for me to join her. I hurried up to the room and when entered using the key mom was no where to be seen. Mom was in shower, I could hear her chanting some religious hymn. I lazed on the couch and started flipping channels on the TV.
Ten minutes may have passed before I heard my mom calling, ‘chinu (my pet name) can you pass me my nightie’ I absent mindedly picked the garment from bed and walked up to the bathroom door and called. She opened the door and just shoved her hand through the crack. I reached up to hand it over, and then my world went upside down.
Bathroom was designed in the pattern where bath was on the left, once you enter and wash basin and the dresser were on right. Door was hinged on the left side of the frame so when the door opens completely bath stays partially obscured behind the door. But when mom open just a crack and hid herself behind, she was standing in front of full size mirror fitted on the dresser platform and me standing out had full access to her nude image in the mirror.
Now before I go any further let me describe my mother, she is around 60 for sure, exact age I do not know. She is not one of those drop dead gorgeous MILF who had retained pertness of her breasts and has a figure to kill for, like mothers in most of the fantasies. She is a typical Indian housewife with kids and grand kids, overweight by at least 15-18 lbs with huge breasts, fairly wide hips flaring in the shape of a pitcher, below her ‘not so narrow’, waist.
However, her waist did appear narrow when looked upon in relation to her ample bosom and an extra wide bottom. She stood tall at 5feet 5 inches, taller than an average Indian female. Ah! And one more thing she is extremely fair. Her complexion is like saffron in milk with a pinch of vermillion in it.
Standing there at the door, I saw her full nude in the mirror and was transfixed to that image. Her breasts were huge but surprisingly did not sag a lot. They were some what upturned. She was standing sideways; I could see her large pink areola topped with an erect nipple, thick and big as first digit of my thumb. Her midriff was fleshy and swelled, giving her a curvaceously sexy look, sloping and gently rising to form upper part of her pudenda which eventually disappeared amongst the ‘v’ of her thighs. Her thighs were big and fleshy but had shape to them. They were stout and tapering down beautifully just above the knee, like that of an athlete, and then lower legs with fleshy calves looked beautiful.
I was jolted out of my trans when she admonished ‘ what are you doing, hand it quick, I am freezing’. I hurriedly handed her the garment and went back to watch TV.
Now my thoughts were a mix of emotions, I was aroused and at the same time feeling guilty of harboring such thoughts about my own mother. Thinking sexually about your mother is gravest of the sin in our society. I was dying of that guilt and at the same time was unable to erase that image from my mind. It was like I exploded into two different personalities, good one is chiding me for being aroused looking at the nudity of my own mother and the evil one is taking its control over my mind and body and keeping me in a continuous state of arousal.
Guilt was unbearable and so was the desire, I was almost in tears. Before that moment mom was someone to be worshipped I never had any sexual feelings for her. It was unthinkable to me. The only ones I read were in the cheap sex books in vernacular language, and I dismissed them as fantasies of a diseased mind.
She came out of the bathroom wearing a sleeveless white cotton nightie. Other than the absence of sleeves it was a fairly conservative garment reaching down till her ankles. She looked beautiful in wet lose hair reaching middle of her back.
Looking at her I couldn’t help imagining her nude self. She was not wearing any bra and her magnificent breasts swayed when she walked. She stood before the mirror in bedroom brushing her hair. Both of her arms were raised and with every stroke I was treated with savory sight of her breasts moving in unison with arms. Lamp over the mirror shed light on the front of her form, so when looked from behind her naked silhouette could be seen inside the garment.
I was brought back to reality when mom asked if I am going to order for dinner. She said she wants a light supper and even a salad with some juice will do. So I ordered salads and soup for both of us in the room itself.
We sat down having dinner and watching news. I was totally oblivious to my surroundings and was absentmindedly looking at the screen. I heard my mom say something, her voice appeared to be coming from a distance and I couldn’t make out what she exactly said. This irritated her and she almost shouted in an agitated voice, ‘you shouldn’t be drinking so much that you cannot hear what is being said.’
It caught me unawares, I said ‘oh! I am sorry amma, it is not the drink may be this journey has burned me out’. As I said I threw a glance towards her and lo, once again couldn’t help noticing her cleavage that was visible through the neck of the garment. It was modest but showed a little as she had to bend forward a little to eat her soup. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I noticed that soft flowing fabric was caressing her breasts outlining them well and her nipples were quite prominently impressed. I almost felt like slapping myself, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t stop my self from ogling her.
She drew my attention towards the weather reports which showed intense cold wave over entire northern India with freezing temps and fog. Anchor said that majority of the airports remained closed due to poor visibility. There was news clip showing harried passengers stranded at Delhi airport. This gave me a chance and I said ‘see this is what I warned you against, before we left, but you didn’t listen’.
She replied ‘ chinu I made a vow to make pilgrimage to these holy places when I was praying for your life after the accident, even if you had refused to come along, I would have done it myself’. This embarrased me , I apologized to her.
I met with an accident when I slipped in bath and my head smacked the faucet. It was bad as I lost consciousness and silently bled almost to death. I was hospitalized and it was a fortnight before I recovered.
She got up and came to sit beside me, she smiled lovingly and pulled me to her. My head was resting on her ample bosom, for a moment I forgot the world around me and felt like a child once again. I hugged her and sobbed. She drew me tighter into her and comforted me with soothing words which I couldn’t make out. She thought I am feeling guilty for making a rude statement about her visits, but I had an entirely different reason to cry for. I felt guilty for thinking sexually about my mother who had been so concerned about my well being.
After about ten minutes I regained my composure and became conscious of my where about. It is then I realized that I am resting on her organs of my new found passion. No matter how much I cursed myself, I couldn’t help my arousal. My right cheek was resting just below her shoulder, from where flesh begins to rise gently. I opened my eyes and was greeted with the sight of her enormous cleavage. Her nightie was pulled down a bit and top of her breasts were exposed more than what neck of the garment usually allowed.
I was in a trance like condition, my right arm was around her back and I wrapped my left around the front of her, which took its course through the top and brushed her nipples. I held her right shoulder and let my arm loosely hang over her breasts. I was completely taken over by the intense desire, pushing sanity and virtues behind, I was about to put my lips on her cleavage when she suddenly but gently pushed me upright and said, ‘OK chinu lets get done with the dinner and sleep as we have a long day ahead’. This got the evening to an end.
She went to bed and instantly started snoring. I played and replayed the entire episode of my moral decline in my head. Confused though I was but by now the good chinu was overpowered by the bad chinu and I resorted to masturbate thinking of her. I kept playing with my dick imagining her dripping wet and completely naked in the bathroom. When I realized I cannot hold back anymore, I got up to visit the bathroom and unload.
As I got up I threw a casual glance towards amma what I saw chilled me to the bone, there she was lying on her right, and her nightie was hiked all the way up to where those mammoth thighs were ending in to her big rounded hip. Her left leg was bent from the knee and thighs were at right angle to her body. Entire leg was open to my eyes with rounding white butt just peeping from underneath the comforter.
I realized that it was warm due to the room heating and she in her sleep threw the comforter away.
I stood transfixed, slowly my hand found my dick and I started to jack off there itself looking at my mother’s nudity. I didn’t realize how close I am to the bed till I started to shoot. My eyes were closed and despite my efforts to muffle, an animal grunt left my mouth. When satiated I became immediately worried about my proximity to the bed. I was wondering if my jism landed on her, thought gave me an erotic feeling of having my sperm on my mother’s body and at the same time got me a shade worried.
I thought against switching on the lights and opened the bathroom door instead. Light from the bathroom spilled in the room and I could see few drops lying on her right inner thighs. I mulled over the options available, one try to wipe it and risk her waking up and finding me in a difficult situation, two just leave it there it will dry out and she wouldn’t notice in the morning.
My dark desire of running hand on her thighs made me overlook the risk. I picked up a face towel and knelt beside her on the ground. I gently swabbed the spot, while I was doing it I felt a strange aroma, fragrance of a woman’s vagina is no news to me but this was an intense musk with a hint of some perfume. I think she uses some sort of scent on her pubic region to kill odor of sweat and slime. I sat there for long inhaling that sweet arousing aroma.
By now I was completely overtaken by desire to copulate with my own mother. Strangely I was not feeling dirty; I looked upon her as a heavenly being with whom I yearned to engage in sex with purity akin to worship. The contradiction between social norms, relationship and desire to achieve final frontiers of human love remained, but with a feeling which I cannot describe.
I dozed off sitting there, I do not recall what woke me up but when I did wake up I saw her lying straight with her left leg completely exposed up to the top of her thighs and right a little below the region thighs meet pelvis. Her breasts were mountains of flesh drooping to their sides. It was a sight to behold; I stood there soaking up the beauty and after a while decided to go to bed.
On the bed it wasn’t easy to catch sleep. I was thinking once we get back home this will be over. I would never find her alone, and such peeps would be difficult if not impossible.
I desperately wanted to spend few more days away from home to bring this to a conclusion. I thought of the possibility of taking a circuitous route siting bad weather and availability of flights and then may be I will get to spend couple of more nights with amma in a hotel. Doing all these permutations and combinations I went off to sleep.
I woke up in the morning to see my mother giving final touches to her saree. She was looking radiant in white silk with blood red border. My eyes instantly went to her breasts hidden beneath folds of silk. Their shape could be seen well outlined in her blouse. I guess she uses wired uplifting bras that are a size smaller than what actually fits.
Never before I had such minutely observed her bust, but now that I am doing I can see that she takes good care of her assets. Her breasts were upright and tightly encased giving them an erotic rounded appearance. I sighed and started to get ready.
We had the Hotel car to drop us at the airport. There to our utter dismay we found out that our Jet flight was cancelled. We enquired from the staff about possibility of boarding any other flight, but they were unable to give us any confirmed response.
I called up my father and made him aware of the situation. He is a bit of a paranoid when it comes to safety, he point blank told me to take the refund and stay put till weather clears up. Dad’s instructions to us were clear; do not take chances, he advised me against city hopping in order to get home. By the time I had gone through all the airline counters it was already 5 PM and I was dead tired.
An elderly lady at Indian Airline counter advised me to book seats after 3 days. She said the forecast is that weather is not lifting before that. There may be flights now and then but the rush of passengers and uncertain schedules will force us to be at the Airport the entire day with no surety of getting confirmed, we may end up doing it every day till we manage to board. I took her advise and booked us for the suggested dates, we got wait listed tickets but the lady assured to do her best to get us seats.
I came and told my mother the entire story she had a resigned look on her face. I said ‘c’mon amma we are not stranded in a jungle with no food and water, we are at Bangalore, lets enjoy till we are here’.
She got up from the lounge chair with a groan complaining about aching back and asked me to call up the hotel to see if they can accommodate us. I did and hotel confirmed that they can sure take us in, they told us to stay at the airport, and one of their cars is making a drop and will ask the driver to bring us back.
When we reached our room it was past 8 PM and both, me and amma, were at the end of our wits. After taking shower I sought her permission to leave the room for a while, she smiled and said ok but do not get drunk, I Promised I wouldn’t and left.
In the bar I chose Irish Bushmill over my regular, as it is smoky and strong, which I needed to clear my head. After few drinks I was mulling over what to do about my desire to have intercourse with amma. Even though everything went as I had dreamt but I did not have a clue as to how I shall approach the subject. Thinking and making plans A, B, C…and so on I ended up with a drink more than I had planned. I ordered for the last one and resigned from making plans as none seem to be even remotely realistic and happening.
I reached room to find amma lazing on the bed watching TV, she was wearing a sleeveless nightie that was drawn up to level of her knees. Mix of alcohol and her skin got me extremely hot and bothered. I ordered for dinner and sat down on the couch across the bed. She was busy watching TV and I kept soaking her beauty.
When the door bell rang and I got up to open she jumped off the bed went straight to the bathroom. After the room service left I told her to come out, which is when it dawned on me why she did not want the waiter to see her. The nightie she was wearing was reaching just few inches below her knee but had a wide round neck with sleeveless shoulders. Since she was still wearing bra she was showing an ample cleavage. It wasn’t exposing by any standards but for a conservative Indian mother it sure wasn’t modest.
She caught my eyes and explained ‘All others were dirty, we have to call for laundry tomorrow’.
I said ‘it is ok amma’.
After we had our dinner she told me to call room service and ask them to clear the room tomorrow not tonight. I did what was told and went in to the bath to change into comfortable Bermudas for bed.
Coming into the room I noticed that she had taken off her bra and was stuffing it in the laundry hamper. As I crossed in front I looked into her dress and was greeted with a heavenly view of her hanging breasts. I could see deep inside through her neck up till the flab on her belly. But then it ended there itself , with no sure way of broaching the subject. Unlike the stories I read on net, I did not take her attire or her demeanor to be an invitation. It for sure did not suggest so and I did not have the courage to take the cue and proceed. So I decided to rest my nuts and thought against torturing me by looking and imagining.
I was jolted out from my dream world when amma said, ‘chinu ,do you have some painkillers, my entire body is hurting from sitting on that uncomfortable seat at the airport’. I fished out Diclofenac and along with it gave her Trika with water and asked ‘amma would you like to have tea?’ She refused, then I brewed one for myself and sat on the bed sipping it.
After about ten minutes she asked ‘chinu beta can u massage my back and legs, it is hurting, I cannot sleep’?
I agreed and absent mindedly got up to switch on the bed lamp. As the light spilled over her body once again my desire got hold of me, her nightie, short as it is had risen up to the knee. She was lying on her left facing my bed and a good portion of her breasts was spilling out from the wide round neck of the garment.
I went and sat on her bed towards her legs and as I did so she turned to lie straight on her back. In her endeavor to turn her bulk she twisted and had risen slightly giving me a flashing sight of her breasts that jiggled and showed a lot of skin.
I took her leg in my lap and started massaging her feet she felt good and said ‘son, may God give you my remaining years,, me and your father are lucky as parents to have a caring son like you’. I kept silent at any other time this would have evoked strong sonly emotions but right now I was completely taken over by carnal desire. I just smiled and continued massaging her feet.
After a while I asked amma to raise and bend the knee to facilitate massaging her strained calves. She did and now her legs are making an inverted V, this caused her already short nightie to slide a little down towards waist on her sloping thigh.
Sight was maddening, I slowly started to massage the exposed lower leg. My heart was beating I guess a thousand beats a minute, I could feel the pounding on my temple. Amma herself was in a trance like state. It may be due to the combination of medicine and comforting massage.
She was showering all sorts of praises on me in a barely audible voice. I shifted a little and started massaging her right thigh. I Started from the top that was her raised knee and proceeded downward pressing her muscles with firm hands. As I reached the point where her nightie was resting I shivered, I wanted to go further down but couldn’t gather courage to do so. Thus I continued traversing my palms between her knees and to the middle. I alternated my attention from calves to thighs and then backwards.
Then the unthinkable happened, she sighed and murmured ‘May every mother is blessed with a son like you, Chinu’ and stretched her left leg straight. Since her right knee was raised, stretching of left leg bared it almost to the point where thighs joined. This threw me completely out of gear and I started to think if she is in the game of tease.
In my unsure state of mind I started to move my hands further down the knee towards her hip, and at one time pushed her garment further. Now I have her legs displayed in most erotic manner. Inside of her soft huge thighs were before me and I had the chance to caress them under the pretense of massage. I started to get greedy and moved over to the left leg and continued my tryst with opportunity and fate.
After about 15 minutes she said ‘Chinu massage my back now, please’. Saying this amma turned over to her belly. I was stunned by the sight that was before my eyes. When she turned, owing to her bulk she couldn’t do it in one go, as she turned over and then wriggled to get comfortable, she tried to pull her nightie down but not with conviction and that left both the legs bare all the way up to beginning of her bums.
Her hips were not fully bared but a major part was naked before me. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her now. Amma is naked up her hips, her white fleshy thighs were joined from above the knee up to the crack of her ass as the flesh was flattened from underneath. At the beginning of the crack I could make out her cunt lips between her trimmed pubes. I don’t know how long I kept watching and soaking up the view.
Then I realized what am I doing, I can go a little further and do more than looking, and how far I can take this is now a matter of luck and circumstances. My life hung on a balance. One wrong move and there will be hell of a lot to pay. At the age of 35 trying to copulate with your own mother, I would be condemned for life. But I had reached a point where caution was set aside by desire.
Without thinking much I straddled her thighs and started to massage her back delicately with my thumb and fingers. Every time I moved my fingers her nightie slid back wards a little. After awhile her nightie slid up till the middle of her bum, huge buttocks were bared to my eyes. I feasted on the sight of her white fleshy ass.
I kept massaging her back but was careful not to lay hands on her bare ass. By now my penis was full mast and peeping through the leg of my Bermudas. I straddled her little further up, towards her bums, and continued my massage. I was taking extra effort to relax and make her feel good. I knew that medicine is taking effect on her and if I exercise a little patience and keep up the act of a good masseur, who knows what night has in store for me.
I slowly slid her nightie further back, it was now resting just above the point where waist begins to flare. Man I took my chance, I snaked my hands underneath the garment and started to caress small of her back gently, applying pressure with my fingers. I had to bend and creep up every time I reached for her back. This made my bare penis to touch her bare ass. I adjusted to keep my penis to just slide and not poke into her butt crack.
I was in a very bad shape, I was aroused like a bull and was looking for an opening to fulfill my fantasy. I was becoming impatient; I started moving my hands towards her sides and few times below her waist caressing her bums.
I reached up to her shoulders with my thumbs traversing the length of her spine and fingers drooping to the sides. My fingers touched the sides of her breasts. Her breasts were flattened and a large portion was splayed on the sides. I dropped my hands to her sides and started caressing them. She gave out a long oooooo…h! I froze in my tracks and quickly went ahead up to her shoulders and started gently massaging them. That is when my penis got lodged in her crack and I froze.
It was an exquisite feeling, penis was a bit slobbery due to the pre-cum and when a part of it’s bulbous head got trapped in her mountains of flesh.
I guess she knew it by then, but was too shocked and embarrassed to speak. Off course, what woman can keep her mind, when she realizes that it is her son’s penis lodged firmly inside her between her bums. Feeling was exquisite and maddening, I rubbed it a couple of times and realized that I may cum right away.
I was completely taken over by desire, my focus was only upon achieving what is forbidden and considered an act of sin. Without thinking much I pushed my Bermuda down and roughly hiked her garment all the way up to her neck baring her completely and laid myself over her.
I began kissing back of her neck, caressing her arms and tried to reach her breasts. I held my penis and started to push it further down the forbidden depths. I felt some thing opening to my pressure and another shove got me in a little. But oh my God that was not Vagina it was her anus, too flamed up to care I pushed ahead.
She shivered and screamed ‘ Ai.e…ey..eyeeeee maa.., Chinuuuuu….yeh kya..'(what is this) in a surprised and rising tone. She abruptly turned on her back to face me. I raised myself on my arm and when she got settled on her back just lowered my self on top of her. She looked into my eyes with disbelief and shock.My penis was just on top of her vagina and my hands locked over her breasts and kneading them. I do not know what triggered it, but I started to cum. My hips bucked and I humped the soft tight crevasse formed by our united abdomens, holding her big breasts. I kept humping till all what I had in store for all these days spilled, on her belly.
She sensed it and closed her eyes with an exasperated sigh and said ‘ yeh kya kiya tumne’ (what have you done). I was shocked, embarrassed and scared, orgasm was so intense that for a moment I lost consciousness. I continued to lie on her with my face buried in the valley between her breasts. I did not know how to react.
I opened my eyes, my world had changed for ever, me, amma and the world around us will never be the same. It could be the beginning of destruction of a pious relationship or beginning of an even more divine affection, I did not know and didn’t care either. It was as if I was sucked into a twister, tossed, turned and thrown around which left me completely disoriented.
Slowly I got my bearings and became aware of my position. I was lying on top of my mother with my semen acting like glue joining us together. I felt the slimy wet presence of my seed between us. My penis was between our abdomens and suddenly I became aware of prickly feeling of her trimmed pubes on the base of my penis. As it dawned on me that it is her pubes, my penis started to grow. Soon my head got cleared off all confusing chain of thoughts, only thing that occupied my conscious self, my desire to make love to my mother.
Her nightie was bunched beyond her breasts up to her neck. I opened my eyes and was greeted with the wonderful sight of her magnificent breasts. She was a sight to behold, with her face turned left, eyes closed, left hand across her breasts hiding the nipples and right was above her shoulder with fingers entwined with mine. I never realized that I was holding her hand like that. I freed my hand, slid on to her left and raised my head to look at her.
In little illumination that was there her body was glowing fluorescent. She tried to rise using both her arms for support, when she got herself propped on her elbows she looked at me, straight into my eyes.
Those big beautiful eyes seemed big rather vast like expanse of an ocean. I got mesmerized with those looks it was like her entire self was just there in her eyes. I reached up to kiss them and she turned her face to avoid the inevitable. I held her face and with a little force turned her to face me. Looking into her eye again sent shivers down my spine. I just closed mine and brushed my lips gently over her eyelids.
‘Chinu ab rahne do, jo ho gaya use bhool jao……'(chinu, leave it now, what ever happened try to forget).
She tried to rise further to leave the bed turning away from me. I snaked my right arm across her chest then underneath her armpit and held her tight. Using weight of my torso I laid her down by gently pushing her left elbow away. She slumped with a muffled cry of protest.
With my eyes closed I moved to kiss her on lips. I ended up pecking her nose, then eventually found her thick full lips. I started with wet licks and tried to pry her mouth open but with no avail. Then I resorted to alternatively sucking on her upper and lower lips. I pushed my left hand under her neck and pulled my right one from underneath her and started to caress her breasts. This evoked a gasp, with a lot of efforts she pushed me up to say ‘oof..Chinu, kuch sharm karo beta main tumahari maa hun. Yahin ruk jao aur age mat badho'(have some shame son I am your mother. Stop here don’t go any further).
‘Shivangi aur bachche ke bare mein socho beta, main kya munh lekar jaungi unke same, maan jao chinoo.'(Think about Shivangi{my wife} and kid, how will I ever face them.)
Her breasts felt like nothing I ever felt before. I did have a liaison with one of our elderly maids, I remember her short plump body that seemed heavenly to my sex starved self then. Amma’s breasts were firm and heavy. With all jostling we did their swaying and shaking was extremely erotic to me.
All this while I kept my eyes closed, I was afraid that if I looked into her pleading eyes I may get on a guilt trip.
I forced her hands from my shoulders and dipped to suck on her nipple while my hand kept caressing her breasts. I sensed her nips getting hard in my mouth, I caught her nipple between my thumb and index finger and started teasing them. On the other nip I was doing the same with my lips and teeth. Teasing caused her to squirm, she was turning her head left and right and giving out muffled sighs.
Initially she tried to dislodge me and tried pushing holding my shoulders, but my manipulations weakened her protest to only verbal ‘mat karoooo…….hai Bhagwan …,ooof”.(Don’t do it. Oh! God)
So finally she is getting there, her body is beginning to react differently from her mind. Was it pure sexuality that had risen in her or it was the erotic taboo feeling of being felt by her own son? It was long before that question got a response.
I dug my heel between her thighs and pried her legs open and got on top of her. My penis touched her vagina she shrieked, ‘aree…'(a surprised ouch) I shifted up rested my engorged penis on her belly, it was reaching up to her belly button. I held her face in my palms and turned her to face me she opened her eyes looked straight into mine
‘amma, I love you, aaj mujhe mat rokiye, main aurat nahin maa aur devi ke roop mein hi apko pana chahta hun.’ (Do not stop me tonight mother, I want to make love to you like a goddess mother, a deity and not like a woman)
‘Chinuu mat age badho sab barbad ho jayega, tum itne chchote nahin ho ki iska parinam na samajh sako'(You are old enough to foresee the repercussions of this act, don’t go any further everything will be destroyed ) ‘ maa se sambhog nahin kiya jata.tumahari yaoun iksha ne tumko pagal kar diya hai, beta apne par kaboo rakho yeh pap mat karo.(One is not supposed to have intercourse with his mother, your have lost your mind because of your carnal desire, do not commit sin )
‘Kuch bhi nahin badlega amma, Yeh to manav prem ki parakashtha hai’.(nothing will ever change mother, this is epitome of love). ‘Jis sambhog mein shrishti ki rachna nihit hai who paap kaise ho sakta hai mera aapke sath sambhog vasna nahin puja hai’.(In intercourse lies the genesis of creation, how ever it can be sin. My intended intercourse is not lust it is worship)
‘Chup raho yeh prem nahin vasna hai, maa aur bête ke prem mein aise sambandh nahin hote’.(Shut-up, this is no love, it is lust, love between mother and son is nothing akin to what you are trying to do.)
‘tum mere shareer se apni kaam iksha shant karna chahte ho aur uske liye yeh tarq de rahe ho. Tum kaise bhul sakte ho ki main tumahari maa hun. Jis yoni ko tum bhogna aur apmanit karna chahte ho wahi tumhare janm ki kaarak hai’. (You are giving unfound logics just to satiate your desire with my body, Do you realize, my vagina that you want to exploit and insult is the reason of your being in this world.)
Amma maa aur bête ka pyar hi nisswarth hota hai, sambhog to premiyon ke prem ki parakashtha hai. Phir maa bête ke bich yadi ho to burai kyon hai. Putra to maa ke shareer se hi bana hai phir wohi shareer aprapya kyun hai.'(Only love that is selfless in this world is the one between mother & son. Making love is the epitome of affection between two people then why it is sin if happens between a mother and son. Son is formed from mother’s body itself, then why it is untouchable to him).
‘ Aapki yoni ka bhog aur apman to main soch bhi nahin sakta, sirf yoni hi kyon main to aap se sampurna prem ki yachna kar raha hun, aisi purnta jo ek maa putra ko hi de sakti hai. Aur aisi atm tripti jo putra ko kewal maa se hi prapt ho sakti hai.(Desecrating your vagina, thought itself is repugnant to me, Why only vagina I seek fulfillment of my soul from yours, such fulfillment that son can only achieve from mother and which a mother can only give to her son, her own self ).
‘aisa nisswarth kaam pati- patni, premi- premika, ya kisi aur sambandh mein sambhav nahin. Stri aur purush ke beech kewal maa our putra ka sambandh hi purna hai baki har taraf to vasna aur swarth hi hai.’ (Such selfless love making doesn’t exist between man-wife, lovers, or in any known relationship. The only relationship between a woman and man, which can be considered complete and truly divine, is that of mother and son, every where else it is just lust and selfishness).She reached out with her hand and caressed my bald head and then moved to softly touch my cheek. I waited for push and shove to dislodge me but that never came. I knew then, that from here onwards everything will be beautiful. Now that the guilt of forcing myself on my mother was off my back, I started to live the moment. I put my index finger in too and started to rub with a little vigor. At the same time I completely enveloped her vagina with my mouth and started to suck her clit into me.
Her breathing was getting ragged and I sensed small, really small movement of her hips, trying to lift and grind herself on to me. She was oozing juices like a geyser and I was going mad with that musky smell. This continued for some time, which to me felt like a life time. Suddenly she drew back her legs, raised her knees and with her feet firmly on the bed she lifted her ass and did some violent humping of my mouth and fingers. She forced her vagina on my mouth and began to cum.
‘Aaa…..rrrgg..rrgh! Chinu Kahin ka nahin chchoda tune mujhe.'(oof, chinu you destroyed me)
She was gushing fluid from her vagina and I was greedily lapping all I could. Then with similar abruptness she threw her legs around my back and caught me in a lock over her vagina.
A muffled cry left her mouth,
‘Hai…..yeee….yah….he ishwar yeh kya ho gaya’ (oh God how could this happen)
Which sounded as if she is gagging on to something. I raised my head to have look, she was pressing pillow over her face. Her body started to shake violently. She kept coming and her vagina kept pouring her love juice over me.
She propped herself and managed to sit upright. It sure wasn’t easy for her bulk, yet she did it alright. Now my face was buried between her thighs but due to the angle I could not reach her vagina. Then amma did the unthinkable, she drew back her legs and with her feet on bed, spread her thighs wide, leaned back on her elbow and raised her hips to give me access to her vagina and in her final throws of ending orgasm, with her other hand she held my head and pushed me firmly on her mound.
With both my hands I held her ass and pulled her on to my face and lapped her flowing vagina. I inserted my finger, wet with her juices, into her anus. She raised herself more and forced my face into her. I started in-out fucking motion in her anus and she screamed ‘aaiye…….yeee, kuch baki nahin rakhoge kya?’ (you aren’t going to spare anything) With that she oozed some more, she shivered and then went stiff. As her orgasm finally subsided, she thumped back on the bed with a loud screech.
‘Chinu mere bachche kyun kiya tumne yeh. Ek pal ne sara kuch badal dala’.(Oh Chinu my son why did you do this to me, in just one moment everything changed for ever) she sobbed. My hands were still underneath her with finger deep into her anus. I pulled it out eliciting a gasp and started to lick and nibble insides of her thighs, which too were wet. I guess she came a litre or more.
I rose from between her legs went up to her toe and started sucking them, then ran my tongue on her in step and kept moving upward slowly tracing my path through calves. As I reached just beyond her knee she parted her legs a little and I continued caressing inside of her thigh.
I moved up put my mouth on her vagina again. She again shifted very slowly, coyly opening her thighs a little more. Taking the cue I again lipped and lapped her vagina, the holy place that is the genesis of the humanity. It was not long before her breathing quickened and grunts and hisses escaped her lips. I noticed wave like moves of her hips, which were not blatant but certainly not coy as before.
‘Meri jaan mat lo beta, ab bas bhi karo’.(stop now son, do not kill me)
I reached up to lie on her side, slid my left hand behind her neck and with my right began to gently caress and rub her bare shoulder. Then I kissed side of her breast and put my lips on her nipple. I gently started sucking on them as I sensed them getting hard I lightly nibbled on it. She let out a muffled oooo…ooh, but did not try to dissuade me.
I shifted a little and guided her right hand, lying on her belly, to my penis. She at first just held it but then jerked it away. The way she held it, though for few seconds only, put me on a trip to heaven, and then I decided to take the plunge.
All this while she got her face turned away from me and remained quite. I got on top of her and in an instant she was aware of my deed. She tried to turn and rise but I held her firmly and clamped my mouth on hers.
After initial resistance she melted and parted her lips, welcome or surrender I didn’t know. I caressed her breasts and then sucked on her nipples, I licked, swirled my tongue around her areolas and nibbled to get her going again. Seeing her loosening up I pushed my hand between us, held my penis and started to rub it along her wet slit. She lifted her hands and clutched the headboard and shrieked.
‘Chinuu yeh mat kar beta, main hath se tumhara kar dungi par beta ab is seema ko mat langh’. (Don’t do this chinu, do not cross the line, I’ll do you with my hands) I knew she is trying to be fair. I made her cum so to get even she was offering a hand job. Her offer laid bare the events of the evening.
She acknowledged achieving orgasm and now she knew that I too need to cum. Her open offer to give me a hand job was blatant enough to encourage me. It was a matter of choice, either I take her offer or she surrenders to my wish.
‘Chinu bahut pachchtaoge beta baad mein , maan jao’.(Chinu you will be sorry later, listen to me)
I slid up ran my tongue over her lips and said, ‘agar aise he karna hai to munh se kar dijiye’.(If you really want to do, use you mouth)
She said ‘nahin, lao haath se kardun'(NO, let me do it by hand). Saying this she snaked her hand between our bodies and held my penis. I made a little room and she started to jack me. I sensed that her jacking off was not perfunctory, she was actually caressing my penis and sighing as she played.
This got me even more excited I allowed her to play awhile, while I mauled her breasts, and fingered her vigorously. She was sighing and giving out sounds that were driving me nuts. I caught hold of her wrists, pulled her hand away from my penis and got on top of her. She said, ‘tum nahin maanoge?'( so…Will you not listen) Her tone defied her pretense, it was like as if she really wanted me to go ahead, or may be I was mistaken.
I knew this is it, so I pried her legs open with my knees and dug my knees underneath her thighs. So now I was kind of kneeling between her open thighs and her thighs rested on top of mine. I nudged my penis forward and started to rub it up and down the entire length of her slit.
Her face was contorted, eyes closed and breathing so heavy that her breasts were swaying. I couldn’t hold any more, guided my penis to her vagina and parting her lips placed it on the entrance. It was like I am at the entrance of a stove, wet heat emanating from her aroused vagina was driving me nuts. As I tried to press it in, she shifted upward with a jerk trying to avoid the inevitable in her last bid, ‘Chinuuooo… nahin….rukajao beta maan jao nah….nahin…..aaaaaah…aaaahh oooo..oof maaaaaa’ and in one smooth stroke I violated the most sacred of the moral codes of our society.
I went in half the length, stopped, pulled out and then jabbed firmly yet gently back inside all the way till her stubby shaved pubes pricked my groin. Amma gasped aloud ‘oooooooohh! Maa’ ,and I stood still trying to soak in the feeling. I closed my eyes and stayed still, her vagina was deep and quite snug. I felt a ring like tightening traversing along the length of my shaft, insides were nice and soft but entrance to her vagina was surprisingly tight.
I opened my eyes to look at her, what a sight she was. Thighs wide raised, legs bent , resting on mine, belly quivering with her short labored breathing. Her arms held high as she was holding the headboard making her magnificent globes rise erect, her large nipples were erect and inviting. Her entire body was glowing in the dim light of the bed lamp. Her large areolas, which are pink, were looking dark and marvelous in yellow light.
I leaned a little, lifted her thighs further and planted my hands on either side of her. Bending my head even lower I kissed her navel and started to fuck her in long and slow strokes.
I looked at the juncture of our body and saw my penis glistening with her juices entering her. This got me going I pulled out completely and then went in slow till bulbous head disappeared in her depth and then jabbed hard. She sucked in breath and her entire body quivered. I repeated the jabs till she was hissing and sighing uncontrollably, and cried out loud ‘Hai maa, oof tum kitne nirdayi ho…'(oh mother how can be you be so cruel my son).
I knew that at this frantic pace I may not last long so I decided to lie on top of her and fuck deep and slow. I laid myself on top of her, held her breasts and started to suck on nipples. I mauled her breasts till they turned pink.
I held her shoulders for leverage to resume fucking. I reached up to put my tongue inside her mouth. Now she wasn’t even pretending to resist, the instant she felt my face on hers, she opened her mouth to receive me.
Every stroke was like a new feeling. I never felt so aroused and loved before. It was little difficult to do her hard due to her flab and my position atop her, I couldn’t ram up to the hilt with out adjusting every time I wanted to give hard. Suddenly to my utter dismay I felt her thighs being spread wider and higher, creating more space for my hips to move and raising her vagina a little to receive my thrusts deeper.
This actually lifted remaining barriers of shame and morality, and I started to fuck with renewed confidence. I raised my head and whispered, ‘I love you amma’. She responded with a sigh and a mew. As I continued to ram and jab and playing with her breasts, her breaths became quicker and with every thrust she let out an aa…g…gh or ooo..ooh,.
Room reverberated with her oooooohs , aaahs, ooooof maas, and hard slapping sound of my groin beating down on her pudenda. I grunted with every jab, harmony of grunts and her sounds were like music making my excitement ride higher & higher
Even she was getting more comfortable with the situation, or rather being taken over by her own desire. I felt her tongue moving inside her mouth and brushing my lips. She caught hold of my lower lips and started to suck. I think she was readying for her second orgasm of the evening. I felt her teeth digging on to my lips with a passion that prior to this day I thought never existed in my prim, proper and religious mother. I even felt faint movements of her pelvis. Initially it were not in rhythm with my thrusts, but sure were initiated with a grunt.
I repositioned my jabs and adjusted frequency to match with her moves. Hell broke lose after that. She let go of the headboard and wrapped her arms around my back. Now she was kissing me furiously and matching my every move with gay abandon. When I went back pulling she stayed down but as I went down she threw her hips to receive me with a firm upward jab. I continued till I sensed her tensing up. I knew it is the time.
I held on to her breasts really hard and sucked on her nipple while increasing my pace. Now her hmm..mphs, oo…ooffs and argh..rghs were not muffled. They sounded like music with slapping of our bodies and wet sloshing swishing sounds emanating from her flowing vagina. In her most bold move of the evening she held my naked butt and with her fingers digging in my flesh painfully and started to fuck me roughly. She held my ass firmly and slapped it real hard on her vagina.
She was not just a match rather she had overtaken me in this game of love. Her feet planted firmly on the bed, she held my hip and slammed hers with a vengeance till such time when her thrusts became so violent that I failed to keep pace with, she screamed ‘ Oh chinuuu…u…..sambhalo hamko..aaaarrrghhhhhh..!'(Chinu cannot hold any more my son).

She was nearing her end and so was I. I mercilessly squeezed her breasts, dug my teeth on her fleshy shoulders and changed gears to a maddening pace.

‘Ouuu….uuf! meri jan he le loge kya!’ (you are killing me.). I was just there when she arched her back and let out a scream ‘Aaii…iiiiyeeeee…maa’.. Worried about someone hearing it I jammed my mouth on hers.

I was there too, I got that knotted sensation, which one feels for just a second before squirting. But for me it prolonged and I desperate to release pounded her vagina like there is no tomorrow. She wrapped her thighs around my buts and held me. That is when I achieved my release. I squirted and squirted and continued with long hard strokes, holding my penis a little longer inside to fill her up.

Her body raked with a series of violent rigors, she kept humping her hips back on to me. We went on and on for what seemed to be an eternity and then as suddenly it had risen it calmed with her slumping lifelessly and me on top of her with my penis still inside her. I felt my penis was swimming in a pool of slush.

Storm passed and we lay like that for a long time. She gently brought her mouth closer to my neck and lightly nibbled giving me a ticklish loving feeling. She caressed my butts lovingly scraping nails through the crack of my bums. She roamed her hand on my rear side, from shoulders to bums for a long time. I almost dozed off.

I sensed her moving under me, she shifted and tried to turn to her right. I slid from atop her and laid on my left facing her. I opened my eyes and found her looking straight with tear filled eyes.

She hugged me close hid my face between her ample bosom and said,’kaise ho gaya yeh sab beta, tune to mar he dala mujhe chinu. Ab kya hoga.'(how did this happen, chinu you took my life away son what will happen now). Freed from that maddening desire and meeting head on with the reality, I did not have a clue to answer. I was equally confused and worried, if not any more, but did not have the courage to hold a conversation. So I just wrapped my arms around her and snuggled close, kissed between her breasts and slept like baby feeling secure around her mother.

I woke up don’t know why, long before it was light but remained in the bed thinking about the tumultuous events of last night. I was not able to hold on to a line of thought; I was going through a mental chaos. Guilt was overpowering yet I couldn’t deny that pleasure too was something t I never felt before. I confessed to myself that it was me who forced her on a path of debauchery; I made her commit a sin unthinkable in the society, she had no part in the act.

I dosed off trying to sort out the intermingled lines of my thought and woke up to shaking of the bed. I was lying facing the window, with my back towards amma. By the movements I sensed that she is trying to sit up. Mom switched on the bed side lamp and I saw her, in the mirror on the wall, sitting with her back on the headboard holding her hands on to her face. I saw tears streaming down her cheek. In between her sobs she was chanting Oh Lord! Oh My God! and truly so. What happened was quite out of ordinary.

I felt terrible. Not having a clue as to how I shall react I stayed still. I looked up again into the mirror and LO! Once again, animal in me started to raise its head. This time I was greeted with view of her ample bosom, just above the nipples. God it was a site to behold. I played with those globes just few hours back, but seeing them in light was different.

When she was holding her hands on to her face, her arms obscured the view, but as she wiped her eyes and let arms drop to sides her magnificent bust came into my view. They were swollen like they are still full and were round in shape. Surprisingly, her breasts did not sag a lot and retained their shape. Her breasts were in no way like what most Indian women of her age have. They are big & shapely and held their shape , though without bra, they still formed a delightful cleavage.

I was soaking the view. Mom sitting with her head thrown back, her beautiful neck stretched her breasts heaving slightly due to her hard breathing was a picture that I will carry to my funeral. Her bare rounded shoulders her raised chin GOD ALMIGHTY! Everything was sooooooo…o very perfect.

Then she raised her arm to the back of her head, sat upright and started to tie her hair. She looked at me, and didn’t I see her smile? Yes she was smiling looking at me. I was engrossed in the million dollar smile when I felt her hand on my shaved head. She lovingly ran her fingers on my scalp, caressed my cheek and I heard her say ‘yeh tuney kya kar dala mere bachche'(Why have you made me do this my darling ).

In the mirror I saw her leaning on to me. I closed my eyes and laid still feigning sleep. I felt her hot breath on my neck. She placed her lips on my left temple and held it there for a long time. All this while, she kept on caressing my bald head.

Bed jostled and shook by her weight and suggested that she is making a move, I opened my eyes to see but she had already left the bed and moved out of my vision.

I strained to listen, to get a fix on her location. I heard the bathroom door open and close. Relieved that she had gone inside the bathroom I opened my eyes and was about to turn when she suddenly appeared before me.

I hurriedly closed my eyes and then opened slightly to see. She walked on my side of the bed and picked her night dress that I threw last night. Holding the garment to her chest she went and stood before the mirror looking at her naked form with her back towards me.

Sight was maddening, mom in her full naked glory. I had her back directly in front and saw her front in the mirror. She tossed the garment on the bed and looked at her self. She turned sideways and looked into the mirror over her shoulder. She repeated the move to appreciate her left and right profile. Then brought her hands over her breasts, held them from underneath, lifted them slightly and jiggled a bit. OH MY! almost came under the sheet. She kept on lovingly caressing and admiring her body, probably feeling proud, that she still got the charms to entice and enamour some one as young as her own son.

She backed up looking at the mirror attempting to get her full body in the mirror. She backed up closer to me, close enough for me to enjoy her erotic aroma. Fragrances of her body were a mix of her sweat and her body fluids and it was intoxicating.

Day light permeated the room, through thick dMolestations giving her body a divine glow. For few seconds I just forgot the world around and kept looking at my deity. I admired back of her legs and thighs, they were spotlessly fair, fleshy and appeared soft. Her arse flared below her waist with ample cheeks that jiggled and jostled with every motion.

I noticed that her pudendum is big and protruded out. Her Pussy was thick and appeared to have been pushed out, pink of her clitoris barely visible between her immensely thick labia. Her mound was big and rising; projection of her swollen mound was so very erotic. Her pussy was equally fair as the area around, which is quite unusual, as mostly vagina of even fairer women are some what darker in colour. God mom is an unusual woman I came to realise.

I realised that here is my beloved mother who is incarnation of Rati(Wife of Kamdeo, God of love and passion in Hindu Theology) herself . Her body was everything man ever dreamt of. Soft flowing curves, tall stout legs, shapely breasts and wide pitcher like arse, well what more a man can ask for, best was her prominent mound, which I hadn’t seen even in those porn sites. Her midriff was fleshy, bulging and drooping a little but not ungainly so, it rather gave her form a matronly appeal.

I was lost, appreciating her carnatic avatar, when she bent to pick her discarded night dress from the bed. As she bent her buttocks tightened and her crack parted little giving me a flash of her pussy from behind. My dick was full mast by now and I desperately wanted a release. I was about to getup and make love to her right then and there. However, before I could bring my thought to a conclusion she slipped her dress over her head and walked away

Bathroom door closed but, I waited till I heard water running. I got up and dressed in my shorts and T-shirt. Dressed and mom out of site the reality fell on me. My mind was getting numb thinking and swinging between my desire and morality. I just shook the thoughts away and opened the door to get the morning paper from the basket. I ordered breakfast and sat down giving a cursory look on the headlines. Weather man said that cold wave continues over north and surprisingly I wasn’t elated. Thought of getting stranded was not as pleasuring as it was just a night before and I wondered why. Then I realized that this coldness that has crept between me and mom after that fiery lovemaking is too much to bear and I wanted to end it.

Bathroom opened and mom came out in just her bra and petticoat. With out acknowledging my presence, she went to the luggage rack and pulled out a saree from her suitcase, she stood still for a while and then put the saree back and pulled out a long lose linen kurta(A garment like that of a lose fitting shirt with lose wide sleeves, worn by men and women alike) and a lose flannel pyjamas. I seldom saw her wearing it at home, except for when she is carrying bed tea for her and papa in the morning. Her tall form looked majestic and overpowering. I didn’t have the courage to look up to her so observed her slyly through the corner of my eyes.

Suddenly this tension became overpowering and I got up and rushed to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom I realised that my dick has shrunk and I wasn’t feeling aroused anymore. Unable to sort out my state of mind I went about my business. I heard her calling room service and asking for morning paper and some magazines in Hindi. (She just knows passable English). I entered the bath and let chilly water flow down my body till I was shivering and numb.

Got dressed in fresh pair of shorts and T and stepped out. Breakfast was there and mom was poring tea. Unsure of my own self I called up housekeeping for laundry service and sat down on recliner by the window. I moved the dMolestations a to get a glimpse outside. Our room was overlooking the pool. I listlessly watched kids splashing.

When called by mom to join, I sat across her and looked straight into her eyes. She avoided my gaze and pushed a plate of sandwiches towards me. I took it and started eating. All along the breakfast when ever I tried to look into her to find out about her point of view, she avoided eye contact. But I had this eerie feeling that when I am not watching she was looking at me. Breakfast ended at the same tense note at which it started.

Just as I was leaving the table laundry man arrived I gave him the bag and asked, ‘Amma do you have some thing more to get laundered?’

‘No’ was all she said and just as he was to leave she came and dug in to her suitcase, pulled out two nightie and stuffed in the bag.

Just as the laundry man left the room cleaning maid arrived, I was relieved that I now will get a little more time to sort out my next course of action.

Maid went about her business quietly. After she was done vacuuming the room she got a fresh pair of sheets from the trolley and pulled the soiled ones off the bed. I was looking at her casually when I noticed she raised a large stained spot to her nose. I just turned the other way and was embarrassed to hell. I kept looking down at the pool when I heard her say something to mother in Kannada (vernacular language). I turned to look at her when I heard her say in broken Hindi and in low tone ‘May lord Ayappa blesses you both with many such nights’ saying this she raised the soiled sheet to show my mother that big stain. Mom got scared, she thought that maid understood what happened preceding night, the immediately got up pulled a 500 Rupee note and gave her, trying to oblige her so that she stays quiet and doesn’t discuss amongst her co-workers. She raised the note to her forehead and said ‘may you both be blessed’ and left.


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