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It was during the time when my wife had gone home for her delivery. During the pregnancy, as natural, my wife avoided sex. My wife had left for her home about six weeks ago. I used to return from work at about six in the evening and after that the servant maid used to come to clean up the house, clothes dishes etc. I rarely used to see or supervise what Shanti (my servants name) did.

Shanti was aged about 22, a slim, average height lady who was dusky but very attractive. But then she had a sexy large bottom and seeing her sway her arse while walking would give any red blooded man a hard on. One day after Shanti left I purchased half a dozen bananas in the evening and had one in the night and one next day morning.

That evening after Shanti left I was feeling hungry. I decided to have a banana and when I went to the kitchen I was surprised to that there were no banana’s left. I was puzzled as I distinctly remembered that when I left for office in the morning there were four bananas and after returning home no one had come other than Shanti. It was evident that she had eaten the bananas. After this incident I remembered that I had found a few items missing in my house… food grains, my wife’s lipsticks, one tube of tooth paste etc.

I now decided to watch Shanti carefully. I purchased half a dozen bananas had two of them and kept it on the dining table. I also kept a few rupees on the dining table. When Shanti arrived I told her that I would be cleaning the car. We had an entrance to the car garage through the dining room. I opened the bonnet of the car and carried a few tools to the other side. My car windows have sun films. From the other side of the car I could clearly see into my dining room and as my car had sun films, no one could see me from the dining room. Once in a while I would knock the spanner on the car door.

After about five minutes I saw Shanti coming into the dining room. She heard me working in the garage. She picked up a banana and quickly ate it. She must have seen the money on the table because after eating the banana she unpeeled another banana and with one hand she took it to her mouth while her other hand gripped the lose change and a few notes that I left on the table.

I decided to act and entered into the dining room. When I entered the room I saw that she was about to bite into the banana and her hand was in her blouse stuffing the money in between her breasts. The moment I entered she saw me and froze. It was the classic scene of a person catching somebody red handed. It was really a sight. A banana between her lips and her other hand in her blouse.

“So it is you who is stealing things in my house” I said to Shanti

“No no Saheb, please forgive me”

“forgive a thief? I am going to call the police” I said

“No Saheb… no please don’t do that, my husband will kill me if the police catches me”

“I don’t care I am going to call the police”. By this time I was close to her. I caught her hands and quickly tied her hands behind her back with my hanky. With that done I started moving towards the telephone.

“No… No Saheb don’t do that please…pleaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee” and she started crying.

“So what do you want me to do? Call your husband?”

“No… No please…he will kill me”

“Then what do I do?”

“Do any thing Saheb, what ever you want, but don’t call the police or my husband” I now looked at her. Her saree pallu had fallen and she was sobbing. Her chest was heaving due to the scare and also because of her sobbing. I noticed her heaving firm perky breasts and looking at her made me horny what with no sex life for the past sixteen weeks or so. “You will be punished for what you have done” I said and walked up close to her. “Punish me in any manner Saheb, but don’t tell my husband or call the police”

“Let’s start with the money” I said and slipped my hand down the cleft between her breasts. When I did this she froze and was about to say some thing but kept silent. Once my hand was inside her blouse, I fondled her breasts and I pulled out the money she kept there. After that I slipped my right hand into her blouse and started fondling her breasts, opened the blouse and her heavy perky breasts popped out. I started feeling her breasts and massaged them and started pinching her nipples.

Her nipples stiffened and stood up, the size of peanuts. I placed my fingers around her nipples and squeezed them hard. She was about to yelp in pain when I said “any thing I want you said” Her face grimaced in pain but was silent as I continued mauling her breasts. Shanti pleaded with me to spare her. At this I roared out and with a smirk said that she would soon be begging for another banana. I grabbed her and pushed her torso on to the table and with a rope tied her hands so that one hand was tied to the other from below the table. I then spread her legs and tied her legs to the table. By now Shanti was crying uncontrollably and was begging me to spare her. I now walked to the garage and returned with a cane which was about half an inch thick and springy.

The cane was about 2 feet long and twitched in my hand. Slowly I went to the back of the spread eagled woman, gathered her saree and pushed it over her arse and up to her waist. The woman as expected was stark naked below her saree. The sun light was shining brightly on her back. Her pouting moans covered with soft dark hair and her parted dark purplish pink cunt lips glistened in the light. I devoured the sight of her cunt. Leisurely, I placed the cane on her arse. Her hairy cunt was spread to my view.

She had a real thick black bush, an unusually fleshy plump moans and her fleshy large swollen cunt lips peeped out from the bush. Thick fleshy butterfly shaped lips surrounded the glistening entrance of her woman hood. Looking at her spread on the table and her hairy plump cunt made my fuck starved penis hard. “So you bitch Shanti, you like bananas eh?” I said softly. “Please Saheb, spare I don’t cane me” the woman sobbed. The moment she uttered this, things which followed happened very suddenly. I caned her brutally in quick succession whipping the cane on her arse and on her swollen cunt lips alternately. Shanti was screaming by now. “Stop Saheb, stop please, please stop…I’ll do any thing for you Saheb, but please don’t cane me” Shanti screamed.

By now deep purple welt marks had appeared on her arse and swollen cunt lips. I stopped caning her and placed my palm on her inflamed swollen red cunt lips moving my middle finger along the crack of her slippery slit. “Really” said I “What can you do for me you bitch?” I asked as I coated my fingers with her cunt juice. “Anything Saheb, any thing but don’t cane me please” she sobbed “I’ll stop caning you if you let me have my way” I said to her as my fingers were gently massaging her clit.

“Anything…but please don’t cane me” Shanti pleaded. I squeezed her clitoris viciously with my thumb and forefinger and she screamed “Anything you said you thief”. She continued screaming in pain as I brutally squeezed her clitoris. I stopped squeezing her clitoris and slipped my middle finger in her cunt and moved it in and out. “So what do you want me to do?” I asked. “Please… please get over with it let me go” she sobbed.

I roared out with laughter and with my open palms smacked her vaginal lips hard. “Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” yelped out Shanti in pain. I hit her hard on her cunt with my open palm once again, and this time with my fully raised arm with brute force. “Ahhhhhhhhhh Sttttttoooo oooooooppp Saheb…do what ever you want …don’t hit me” yelped out Shanti.

I kept slapping her vulva with brute force and she was now crying out in pain. After a while I stopped slapping her cunt and said “So you like bananas you bitch” I said softly to her while I massaged her plump swollen moans. With my two fingers I was now squeezing her clitoris. Spread on the table, she looked up at me like a begging puppy and nodded. “Yes,” she breathed. “I want it … I want your penis” “Where do you want it, bitch? Tell me. In your mouth? Your cunt? Your ass?” I asked as I started finger fucking her swollen cunt slowly.

Shanti read my mind and said “In my chooth… fuck my cunt …fuck mee” Shanti told me what I wanted to hear. My face creased with pleasure. “Come on, then, whore,” I muttered. “I’ll fuck you like a bitch and stop sobbing!” Obediently, Shanti stopped sobbing “Come on, Saheb,” she murmured. “Fuck me …. Fuck me and finish it off!”

“Really” I said and slapped her hard on her cunt lips. Shanti was screaming and I continued hitting her hard on her cunt. After a while I stopped hitting her sodden cunt and untied her arms. Shanti collapsed on the floor. Seeing her curled up with my penis screaming for a fuck, I removed my shorts and undies as I walked over to Shanti and shook her up, grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her to a couch. I sat on the couch and made her kneel in front of me.

“I’m going to make you scream for more before I’m finished with you,” I rasped down at her. “You’re going to cry for me to fuck that hot chooth of yours beg me to bury this cock so deep up in your belly that you’ll be able to taste it just wait and see!”

“Please, please, don’t, a sahib like you cant fuck a maid like me please” she begged pitifully, trying a last time to appeal to my conscience but knowing as she looked into my triumphantly-smiling face that I would show no more mercy to her than I would to any common whore that I had paid for off the streets. I picked her up, ripped her saree off and threw her on the sofa. She whimpered in terror as I crawled up over her prostrate naked, spread-eagled body, pinioning her shoulders to the cushions with my strong arms and hands.

Then I lowered my head and sucked the erect nipple of one breast into my mouth, biting into it painfully until her naked-trembling body writhed in agony beneath me. Shanti lay writhing beneath me, her fear-clouded eyes fixed on the workings of my mouth as I blurted out the obscene filth to her, its lewdness penetrating and echoing throughout her dazed brain.

“Now take it in your hand, and guide it into that hot chooth of yours,” I ordered, my sex-glazed eyes gleaming sadistically down at her. “No … No … I can’t.”

“Put it in, you bitch,” I snarled in furious impatience at her hesitation. “Do it now or I’ll slap you silly?” Shanti had no doubt that I meant what I said. Trembling with dread and humiliation, she reached down between our bodies with one hand and encircled my thick throbbing cock with her fingers. A sudden cowering expression crossed over her face anew as she felt the true size of the mammoth rock-hard shaft.

“Oh, God … God, I can’t. It’s too big … Please …” she whimpered. I placed my hand on her breast with the intent of mauling them to torment her further, and then quickly decided that I could stand this waiting no longer. With a savage grunt, I grabbed her parted legs behind the knees and parted them roughly all the way back against her tightly-pinned shoulders, dropping my weight on her body to hold her fast.

My long rigid cock brushed against the soft down of her pubic hair as her slim delicate ankles wedged tightly around behind my head. I could look down between our prone bodies and see her upturned young ass-cheeks completely exposed to my lusting view. The swollen fleshy cunt-slit was visibly throbbing as I held the moist deep purple swollen lips apart with the outward pressure of my thighs pressed tightly up against hers.

Shanti trembled, her brain whirling with a confused mixture of fear and anticipation as she felt the hugeness of my fleshy hardness lying on the full length of her helplessly-open vaginal slit. Her eyes widened in a sudden, unexpected delight at the sensation of this first hard velvety soft rubbery contact against the smooth sensitive edges of her naked pussy.

The blunt jerking head of my cock rested pulsing between her wide-spread legs, insinuating itself up and down, up and down, in a maddening teasing motion as her soft smooth hips jerked involuntarily upward and she felt the rubbery mushroom-shaped tip slip hotly down over her distended clitoris. The young servant clenched her teeth tightly together, fighting with all her will against the subtle titillating sensation that was gradually firing all her senses again. Her shame and mortification slipped gradually out of her consciousness as I gently moved my lower torso, sliding my long thick cock head back and forth over the sensitive exposed flesh of her vaginal lips.


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