Thursday , December 8 2022

My Masters Lactation Slave

I sat in front of the PC and stared in awed disbelief at the message on the screen, I had placed the ad on the adult web site less than twenty-four hours ago and already I had almost a dozen responses. I was admittedly surprised because the details of the ad specified a certain type of woman I was looking for and usually I found it a challenge to locate a woman either willing or even eager to fill my needs.

I scanned through the responses eliminating all the subjects with kids or any ex husbands; I didn’t want to deal with those things in a relationship. However, I paused reading the fifth message noting that the woman was a widow and she had sent me a picture of her wearing a very brief bikini that barely contained her large, ripe breasts. The photo showed she was full figured though her bosom was noticeably full in its generosity.

A glance at her data told me she was in her early thirties and had no family in this part of the country, a possible keeper I thought. I continued through the other seven candidates and found two others that fitted the bill of what I wanted. I sat down and composed a brief E-mail instructing them to send me a second picture; this time topless in a pose that they found erotic.

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