Tuesday , March 21 2023

My Mother Knows The Best Way of Satisfaction Chapter 1

The boys were stunned seeing one girl leave her friend and take the awesome road into the fields and now they also with fast beating hearts quickly followed the running girl.
This girl also was not wearing the normal salwar kameez like her friends and other village girls but was wearing a skirt and blouse (which had been selected by Lakshmi’s mother that morning especially for today).

The boys were again stunned when they found the girl had stopped at the locked motor pump house and was panting looking at them with big scared eyes as she saw them approaching her.

Now the boys could clearly see the sindoor in her forehead and the hanging thalli on her large heaving boobs indicating that the girl was married.

1st boy,” Aree yaar. Yeah tho shadi shuda hai yaar.”

(Hey guys. She is married guys.”)

2nd boy,” Tho kya yaar? Aur bhi mazza ayegaa.”

(So what? It will be more enjoyable)

They now had lost some of their boldness seeing the girl was not terrified and running away, so they sprayed her with coloured water and were again stunned that she sprayed them back with coloured water from her water gun.
The 1st boy got bolder and reached into his pocket and drew out some colour powder and gently rubbed it on the girl’s cheek.
The girl did not avoid his touch but allowed him to apply colour powder on her cheek.

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