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My Mother’s Fucked Affair With our Neighbor Final Chapter

Mom kept quiet.

“Come on bitch… not shouting now…?” uncle increased pace. He reached below her and started kneading her breasts through the saree.

“Come on… make some noise… saali .. ab nahi chillayegi…?” he left her tits and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off the bed, arching her back.

He was using her body like a doll, bending her like a doll, testing her yoga.

The bed started creaking as uncle banged mom for 2 minutes, without stopping. Mom came hard as she threw her head back but did not make any noise, her body was convulsing from head to toe.

“She is the best…. ” uncle moved out of her and pushed his cock in her mouth.

“I can fuck you for hours like that, you cunt…” uncle started fucking her mouth.

Mom knew she can make him cum faster with her oral techniques. She moved her tongue faster.

“Aaahhh… yessss…. my blowjob queen… I’m close” uncle left her mouth suddenly and pulled her off the bed, to stand on the floor. Bending her forward he entered again, and gave a few violent thrusts as he came inside her.

“I don’t wanna waste my sperms… aaaaaahhhhhh… fuck….. yes…. yess….. yessssss… cumming…. aaahhhh…. bitch….” he fell on the bed, pressing mom under him.

After 2 minutes, mom moved under him. Uncle reached under her saree and did something as mom stood up. He untied her hands and left her.

Mom straightened her saree as she steadied herself on her feet. She looked in the mirror and smiled back at uncle, “I can take that all night… hubby… have to go now… ” she checked herself again as she opened the door.

As she was about to get out of my room, her petticoat came down her thighs; rustling through her saree and fell around her ankles. It was an embarrassing moment for mom, as she stood in the door with her two friends and uncle and me looking at her, with her petticoat gathered at her ankles.

I realised uncle had untied it when she was getting up. Mom was standing there, dumbfounded. Her friends, confused.

Mom came back in my room and closed the door behind her. She stepped out of the petticoat and threw it at uncle, “Is it OK now…?” she was angry.

“Enjoy the party… Sweety….” uncle teased as mom left.

9 pm. Mom had returned from the party and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen. She had changed her clothes after taking bath. Looking beautiful as usual, she was wearing her black night gown. I couldn’t concentrate on the cricket match on the TV, as I looked at her in between, through the kitchen door, wondering how lucky that bastard, Vinod uncle was! But at the same time my mind was saying, that it was only Vinod uncle, who knew the art of satisfying a lady like her!


‘And the devil is here..’ I smiled, as I knew it was him only. I hated him for what he was doing to my mom, but at the same time I loved him for what he was doing to my mom! I wondered, what’s in the store tonight, as I opened the door.

“Hello beta… “he sat in the couch, referring to me as his son.

“Hello, uncle… nice match is going on…”I said looking at the TV.

He watched the match for some time then looked at mom. She didn’t know he was here.

“Excuse me…” he said as he winked at me and went in the kitchen.

“Sure… Kutte…” I muttered, ensuring he did not listen.

He hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. Mom giggled.

“To kya plan hai aaj ka… jaanu…”mom asked him what he was going to do with her tonight.

“kuch nahi… bas thoda pyaar karunga…”uncle caressed her arms, below the transparent black sleeves.

Mom was still doing her work as uncle moved his hands on her flanks, caressing her through the silky night dress. His hands stopped on her ass, as he massaged the perfectly shaped, tempting rear. He whispered some words as he played with her. Slowly, he started humping her ass, grabbing her flanks. He looked behind, on his shoulder, at me, licking his lips.

“Shilpaaa …. …. Fuckkk….. “he cursed as he increased pace. Mom enjoyed his dry humping.

“Do you like my ass…?”mom teased him.

“I’m gonna take it…. Tonight… sweety…”uncle threw her hair aside and nibbled on her shoulder.

“Sorry honey… It’s no entry there…”mom told him.

“I’m not asking you sweetu… I’m just informing you… ” he unzipped and pulled his cock out saying that, and put it on her ass.

“It’s impossible…. I won’t let you do that…” added concern was in her voice.

“Ha ha ha …. Stop me if you can…. Main to tumhari le ke rahunga….” He said grabbing her ass again.

“So… you will have to do that…. against my will…. right…?”mom looked back on her shoulder. Uncle turned her around, facing him and pressed her shoulders down. She kneeled there, trying to keep her oily hands away.

“May be… against will… if it requires… ” he pushed his cock in her mouth, saying that and kept it there, choking her.

“May be… you will love it… ” he said grabbing her head tightly. “May be… you won’t…” never releasing his grip… “May be… I don’t know…” he kept talking as she struggled on his rod.

“Ohhhh….. ohh… goddd(gasp)…. (gasp)… Vinod…. We’ll see … who wins this game…” mom looked in his eyes boldly, challenging him, as he released her.

“Yes bitch…. We’ll see….” Uncle pushed the monster in again.


Mom stood up as uncle left her. I waited for uncle to adjust his clothes and opened the door.

“Score kya hua hai?”Raju, watchman of our building, asked the score, as he was interested in the match.

“Arre Raju, come in… aao na … “I called him in and he sat in a chair, watching the match. Uncle sat back on the couch.

As the match progressed, I realized that Raju was frequently looking towards the kitchen. Nobody could ignore her, I thought.

After 5 minutes, mom came in the hall and told me that dinner was ready.

“Raju, Tumne khana khaya?(you had dinner?)” mom asked Raju.

“Nahi madam, abhi nahi khaya… (Not yet madam)”Raju couldn’t look in her eyes.

“Mom, uncle is also hungry…. I think…” I said looking at TV. Uncle coughed a bit and mom ran inside.

“We’ll have dinner together, Raju… ” mom said from the kitchen. Raju looked at her again, becoming more and more restless, seeing all the curves in the silky material. Suddenly he stood up, hiding his erection and left, saying, “I’ll be back in ten minutes then, Ajit.”

I knew why he left. Uncle knew it as well. We looked at each other, inertly.

“Shilpa, my goddess… why are you so beautiful…. You drive men crazy… look what happened to Raju…”he hugged her again and licked her ear.

“Really…? Vaise tum bhi kya kam special ho… Tumse chudkar duniya bhul jaati hu, jaanu… “mom reached back and touched uncle’s cock though his pants.

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