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My Mother’s Fucked Affair With our Neighbor Final Chapter

“Haan meri Chudakkad Rani… hum dono special hai…. Lekin kisko pata hoga ki tu aisi hai….”uncle’s hand had reached between mom’s legs by now.

“Aisi matlab…? What do you mean…?”mom stopped rubbing his cock.

“I mean nobody knows about the animal inside you… jab chudti ho na… tab koi aur Shilpa hoti hai… aur bahar koi aur…”his expert hands kept moving between her legs.

“ha ha… tumhare niche aakar kisika bhi yehi haal hona hai jaanu… “mom was enjoying the talk.

“I have a plan sweetu, by the way… Why don’t you tease men a bit more… it will be fun to see those faces drooling after you…”uncle grabbed her boobs now.

“Vinod, are you mad…? It’s … Oooohhh….” Mom couldn’t complete the sentence as uncle increased pressure on her bosom.

“Come on… It’ll be fun… Let’s tease Raju… Please… don’t say no…. please…. “uncle knew the art of convincing, he started tickling her.

“ok… okk…. Ok… please stop now…. Vinooood…. Oh my god…. Vinood… basss… “mom couldn’t stop giggling.

“He’ll be coming anytime… Don’t be afraid… I’ll be there… and you can wear panty now… ” uncle instructed her.

Uncle came back and sat on the couch.

“Ajit, I want you to go in your room.” uncle tapped my back.

“But I want to watch cricket…”I tried to tell him.

“Please. Don’t you understand?”Uncle said sternly.

“What if I don’t?”I said looking at mom.

“Then you know… I think Shilpa will pay for your mistakes…”he looked at mom.


I entered my room after hearing the knock on the door. I switched off the light and left the door open a bit.

Raju came and sat on a chair before mom called him and uncle for dinner.

“Where is Ajit, madam?” Raju asked mom.

“He already had his dinner, he is studying….”mom’s sentence was cut short by uncle.

“He is studying at his friend’s place… he just left…”uncle told Raju.

After starting their dinner, there was silence for first 5 minutes.

“Where is your family, Raju?”uncle enquired.

“At the village…”Raju was not comfortable in front of mom.

“Kaun kaun hai family me..?”uncle asked about Raju’s family.

Raju told that, he was married since 5 years and was not having children. His wife was living with her in-laws. He visited his village almost every 3 or 4 months.

“Yaad nahi aati biwi ki?(don’t you miss your wife)”asked mom, smiling a bit.

“Aati hai…(I do…).. lekin…”Raju was a bit relaxed now.

“Kya karte ho phir?(What do you do then?)”was mom’s sudden question.

“matlab?(means?)”Raju was startled by the unexpected question.

“kuch nahi… I mean… you should go back home often…”said mom, looking down.

They finished their dinner and uncle came in the hall with Raju.

“Raju, do you want to play cards?”uncle asked him, as they watched the final overs of the match. “I have been teaching Shilpa ji, some card games.”

“Chalega. I have some time.”Raju was excited as anything, with the thoughts of playing with mom.

Uncle and Raju started playing some game, mom joined them after finishing her work in kitchen. They were sitting on the carpet.

Sitting in front of Raju, mom kept playing with her curls. Raju stared at her chest in between.

“Kya dekh rahe ho Raju?(where are you looking Raju?)”uncle broke the silence.

“Nahi to… kuch nahi…(nothing…)”Raju couldn’t answer uncle.

After a few seconds mom straightened her left leg, with her gown raised upto her knee. It was too much for Raju, he kept staring at her calf. The sight was irresistible for anybody.


Raju was already breathing fast. Mom took one more step forward, she moved her outstretched leg a bit touched Raju’s knee, without looking at him.

“Tumhara dhyan nahi hai Raju… kuch aur khelna chahte ho kya…(you are not giving attention Raju, you want to play something else)”mom was at the peak of her mischief.

“Mujhe pata hai… raju kya khelna chahta hai….(I know what he wants to play)” Uncle winked at Raju.

“Koi mujhe to bataye…. Kya chal raha hai…(Whats going on, tell me…)”mom was pretending she knew nothing.

“”Nothing Shilpa ji, I think Raju ko kuch chahiye…(I think raju wants something…)”uncle winked.

Suddenly mom’s hand started playing with the front laces of her night dress. She kept looking at Raju in between. Uncle signaled her something when Raju was unaware.

“Doodh piyoge, Raju?(Do you want milk?)”Mom undid the first of the four knots, showing a bit of her cleavage to Raju.

“Madam…. N…. n…. nahi….. main nahi….”raju was looking at the beautiful sight, with an obvious bulge in his pants.

“Think again, Raju…. “second knot gave away, as mom said that, pulling at it seductively.

“……..” Raju kept staring, as his jaw fell.

“Do you like it, Raju?” uncle interrupted him.

“What?…. Sir?” Raju came back to senses. Mom undid remaining two knots as she kept staring at Raju. The sight was too much for Raju. He suddenly stood up and ran towards the front door.

“What happened, Raju? Arre ruko to….”uncle tried to stop him, but he didn’t stop.

Uncle closed the door behind him and looked at mom. They looked at each other for a second and suddenly started laughing, thinking about Raju’s situation. They stopped laughing only after 2 minutes, when suddenly uncle pulled mom in his arms and started kissing her.

“You… are… a… cruel… cruel bitch… Shilpa…”uncle pushed her to the wall and pinned her wrists above her head. “Dirty…. Bitch…” he kissed on her forehead, “tease…”, licked her eyes, “is this how a married woman teases men around her…?”, licking her lips, “why …? Why did you do this… to the poor guy…?” he kept licking her face in between.

“Because I am your fuck toy… and that was your order… honey….”mom played along, offering her tongue. Uncle sucked it with his manly lips.

“Yesss… you ARE my fucktoy… and you ARE going to COMPLETE the game now….”uncle turned her around saying that. Gathering her hair in his fist, he pulled her head back and started licking her ear.

“Listen. You have teased him a lot. (licks..) Don’t you think so…”he kept licking her ear. Mom was unable to move as she was pressed firmly to the wall.

“mmmm…. Yessss…..”mom responded in moans.

“And I think you should say sorry to him…”uncle left her hair and started lifting her night dress, slowly.

“How…?”mom kept her hands to the wall, above her head.

“You are going downstairs….”he pinned her dress at her back, “hold this…”

“And what….?” Mom caught her dress around her waist as uncle kneeled behind her.

“And you are going to kiss him….”he slowly pulled her panty down.

“Vinod… are you sure…?”mom joined her legs.

“No more questions, bitch.”uncle left her panty at her knees, signaling her to spread her legs a bit. “And while you kiss him….”, he stood up and freed her dress from her waist, “you will leave your panty there… for him…”

“Vinod…. Are you trying to make a whore out of me….? “mom turned around as uncle left her.

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