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My Mother’s Fucked Affair With our Neighbor Final Chapter

“Sort of…”he said smiling.

“But this is not going to happen again… I shouldn’t be doing this with other men…”mom said while tying the knots in front of her dress.

“Just a kiss, darling… it’s just a kiss…” uncle didn’t look at her.

I was really afraid of the consequences now. I knew the story won’t stop there. The bastard was trying to pull mom into a deeper situation, I knew his intention.

“Mom, are you sure what you are going to do…?” I came out of my room. Uncle was not happy.

“Ajit… I’ll talk to you later… (pause)….. By the way, what problem do you have now..? You don’t find it wrong when Vinod takes me for hours… you enjoy that…. Don’t you?”Mom was a bit aggressive now. Uncle just smiled as he realized how deep Shilpa already was in his traps.

I sat there, helpless. But I knew one thing, that mom was out of control now.

It was 12:30 am by now. Uncle looked down from the gallery, “Leave now… slut… and just don’t yell if something happens… he is not going to do any harm….”

Mom slowly opened the door as she adjusted her panty at her knees. She checked her night dress and stepped out.

Uncle called me in the gallery, I looked down and saw that Raju’s room lights were still on. Mom reached down in a minute and looked up at uncle. There was nobody else at the ground floor. A few cars passed by, on the street outside. Mom looked around and knocked the door.

Raju opened the door after two more knocks and was surprised as he looked at mom. He was wearing only an old shorts, rugged and greasy. His toned body was on display for mom.

Mom looked at him for a second, and then said something. She wasn’t comfortable now, I thought. Raju looked around and asked her something. She nodded. Raju kept looking at her before mom said something again. This time, Raju moved aside and mom went in his room. I was already getting a different feeling.


Raju was still out of the room. He walked towards the main gate and looked around, making sure nobody had watched the angelic lady of his building, entering his room.

He came back to his door and looked up towards the gallery. We managed to hide before he noticed us. And he went inside, locking the door. There was no sign of mom coming out after 2 minutes. We looked at each other and waited for another minute. Nothing.

“Let’s go…”uncle tapped me and rushed to the door, I followed. We came down slowly and stood outside Raju’s room. There was silence. We walked towards the back side of the small room and looked inside through the window. There were a few clothes hanging in the window, making it difficult for us to look through.


Raju was sitting in a wooden chair, in the corner of the room, while mom was standing there, in front of him, looking at the floor.

“And you are here to say sorry…. Right?”Asked Raju, with an angry tone. Mom just nodded.

“Didn’t you think of my condition before teasing me…?”he continued. Mom kept silent.

“And you think that a sorry is enough…?”Raju was staring at her, his eyes red.

“What if people come to know that, Shilpa madam is in my room… at midnight…”he lit a cigarette.

“I’m sorry Raju… I said I’m sorry…”mom was shaking.

“That’s it…?”asked Raju, as he took a puff.

“No… you can…. kiss me…. if you want to…”mom stammered.

“Ajit knows that you are….”

“Noooo… NO….. Nobody knows that I am …..”Mom stopped midway.

“A kiss is not enough, Shilpa madam…”said Raju, as he tapped the Cigarette, the ash fell on the ground.

“Raju…. Please…. “mom almost pleaded.

“Move back…. To the wall…”Raju ordered her. Mom slowly stepped back, making sure her panty is safe at her knees.

“The knots…. Do it again…. Come on…”he took another puff.

Mom looked at him and slowly pulled the first two knots. Still looking at the floor.

“Not staring at me now? Kya hua madam? Tie the knots and do it again…”he was giving her orders now, and mom was simply obeying him.

This time she looked at him seductively while untying the knots, she stopped only after undoing all the knots, giving him the view of his life. Half of her boobs were on display as she looked at him.

“Turn around…”

Mom turned slowly.

“Not showing your legs now?”He crushed his cigarette and threw it.

Mom slowly lifted her night dress and stopped just before her knees, knowing that the panty would be visible if she lifted it further.

“Maar daala…. Umar kya hai aapki, Shilpa ji? (What’s your age?)”Raju said moving his hand on his bulge.

Mom kept silent. Looking at him, over her shoulder.

“Okk… don’t tell… but you look 25 only…. Sundar…. “Raju praised her beauty, mom blushed.

“Waise aapko pata hai, sab log aapko kya bolte hai…? (Do you know what people call you?)”he asked. Mom questioned with the eyes.

“leave it…. It’s dirty….”he was playing with her now.

“Tell me… please…”mom pleaded again.

“Jaane do na memsaab….(leave it, madam)”Raju was playing with his bulge now, as mom looked at it frequently.

“Please batao na…..(tell me, please)”mom begged.

“Ok.. Ok… they call you names like…. Gori Randii…. “he started telling her.

“Ohhh….. Raju… please… “mom suddenly started breathing heavily.

“And…. Sexy gaand wali aunty…. Kadak maal….”he continued.

“Ohh my godd….. aur…. Aur batao Raju….”mom begged.

“And… “Raju stopped.

“Please Raju…. Please… Please batao na… please….”

“That Uncle on first floor calls you…. Bijli… and … Slut…. And… model….”

“ohhhhh…. Aur… aur….”mom was really enjoying this, she was experiencing the degradation of her life.

Suddenly, Raju walked towards mom while she had closed her eyes and turned her around to face him. Mom was taken aback and scared.

“Say sorry…”Raju ordered.

Mom left her dress and pulled him closer. Raju took the signal and started kissing my mom WILDLY.

They hugged each other tightly as if world was going to end. Raju was holding mom’s head tightly. Saliva spread around their lips as they tried to deep in each other’s mouth. They continued kissing for almost 5 minutes.

Mom took the next step and made some movement with her legs. HER PANTY RUSTLED DOWN.

Raju looked down as they parted. His eyes widened, looking at the black lacy panty. Suddenly he pushed mom to the wall and pinned both her hands above her head, with his left hand. He cupped her pussy with his right hand, through her black dress.

“AAAAAHHHH…… FUCKKKKKK…….”mom squealed, looking in his eyes.

It was clear from the movements of his hand that he was not massaging her pussy, he was KNEADING it.

“Ooouchhh….. Ra…… ohhhh my god……”mom was shaking now, looking in his eyes as he did that.

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