Wednesday , May 31 2023

My Naughty Married Girlfriend

I had a girlfriend awhile back that was married. She is tall and beautiful, with curly brown hair and blue eyes.She is a total freak and is up for anything. I would pick her up from work occasionally and drive her to a secluded park. As we were driving she would pull up her skirt and remove her panties. She always made sure to wear a skirt or dress with stockings and a garter when we got together. I would rub her already wet pussy as we drove to our spot.
When we arrived we would get in the backseat of my SUV and have our fun. She was a total sub and loved a little pain with her pleasure. This usually involved me spanking her, pulling her hair, and torturing her nipples. I told her about my piss fetish and she loved to get out of the car and squat, pissing in front of me for my entertainment.
One day I decided to go a little further. When she got out, I took her by the hair and pulled her into the woods. I had grabbed her panties from the car first. I instructed her to take off her shoes and stockings. She did so with a frightened look on her face. I tied her to a tree with her stockings, her back to the tree. I shoved the panties in her mouth. I opened her blouse and her front opening bra, her 40D tits spilling out. I bit and sucked at her nipples driving her wild. I pulled on them and told her what a whore she looked like. She could only whimper.
I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, taking it off her. I spread her pussy lips open and told her to piss for me now. She did just that. She must have been holding it a long time, it seemed to go on forever. When she finished, I squatted in front of her and licked her pussy clean. I bit her clit just how she liked it and ate her pussy until she came hard, screaming with the panties in her mouth. She would’ve collapsed if she weren’t tied to the tree.
I untied her arms and led her by the hair to a nearby fallen tree. I bent her over it and spanked her ass until it was red. I spit on her asshole and rubbed some on my dick. I roughly shoved my cock in her ass and fucked her tight pucker hard. When I felt my climax coming, I pulled out of her ass and shot my load all over it. I scooped it up in my fingers. I pulled the panties out of her mouth and told her to lick my fingers clean. She complied eagerly.
She was quite a sight with her hair messed, her mascara running, mostly naked. She looked at me and said the same thing she always said when we were finished playing: “Thank you, Daddy.” We had never done anything outdoors like that. It wasn’t the last time though. Unfortunately she felt bad about cheating on her boring husband and broke things off with me. I really miss her.

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