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It was hot sexy night. I was feeling so hot… yet before it happen i didn’t know that i gonna suck her pussy,,,,,

It was a friday night…I was returning home after spending time with my friends at a restaurant….While i was returning from the restaurant i saw a girl and a car in my way..The girl seemed familiar and was probably there because her car had some problem…It was night time so i didnt see her face clear…I went near to her and realized she was katrina kaif….Katrina, the motive of my life….

Kat- Hey, meri car kharab ho gayi hai…Raat bahut ho gayi hai isliye yaha mechanic dhoondna muskil hai…Agar aap bura na maane toh kya aap mujhe lift de sakte hain ??? If u dont mind please ??

Me- Sure…I am your biggest fan , katrina…I will surely give u a lift….Ok sit on my bike and i’ll take u to your destination…

(I was not sure if this was a reality but it seemed like i was in heaven…Katrina was in the back seat of my bike…Her boobs were touching my back and i could feel her breath so close to me….)

Kat- Mujhe bandra ki taraf jaana hai, so kya aap please left turn ley sakte hain ??
Me- Kyun nahi !! Zaroor…
(I was about to take a left turn and suddenly i realized my tire was punchured…We were on our half way and the punture was going to be a big problem for both of us…)

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