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My Passionate Teacher & Me

Hie all, This is Sravya penning down my experience for the first time . Lemme give you a brief introduction about me. I’m what many people like to call a bitch, and beware I’m not a slut(if you know the diff). I’m actually from Hyderabad but studying in Vizag and let’s keep the rest of my personals in private.

This is a pure fiction and none of this ever happened. So, tagging again. I AM THE SLUT,aiming to raise your dicks(well, at least one) with the story. This is about a 22yo girl( me, obviously) with 36d*28*34, fantasizing about her lecturer/teacher.

He’s been new to the college, taking up my favorite subject, English. He’s around 5’11, fair, muscular and broad, looking manly in every view I see. And that’s the moment i realized that I fell for him, if this is what they call-Love At First Sight!!!! After getting our introductions and attendance in the class, he proceeded to some poetry topic and by the end of the class, i realized all the girls were ogling at him! Bitches, I thought!!!! Later in the evening I got a whatsapp message regarding the topic to be discussed in the next class. wondering who it would be, i replied back and boom!! Here he is… :-) I got to know about him that teaching is his passion and he’ll be working here only this one year.

I described how the girls were ogling at him in the class and no wonder he replied that he noticed them all including ‘me’. Busted!!! I tried to escape telling him that I am in a committed relationship and didn’t get a reply from him that night.

After few days of chatting, we became casual with each other and I used to call him by name. One day, he asked me for a coffee together, and I didn’t object. I am sure to make a lot of eye contact while talking, smile and giggle a lot, and not to mention the occasional lip biting trying to sip down the coffee as he is speaking.

We talked for sometime and he offered to drop me at my home and I couldn’t reject. On the way home, he made a stop at his house for some snacks..!!!! We entered his home, hoping something unbelievable would happen.

As i was taking note how clean his house was, he said, “Sravya,” , in his deep growl of a voice. I’d not yet forgotten how deep that voice was. It sent a thrill through me. “Sit down.”

We sat down as he went to fetch some water from the kitchen. We chatted a little about our school, college and family and cherished a lot a wonderful forgotten moments.

As the topic lulled, I watched him looking deep into my chest and staring. I made a noise just to caution him, and he told, “Do you want me to look away?” (Wtf..!!! I’m having the best moments in my life and why would I ask him to look away?) I didn’t reply him, rather left a smooth smile.

He came further towards me, and started gazing down at my chest, unhesitatingly, even tilting his head to get a nice view. “I like what I see”, he told. I couldn’t disapprove him. who would not like watching 36d moving up and down with each breathe!! In his next move, he sat right beside me and asked me to be casual.

With every passing moment, my heart rate is increasing and he gave me a small grow of approval in his throat. “You look very, very good” he said approvingly. I thanked and replied the same. He asked why I never complimented him and i replied that I am just waiting for this moment and he is uncontrollable now.

He approached further and put both his hands over my neck and pulled me towards him, in an instance to kiss. I just closed my eyes and waiting for him to lock my lips. I had experienced kissing boys, But never did i feel these emotions running down my spine. I just commanded him, “kiss my neck” and that’s the only sentence he’s waiting for. Within few seconds, he was all over me and kissing all over my neck and face.

We lip-locked for some time and i realized how passionate lover he is. He whispered, ” turned on?” i didn’t reply anything for the answer is obvious. All I uttered in the next few moments was “Take me to bED”. He lifted me in his hands and took me to the bedroom. His bed is very spatious and i thanked how good he is going to be now.

As soon as we laid on bed, he removed my top and bottom, leaving me in inners. i did the same and he’s in his boxers now. I got on top of him and bent over to kiss him… We deep kissed for some time and I could feel his tongue dancing in my mouth. And Over my pussy, I could feel his dick becoming erect slowly and the feeling was wonderful..!! As I bent down again, he tried unhooking my bra with his teeth and was successful. He took my boobs into his mouth and kept sucking them alternatively. I just laid down completely over him feeling his manhood and feeding him my breasts…. He is such a nice kisser..!

Slowly I slid down over him and lowered his boxer and there it is, the erect beast, 6′ and brownish. and glistening with his pre-cum and completely bald… I lowered my head over it and smelled it. It smelled very good and I failed to resist myself from kissing it… I felt his balls, each a half-lemon sized in the sack.. I took his dick deep down in throat and sucked him for some time and all I was hearing was him moaning my name…!

He turned on the AC and tied my hair as a bunch over my back and started pumping in my mouth. At times, I was gagged, yet it was lovely, and I loved every moment of it. Finally, he cummed deep in my throat which I swallowed and believe me, It was YUCK!!!! Not everyone taste good ???? Fyi, My boyfriend tastes damn good…!!! Sweet as Sugar.

Now it was his turn to return the favor.. He pushed me over the bed hard and went down over my body kissing my neck, boobs, belly and there he reached his destination.. He slid down my panty and wondered seeing my pussy drenched in my orgasm.

He separated my vertical lips aside and started pushing his tongue deep inside… Godddd, it was heavenly. My moans were getting uncontrollable and he has to do something now… So he came to the 69 position and I welcomed his dick back into my mouth and all my moans were obstructed reaching outside. He kissed me several times over my pussy and kept rubbing my clitoris which was awesome. In the next few minutes, I gave out, exploding all my cum over his face, which he drank slurping.

Now he rose slowly and came back to the classic missionary position and positioned himself between my legs. We both knew we were not virgins, so no big deal.. I separated my legs as wide as possible, showing him the gateway to heaven. He entered me slowly and his dick went in completely in one go.!!! I could feel his massive dick sliding in my pussy and the feeling cannot be explained in words. Slowly he picked up his rhythm and started giving strong pushes.

I started pacing up and began moving my hips to and fro to come in unison.. We continued so for a long time and came together… He laid down over me with his soft dick in me and I am feeling his massive chest which was hairy. I started kissing his nipples and he’s back into action now. In 2min, i could feel his dick growing up to reach its size and began giving deep pushes. I slowly turned him upside down and sat over him and started riding him in the cow-girly position…. He rested over the bed and was enjoying pressing my boobs hard and kissing them in between leaving bite marks all over them. We cummed together again. As it was getting late for me to reach home, I had to leave. He came to drop me off and gave a kiss and left.

Following this encounter, we had several sessions at his home until his sister came to live with him and I could not go to his house anymore. First things first.. We enjoyed to the core. and were are still in touch through mails. And guess what!! I topped English with 100% that year… The record still unbroken…!!!!


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