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My Pretty Mommy Erotic stories

I always found my mom attractive. Even at the tender age of 18 I would try to sneak peeks of her in the state of undress or try to look up her skirt whenever I had the chance. She was very pretty mainly because she was only 28 years old. She had me when she was 16 and was forced to bring me up all by herself because her boyfriend (my father) found out she was pregnant and left her and never came back.

My mother goes to the gym every week so she is in fine shape. She’s is 5’6″ with pretty brown hair that goes past her shoulders, 112 lbs., 34C cup size, long tanned legs, hazel eyes, and an ass that can stop traffic. She has the look of moms you see on television. She goes out on dates at least three or four times a week, but she always comes back unsatisfied. All her dates want is sex and all she wants a loving relationship. I try to help out around the house by cleaning and washing the dishes since she’s always working. She would always come home tired warn out by her hard days work. I would try to comfort her by massaging her back and fixing dinner. I was always a very responsible and smart kid. I’m not too bad looking I guess. I’m about 5’4″ with short black hair, light brown eyes, and about 115 pounds. I’ve had my share of girlfriends, but never really stayed with them for long.

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