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My Second Wife and Her Daughter

Shirley kissed me good-bye and as she was walking out the door said, “Don’t oversleep” awakening me. I lay there trying to decide if I should get up for a repeat with the two vixens downstairs or just roll over and go back to sleep. My decision was made for me as I felt the mattress sag and heard giggles as hands slid under the sheet and grasped my dick. I sleep nude and I felt the sheet pulled from my body and tongues began licking my genitals, sucking at my glans, stroking me as the two seemingly insatiable nymphs gleefully said, “Wake up Mr. Dick, it’s breakfast time, time to satisfy the children’s hunger. Momma’s gone and the pussies need feeding!
It didn’t take them long to have Mr. Dick straining its skin, jerking and swaying wildly. Lexi kissed me passionately, her eyes gleaming as she said, “Are you hungry Daddy, Karen and I decided to give you breakfast in bed”, as she straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. The scent of her pussy was like an aphrodisiac and drew me to its wet source. God her pussy is hot I thought as its heat radiated against my face as she pressed her gaped cunt down onto my extended tongue. I watched as her hands cupped her breasts while her hips began hunching, undulating around my probing and licking as I gathered her sweet cunt juice and swallowed them. Her eyes closed as her arousement began growing, evidenced by the increasingly rapid pace of her hunching her pussy down onto my tonguing as she sought relief for the forces driving her. Her thighs spread more widely as she increased the pressure she brought to bear down upon my flailing tongue as she ground roughly against my face.

Fingers grasped my cock and I felt the soft, slick flesh of Karen’s inner labia positioned against the swollen, sensitive skin of my heated glans. An electric like voltage streamed from my tip to roil my entire body as she lowered her pussy down onto my stiff dick. God it felt wonderful and the feel of her moist heat engulfing me elicited a loud moan from my lips that reverberated within Lexi’s pussy as I sucked at her heated juices. My hips rose, buttocks squeezing as my cock extended with a rush of blood that swelled and stiffened me. I heard Karen’s appreciative moan as her hips rammed her pussy down hard onto my stiffly jerking cock before beginning a rough forward and back hunching that had my dick stiffly pivoting within her inner cavity as her clit was mashed tightly to my body.

My mind was feverish as these two young women used me for their pleasure. Lexi reminded me so much of her mother as she labored to orgasm. Like Shirley, she became completely swept away by the sensations and need that enveloped her mind and body; her demeanor adopted an animalistic passion as she savored every streaming sensation my deep tonguing presented her. She would climb to the peak of her arousement and stay there poised at the edge of the abyss loving the feelings wracking her body. She would lift repeatedly, allowing the furor within her to calm before again lowering her pussy to my torrid inner licking and sucking. She repeated this until her need to cum became so great it demanded a choice between relief and insanity. Her thighs spread widely, hips began grinding her pussy forcefully down onto my wildly gyrating tongue, smashing my nose tightly against her clit as she hunched, uncaring of my plight as she smothered me. I loved it, loved knowing she was lost to the sensations I filled her with. I would have died before I would have stopped her, instead choosing to grip her hips with my hands and pull her pussy to my deepest licking and sucking as she screamed her release.

Her hand pressed beneath my head as she held me to her most desperate hunching. I gazed up at her face and saw the torment etched onto her beautiful features as she moaned her anguished release. Her long hair draping down from her head was tossed about wildly as she bucked and jerked with each new expulsion of her cum onto my thirsty tongue. When finally, she sat back, throwing her hair rearward as she sat there gasping for breath; my mouth moved to her clit and I sucked hard while licking it slickly, biting it gently. Her reaction was immediate. Her body tried to jerk from the intense sensations I caused to violently roil her body, but, I held her to my rough sucking and licking until again she was leaning forward roughly hunching her pussy against my face as she cried out, “Oh god no, no more, please….ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkk…..c.c.cum..cummin….eatme…..oh shit YES!…aarrgghhhhh!”, as her thighs again spread widely and her pussy began riding my face forcefully, hips lurching forward and back as I held her to my intense laving and sucking. Lexi’s head was flailing as if she was trying to fling the insanity she felt from her mind, but both her hands found my head and she pulled me tightly to her hardest hunching and grinding until she collapsed and fell forward on the bed her pussy hunching against the top of my head as her ass squeezed and she ground against my forehead moaning.

Karen was different, she never held back as she used my dick for her pleasure. She would fuck me hard and drive my dick as deep as possible into her body and cum repeatedly, never slowing as one orgasm built into the next as she rode my thick dick relentlessly. This young goddess loved the feel of a stiff dick tormenting and stretching her pussy and she was insatiable in her enjoyment. I was sure she would love to be gang-banged by a large group of hung men. Karen was totally uninhibited. I was laying beneath Lexi panting as I tried to catch my breath when Karen leaned forward and began licking Lexi’s ass crack. Lexi moaned loudly and her ass began lifting, pressing back into her friend’s long tongue as it tried to enter her anus. My hips and balls were soaked with Karen’s expression of joy as she fucked my long dick energetically. Suddenly she stopped, lifted from my dick and said, “Fuck Lexi’s ass! She said last night she wanted to feel you in her asshole. Do it Jack, I want to see you make her cum fucking her ass.

I crawled from beneath Lexi and asked her, “Is that right Lexi, you want to be ass fucked”, I asked her?

“Well, I think Karen wants me ass fucked more than I do but yeah, I’d love to have a guy cum in my ass if it didn’t hurt so fuckin bad”, she responded.

I glanced at the clock and saw that I needed to get ready for work and said, “I have to get ready for work so who wants to make me cum. We’ll work on getting this fat dick up your ass some day when your mom’s not going to be home sweetie.”, I said to Lexi. Both girls descended on my dick and began licking and sucking at me voraciously. Seeing two young beautiful vixens so enraptured by my cock had my arousement soaring and when Karen pressed two thirds of my fat dick down her throat, a feat not many women have accomplished, I exploded choking her. She gagged and coughed but her head never lifted until I had expelled two large loads of ball juice down her throat. Gasping she finally raised her mouth off my dick and pushed it towards Lexi who grabbed it and began sucking frantically on my glans, her tongue gathering each slick expulsion as it spewed from my urethra. My entire body was jerking as her tongue slid slickly around my tip, the sensations so intense that I was trying to push her off my dick. Lexi was not about to give my dick up though and she gripped it tightly, stroking it as she sucked noisily at the fountain erupting my life forces out onto her tongue to slide down her convulsing throat. My hands held her head as I fucked my dick roughly into her eager mouth, straining to enter her throat deeply as my glans swelled each time my balls fired another hot load. I was moaning in one long groan as she sucked and licked at me greedily until my entire body tensed, jerked hard and a shudder ran through me and I fell backwards to the bed as she sat up licking her lips smiling. My body shook, hips jerking as my ass squeezed and another drop of cum oozed from me. Both girls saw it and lowered their heads simultaneously and bumped foreheads before Karen licked it from my tip with a swipe of her long tongue while moaning, mmmmm. They sat there squeezing the dregs of my cum from my balls taking turns sucking from my tip until defeated my dick sagged in their hands and I shrugged and said, “I hate to leave you two beautiful sluts but I have to get to work.”

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