Thursday , December 8 2022

My Sexy Older Sister

My name is Mike and I live with my Mother, Father and older Sister. Both my Sister and I live at home still even though were both in our 20’s however we never really had a choice in the matter. Our Father had always told us we would live under his roof until our education was finished, something our Grandparents didn’t do evidently and caused our Father to feel he had to shelter us from responsibility until we were well educated. Ever since I can remember my older Sister Jessica has always been there, when we were young we would play together with our toys even though she had Barbies and I had GIJoe’s she would always get them into some sort of major tragedy that they needed some short, handsome rescuers to come and save the day. When we got to school she would always be there on the play ground to protect me from bully’s, and in high school when she got her license would take me to school with her not because our parents said to because she wanted to. It wasn’t always picture perfect though we had allot of fights together as well as with our parents, on one occasion me and Jessica were fighting during the summer just before I started high school and Jessica went back as a junior, we in the living room fighting over the remote and by now we had been at it for almost 40 minuets I know because I missed my show and some of the next one that was on after it. Jessica and I at this point are both standing up with both of our hands on the remote then she pushes me back onto the couch in a sitting position to retaliate I pulled her into me which she ended up on top of my lap facing me her legs spread on my crotch, I was only in swimming shorts and thin ones at that my sister at least had a pair of short shorts on so as soon as my cock felt the heat of her pussy it began to grow.

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