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My Sexy wife wants real dicks

My wife is a real Romanian beauty, with dark brown long shiny hair, a beautifully build body, a face like a perfect supermodel and normaly the right attitude for sex. My friend Paul always says that she is an absolute stunner. And yes, he is right. She is very thin, weighing only 96 pounds. Her legs, tammy and ass are just perfect for her 27 years and her great dragon tatoo over her tummy and tits is amazing. The only draw back are her small 32AA cup tits which are even at this size a bit saggy and just so damn small. If you squeeze them you dont feel really much meat. She has real hot large and puffy areolas and her half inch nipples are just perfect. But on her small sags they look just ridiculous. May be she gets some silicon tits in future. Than they would suit perfectly. But not for now.

Sex has always been great with her but did become a bit borring for her and me in the past months. She recently fucked me only once a month. That wasnt enough for me nor for her. The big problem was that my wifes cunt and ass loosened a bit that she didnt feel my standard sized dick anymore. That decreased her and my lust somehow. I fucked her in every hole and she didnt orgasmed through it like in the years before. We used too many and too fat dildos. She always needed help of a vibrator on “max”.

So she asked me to get some “real” dicks in her pussy and ass that could fill her. Unfortunately she was jobless at that time, but i earned quit alot. Still she surely wanted to add something to our family income. She thought of a small business and told me to work as a hooker to combine money with better sex. I was ashamed and shocked of her proposal. She tried to make a cuckold out of me and wanted to fuck others on a daily basis for earning money and having fun. Where was my deal?

The key model of her business idea as a hooker was, that sex with her gets cheaper the fatter the cock is. Standard size cocks cost 200, but she doesnt want to fuck them. Large size 100, extra large 50 Dollar per hour and “xxl” are for free. So she thought it would be a bigger pleasure for her and she could feel orgasms again while earning good money.

My wife decided to start as a cheap street hooker. She wrote the prices with a marker on her belly in fluorescent numbers. The first night she left home at 6 o clock in nothing more than high heels, a very short white skirt which didnt even cover her ass cheeks and pussy fully and a white strip top. It only was a two inch strip of white fabric. Very sexy. You could see bits of her small boobs above and beneath the fabric and her fat brown nipples shined through underneath. I got a hard one immediately when i saw her. She gave me a kiss and said, fetch me at 3 a.m.. Tonight i m gonna fuck real dicks, not such a ridiculous one like yours. With that words i grabed her hair and pulled her down on her knees. I shoved her my dick deep in her throat. She didnt even gag and laughed: “You see, i dont even gag.” I said: “Because you are well trained. Not because of the size.” She just laughed and fucked the cum out of my prick within minutes. Then she swallowed the whole load. And said: “Bye and thanks for the energy drink.”

I realized, that she didnt tell me were to fetch her. I run down but she was gone. “Fuck” i said. I bet she knew it and liked me to find her, that dirty bitch. After 2 hours i went to my car and searched nervously my slut wife. I went to one of the center streets of hooker life. I even asked hookers, if they would have seen a new Romanian slut in white clothing and long dark hair. Nobody saw her.

I decided to look to the highway parking areas for truckers. And after 2 more hours i finally found her flirting with an old fat trucker with her hand between his legs. I hided myself and watched that spectacle. He grabbed her hard on her neck, pushed my wife to himself and gave her a long and wet french kiss. What a fucking ugly guy i thought. I thought she would back up. I didnt feel good with that but she replied his french kisses with very hot intense tongue play. He grabbed her with one hand on her bare ass cheeks and with the other under her skirt and fingered her bare pussy a bit. She spread her legs willingly and let him enter two fingers. After a minute of open street fingering in her hooker cunt she stopped and asked him for his dick size. He said 12 inches. “Wow, thats long.”

She laughed and said: “But I am more interested in your diameter.” He answered 2.5 inches. She moaned. Oh yes. You can fuck me for just 100 bucks per hour.” She grabbed his balls and dick through his jeans and massaged him in front of his truck. Passengers looked confused to her. He kissed her and wispered : “Ok, but i want to fuck you in your ass as well.” She smiled and answered: ” For 100 you can do whatever you want with me.” He smiled and said ok. I saw the money transfer and how my wife put it in her pocket where she already seem to have 400 bucks. She kissed him hot again, licked his tongue and sucked on it. He bit on her lower lip and replied her hot tongue play.

I nearly vomited. She went on and massaged his balls through the fabric. Then she entered the truck. The next hour i could nt see anything cause all happened in the truck. Suddenly the door opened and that whore stepped down the cabin smiling. Her ass and pussy was bend behind while she stepped out of the truck. I could see cum running out of her ass down her legs. I thought she would use condoms that crazy whore. That slut even used condoms with me in the last months and with strangers she doesnt. She is such a dirty bitch. I start to hate that slut i thought. Is she insane? My wife put her skirt and top back in position and walked to the toilet.

Suddenly two heavy tatooed rocker guys grabbed her neck and pressed her against the wall. They said, that this is a place where only their hookers work. No competition. They pressed her face and boobs hard on the wall. She screamed and tried to free herself. But she couldnt get out of their grip. They took a knife. My heartbeat increased extremely. They cut her skirt in pieces. It just fell down to the ground. She only had her top and heels left. They saw her bare asscunt gaping a bit. Cum run down between her legs and the one guy holding her tight laughed: “Look Jerry, that slipless whore does it without condom. What a crazy dirty slut.” He spread her ass cheeks and enjoyed that gaping loosened asshole of hers. He spanked her ass heavy like a crazy biest at least 20 times until they were deep red, took three dirty fingers and fucked my wifes asshole. She bend her ass out and seemed to enjoy that hard guy.

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