Thursday , December 8 2022

My Sissy Roommate

“Relax, Andrew. It’s just a party. Yeah, sure there will be girls there, but it’s not like they’re serial killers or something,” I tell my best friend as we make our way to the party.

I swear he’s always like this. So worried about everything. I don’t know how the kid has survived this long. Probably because I’m always here to calm him down.

It’s kind of funny, not many people can see Andrew and me as being friends. Him being a meek, petite, nerd who’s often confused as a girl and me a muscle-bound, jock who gets all the girls. We’re complete opposites from each other.

And yet, Andrew and I have always been best friends. We grew up next door to each other, I’m always the one getting him into trouble, and he’s the one who tries to think a way out of it. Of course, he used to get picked on a lot in high school, but not when I’m around.

He and I are like peanut butter and jelly. Oil and vinegar. Wine and cheese. Milk and cookies. What I’m saying is, we just work well together.

I couldn’t imagine going to college without him.

We arrive at a party at a classmate’s sorority, she begged me to come after class. The place is packed with girls everywhere. Definitely a lot more girls than guys.

Sarah’s eyes light up as she sees me. Her blonde hair neatly coming down to her shoulders. “You came!”

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