Wednesday , May 31 2023

My Sister And Watchman

Hello! I am Sameer from Delhi. I am 23 years old . We are three Childs (Me, My elder sister Anita(2 and My younger sister Anjali(19)) of my parents. I was staying with my married sister and Jiju due to my studies. My sister (Anita) is 28 and Jiju is 34. My Jiju works as a sales representative for a well known Computer company and for that reason he many times goes out for work. My Sister is a schoolteacher in a nearby school. The entire story begins because of a cheap reason. One night some of my friends & me went for roaming. We ate food and I am sure because of that I am suffering loose motions.
That was going to be last night of Jiju in home for next one month, as he was suppose to go for outage on next day for a month, I remember clearly, it was a Saturday night. I came at 12:00 in the night and I slept at 12:30. My Sister and Jiju were already sleeping and within few minutes I went to sleep. In the morning around 7AM, I felt desperate for going to fuck. So I woke up from sleep and as soon as I opened my eyes I observed My Sister and Jiju sucking each other’s sex tools. Although I wanted to fuck, after seeing that, it all went in. I could see them very clearly and may be many people from other buildings have also seen them sucking, as the light of room was on and the doors and windows were fully open. I was really surprised to see them in that position, as like this I have never seen them before. Jiju was pinching My Sister’s erected nipples one by one and she was moaning with pain and satisfaction.

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