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My Sister Lynn

I grabbed her wrists and and pinned them against the wall above her head. The scent of shampoo that was still present in her wet hair was alluring, and I took a long moment to inhale deeply and revel in it’s effect. She was visibly aggravated and was trying to wiggle her way out of my hold, but even as her towel loosened and began to fall off her wet body, she realized that she was powerless to save herself from the impending loss of cover that it provided. Her chest rose and fell with each of her apprehensive breaths, causing the towel to slide ever-so-slightly with each repetition. As it finally fell to the floor, she was almost embarrassed despite her anger, and fear of what I was doing to her. I had caught her red-handed, and now I was going to make her pay.
I buried my face in the corner of her neck and shoulder, and began to suck on her soft skin. She realized this was going to leave a mark that would be physical proof of our encounter, and her resistance became more desperate. Holding both of her wrists with one hand, I reached my other hand around behind her and traced down the length of her backbone. Her entire body was covered with goosebumps, as I ran my fingers further and further down, between the cheeks of her ass, and finally found her bare pussy, into which I pressed my finger as far as it would go….
The sound of keys in the door caused me to sit up with a start, and with great disappointment I discovered that I has dozed off and let my fantasy run autonomously.
“Damn!” I hissed. “Just when it was getting good! So much for being alone.” My name is David, and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve been coming home from school as early as I can so that I can spend some quality time with my magazines before anyone else gets home. The computer usage was a little too closely monitored, and I found that it was easier to look at my collection of glossy prints in the privacy of my room in the basement and make up my own fantasies, which I could then play out in my mind at my leisure. The mental images of beautiful breasts, and shaved pussies framed by long legs in stockings and heels tease me all day long at school. No wonder my grades are slipping.
Finding time alone at home used to be pretty easy, but my older sister, Lynn, is a sophomore at the state college, and has now started her summer break a full two weeks before me. We normally get along pretty well, despite her holier-than-thou attitude, and my having to endure four years of being the ‘little brother’ in school. I’d love to show her how not little I am!
So, now I was awake and groggy, and wondering who had come home. Dad wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, so I figured it was Mom. She comes and goes throughout the day, except on Fridays when she makes the overnight trip south to visit her sister.
I was about to leave my room and head up the stairs to say hello to Mom, when I heard the footsteps on the floor above walking into Lynn’s room.
“Hmm, that’s odd”, I said out loud to myself, “Mom would hardly dare to go into her room”. It seemed Lynn had everyone under her control, including our parents. There had been some rather heated discussions over the privacy issue, where Lynn was concerned. I, of course, got hardly any, save the fact that my room is in the basement, so I can always tell who is where in the house. There was always plenty of warning when someone was getting ready to come down the stairs.
I supposed it could be Lynn, but it’s kind of early to be home, even for her. The footsteps meandered a while, back and forth on the hardwood floor, and then a pause. I heard the stereo come on, and the hip-hop music that came blaring out of it proved it was indeed Lynn. She loved that stuff.
There wasn’t a lot of time to wonder about her early arrival because as soon as the music started, she left her room and headed into the kitchen. I would have assumed she was going to fix a snack, but she continued right through towards the stairs.
“Oh shit! She’s coming down here!” I said almost out loud. I quickly umped into my closet and close the door. Lynn had no way of knowing that I was home already since I don’t have a car to drive yet, and I wanted to leave it that way for now. ‘Maybe she’s going to start some laundry or something like that.’ Nope! I was wrong again! Good thing i was in the closet because she walked straight into my room!
‘What th….?!’ That takes a lot of nerve, I thought, but I chose to remain hidden rather than confront her about the intrusion. I couldn’t possibly imagine what the hell she’d be doing in my room. Normally, I’d get a ration of shit from her about the condition of my room, and the fact that she’d never be caught dead in there, but here she was, and though I couldn’t see her, I could hear her rifling around under my bed.
My breathing stopped when I realized that she was going to find my collection of magazines – God, I’d never hear the end of THAT! The whole scenario at the dinner table was playing through my mind: that shit-eating grin as her face as she brought up what she’d discovered in my room. Of course I’d have to argue about privacy and such, but I don’t think that would hold much water at that point. I didn’t know whether to be mad or scared – or both!
My fear was realized when I heard her thumbing through the pages. I was sweating big time, but I noticed that she didn’t seem to be having any obvious objections to what she was looking at. Shouldn’t she be surprised, or shocked, or something??
“Aha! There you are! This is just was I was in the mood for today.” she exclaimed, as she remover her selection from the stack, and scampered back up the stairs to her room.
I couldn’t believe it! she’d been in here before and knew what she was looking for! Anger was setting in, but what leg did i have to stand on? It’s not like I could go and tell on her. That would be self-incriminating.
Curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to know which magazine she had picked (and why). When I was sure she was back in her room, I let myself out of the closet and ran over to the bed and took a peak underneath. She had been careful to leave everything as it had been – except for the fact that one of my favorite mags was missing. It was a full-color XXX magazine called ‘The Typing Pool’, and it showed full penetration. Featured inside were stories about what goes on behind closed doors in the work place after hours. What Lynn found in there that was interesting to her was beyond me. I couldn’t even believe she’d ‘lower’ herself to view that stuff, let alone enjoy it! Most of the storied end with the Boss man taking his colleague almost by force, after a day of supposedly innocent teasing and unintentional seductive body language. Maybe she had been fantasizing about entering the work force, and all the different ways she could manipulate her boss into getting whatever it was she might want. Lynn was pretty hot, if I may say so myself, so I don’t think that would ever be a problem for her.
The music she had playing provided the perfect cover for me to make it up the stairs, across the living room, and down the hall to her room without ever being heard. Apparently, she was so comfortable in thinking that no one was home, that she didn’t even bother to close her door all the way. “What a bonus!” i thought, grinning to myself. I made it all the way to the doorway, and slowly peeked my head in around the frame. what I saw almost made me give myself away! Lynn was leaning over her desk reading the magazine. One hand propped herself up while she used the other to finger herself. This was incredible! I really shouldn’t have been watching this, but I couldn’t help it. I was stunned. She was wearing only a set of silver stockings and a pair of black platform heels that made her slender legs even longer and more delicious looking. Lynn had a body that most porn stars would envy. She was moaning a little, and gyrating herself onto her own fingers. I wish I could have seen which pictures she was looking at, but guess it didn’t really matter at this point.
What should I do? I couldn’t remain unnoticed for very long. Sooner or later, I’d have to duck out or risk being caught, but I think I was trying to convince myself otherwise. So, there i was, spying on my sister as she finger-fucked herself while reading one of my porn mags. Who knew my day would end up like this?
Lynn stood up a bit and opened one of her desk drawers. That was when I figured my luck would run out, since her desk had a huge mirror in front of it, and all she had to do was look up, and this little voyeuristic venture of mine would end in what would no doubt be the loudest verbal explosion I’d ever heard come out of her mouth. Holding my breath and trying not to move a muscle, I watched as she removed a huge rubber cock from the drawer and put it in her mouth while she resumed her previous position. She moved it in and out of her mouth, making sure that it was well lubricated, and the she slid the flesh-colored monster down between her legs and guided it straight up into her pussy. I was shocked! My mind was spinning, trying absorb the image before me, and still be silent.
It took a few moments before she was able to fully accommodate her instrument of pleasure, but what a gorgeous site it was. I think I was actually jealous of that thing!
A couple of times her legs began to tremble and then there was a quick jolt, followed by a deep sigh and an almost musical moan. She was really enjoying this! I stood there and admired her actions until I finally figured out which scenario she was acting out. She was talking out loud to an invisible person, and I could tell by what she was saying that she was fantasizing about being a young secretary working her way up the corporate ladder. It as after quitting time, and she had gone into the boss’ office and offered her services to him, which he gladly accepted and took advantage of. He said he was under a lot of deadline stress, and he needed someone to help him out, and relieve some of the pressure off. Without saying a word, she obliged by leaning over his desk and slowly lifting up her skirt to reveal her intentions. There was no need for a verbal response from her boss, who proceeded to move in behind her.
This is where I walked in…
“Oh, David, I want you to relieve your stress inside me!” she said aloud. Again I was shocked! I knew the name of the man in the story was Richard (the Big Dick in the office), and the name of the guy she has been seeing is George, so… Was she actually referring to me?? I decided to assume the affirmative, and go for broke. I slowly made my way towards her.
“That’s it David. Push me down on the desk and fuck me!” she said next, still unaware of my presence. My advance had been timed perfectly, and i arrived directly behind her just as she finished her statement. She glanced up in the mirror and time stopped as our eyes met. The gravity of the situation was realized by both of us in that eternal instant; Lynn was about to have a fantasy realized in the flesh – only it was going to be in the flesh of her brother, instead of her boss.
There was a quick attempt to change her position and escape the situation, but it was too late. I didn’t want to allow her time to consider her options, or dwell on what was about to happen. I put my arms around each side of her and held on the to desk, trapping her between it and myself. She could feel my cock pressing against her butt cheeks, and I could feel the heat that had built up between her thighs.
I snarled in her ear, “your wish is my command, sis”. Her resistance was noted, but I had made up my mind. She started this, and I was going to finish it. Her wet pussy proved all too easy to penetrate, and I forced my hard cock inside her while I held her toy in front of her mouth. As if on cue, she let out a scream to protest, and I shoved it into her mouth. Her muffle cries got me even more excited. She was pretty tight, and I could feel the fleshy muscles inside her wrapping themselves around me as I moved. The rubber toy and myself were in rhythm. She was being taken from both ends. I guess her senses were too overloaded to continue her attempts to get away. Actually, if I didn’t know better, I’d have to say that she was getting into it. I kept up my invasion of her body, and she started pushing herself onto me at the same rate.
“I feel better already” I said, looking at the two of us in the mirror and admiring how good she looking in her stockings and heels, and watching her beautiful breasts bounce in time with my thrusts. For the first time ever, I was afforded the chance to cradle the soft mounds in my hand. They were amazing. I stood up and she laid her head back on my shoulder and took over control of the dildo in her mouth. In and out it went, almost disappearing each time she pushed it in. It must be going into her throat, I thought. That thing was huge!
She pulled it out just long enough to mention in a breathy tone “You’re actually pretty good, little brother….” and then she inserted the toy again, and returned to her previous pace.
“I wish you’d STOP calling me that!” I pleaded, and I started fucking her harder. Despite being glad to hear her positive reaction, this is the kind of shit that always made me furious with her. “I… am… NOT… LITTLE!”
“I’ve had bigger” she replied.
I was stunned. If she was trying to get the fucking of her life, this was certainly one way to go about getting it. I couldn’t believe her brashness.
“Maybe if i rammed it up your ass you’d notice how big it was”
“Perhaps” was her only reply.
Well, she asked for it, and if there had been any witnesses, I’m pretty sure they’d all be in agreement. I pulled out of her, took a handful of her long hair, and led her over to the bed. I fully expected that she’d use this opportunity to break away and run, but she allowed me to lay her down on her back. She had all the right moves. Her legs went up in the air, crossed, uncrossed, spread wide in the air, came back together, and then curled up so that her high heels were up against her butt – as if to point the way for me. I stood back for a second and watched her put on her little show. She was a sight, for sure, and I couldn’t wait to be back inside her before something woke me up from this dream too! Her bare pussy was so well lubricated, that the juices had now run down and moistened her tiny asshole. I grabbed her ankles and opened her up. Placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass, I kept in constant eye contact with her. I wanted to see her reaction to the impending assault. Her eyes closed slightly, and she let out a soft moan as I pushed into her. God, did it feel hot in there! Her ass was incredibly tight, but I didn’t stop until I was totally buried inside her. I noticed that i could still see her in the mirror, even from the bed. I imagined her laying there alone in her room playing with herself, and watching it all in the mirror. Now, she could turn her head and watch her brother fucking her in the ass. Her legs were wrapped around my back so that the spikes of her heels could pierce into my skin if she so desired. Maybe she was actually the one in control? Either way, I was in heaven, and I was definitely going to relieve some stress into my sister’s ass!
My pace quickened, and i watched her expression change from the “I’m all that” look, to one of discomfort and uncertainty. She tightened her grip on my with her legs as if to reduce my range of motion, but I was oddly excited about the fact that I could be causing her some pain. Her eyes were closed now, and I pushed into her harder and harder. She was starting to cry a little, but never made an attempt to stop me, which was good because there was literally no stopping me now. I leaned down, close to her face and waited for her eyes to open. This time when our eyes met, there was a passion and a lust between us that needed no words. she knew that I had lasted as long as I could, and she raised her head a bit to give me a deep, teary-eyed kiss. I pushed her head back down with my lips, as I sank my tongue into her waiting mouth. The added stimulation tossed me over the edge. She could feel me tense up and she was ready for the conclusion to the story. Our mouths still together, she hummed a deep moan as my body went rigid and I blew a huge load of cum into her ass. I was surprised by the intensity of it all, and i collapsed on top of her, continuing to slide myself in and out of her until i was completely spent.
“That was a very ‘big’ moment for us, David” Lynn said. “I hope that made up for all the shit I’ve been putting you through”.
I was surprised that she even noticed that, let alone cared about it, but i didn’t want to let it show. “And what if it doesn’t?” I asked. “I’ve endured four years of grief at your hand. I’m not sure that i feel totally vindicated”.
“Well”, she said with a sly grin, “we’ve got all summer.”

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