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My sister vacation in south africa

Hi, I am david from London.. I am a great fan of traveling and more so of wild life. So I planned to have a trip to south Africa. I didn’t want to go alone so i wandered whom should I pick up for this. In our family all were ready then my sister told me she wants to go. We all then agreed that my sister will go with me.

so we started our packing and then after 2 days we boarded our flight to south arica. 2 family room were booked for us.one for my sister and the other for me which incuded a single bathroom. We reached there and took our bath and relaxed for 8 hours sleeping. Later in evening we went outside for a walk and then came back. Let me tell u about me and my sister. I am 28 yrs old and my sister is 23 yrs old.she is 5’6” tall with a good figure with charming face. She had tanned legs and long legs. Her figure is 32 d-28-34. then after some time when we were watching tv one person came to us and told that there is a small party as it was hotel establishment day. So we both went around 8 o’clock. I wore as usual my coat and my sister wore her neckless clothes.. She had wore a pink neckless suit .she was looking stunning. We went there and started enjoying the party. A dance party was organized which started in about an half an hour and many couple started to dance together. we brother sister were sitting on a chair when a lady came to me and requested for a dance. I said ok and went near all people and started dancing. After some time I saw a black man talking with my sister and then they came near the dance party and started dancing. I was thinking what my sister is doing. Then I thought as the lady asked me for dance so as the black man would have requested for my sister. I then ignored that all and started dancing.

I saw my sister dancing with that black man and then I got busy with my partner. But meanwhile when I again saw towards my sister the black man has put his hand on my sister ass and was rubbing it slowly and dancing. My sister was enjoying the dance . after some time I saw that he has placed his hand on her shoulder and has pulled her closer and my sister eyes was closed. He was now rubbing her ass gently , one hand was on her thigh and was saying something which I couldn’t hear. My sister was smiling and listening to him. The lady with me saw me looking there and said leave them and enjoy dancing. She placed her hand on my cock and squeezed it. I was getting hard and I put my hand on her ass but again looked towards my sister. The lady said why r u looking there , dance with me. Leave them they r enjoying the dance and see how good they both r looking. One is black and the lady is so fair .isn’t that exiting. Yes sure, I said . he was around 6’3” tall with good body and though he was black he was charming and good looking. She was saying he is so charming and has big dick. Hearing this I got very angry. But I didn’t tell her that she is my sister .she was now rubbing my cock and I was getting hard .. I was angry with that man but at the same time I was getting aroused by this lady and as a result I enjoyed my sister view with a black man rubbing her ass.. Then the next thing I saw really surprised me. He was kissing my sister.

After some time the party ended and we both me and my sister went to our room. We had dinner and went to sleep. But as I was angry I couldn’t sleep. I then switched on the tv and started watching it. When I search on for some good program I saw a porn movie coming on tv. I started watching it and getting horny. I started masterbating. Just at that time I heard a knock at my sister door. I wondered who may be at this time. I then ignored it and started watching tv again. I was masterbating but then I heard some voice in my sister room. I went near the bathroom and listened the voice. A man voice was there and then I couldn’t hear any thing. Then I heard him saying ur very beautiful and sexy. I then has not doubt that the black man was there. I was getting exited and thought my sister wants that what can I do. She is a grown up girl. So I didn’t do any thing and went back to my bed. Next day that man met me in the lawn and my sister was sitting on chair. he was around 30 yr old. We had a chat and then I came to know that he is working as consultant in a firm and was from Zimbabwe.

we had a little bit chat and then he switched to personal life. We came to know each other that we both r unmarried. He then said that he likes white young lady and had some sexual encountered with them. He then pointed towards my sister and said this beautiful lady is so cute. Isn’t it. I said yes. Then he added that he had danced with her yesterday . he also said that he liked her ass .she has the ass which he likes very much. He also added that her thigh is very smooth and he would be just rubbing her thigh for hours. and most important that she is a virgin .after a long time he will be enjoying a virgin girl tonight. He said yes she is from london and is staying here for 3 days. I would have been staying in this hotel for a day but now I will be staying as long as she stays. He then asks me did u find any one. I said no. he said that he will be making love with her tonight. Now the word from my dance partner lady came to my sense that he has big cock. I was getting horny now and wanted to watch him with my sister. So I asked can I watch u make love with her. He said no problem. He said he was living on the 3rd floor and I should come in his room around 11pm. I said ok.

Then I went to bar . I saw him talking to my sister. They were dancing together and he was rubbing her ass and first time I saw my sister hand on her thigh just below his crotch. And her hand was moving towards his crotch and then I saw the most unhappening things. My sister had just put her palm on her crotch. That was unbearable for me but was even unbearable for them. I saw him kissing her hard and he took his right hand under her leg. May be he wanted to feel her womanhood. He then took her behind the bar room and I too quickly went behind a tree. From there I saw he was kissing my sister and then he put both his hand on her waist and within a few seconds he took her panty out and kept that inside his pocket. He kissed her at last not before feeling her breast and saying ur too wet to handle now. Meet u later at night. Then I quickly went to have a seat. My sister came and didn’t sat there. I said please sit down. she said no she isn’t feeling good so she want to go to room. I thought no sister the reason is that ur without panty. I said ok. We went to room and as soon as we went she took her panty from her room and ran in bathroom. I was already hard thinking she is naked under her bottom. At night we had dinner and he was just sitting opposite to my sister. And they were having some eye flashes which I saw when my sister blinked her eyes and smiled.

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