Friday , February 3 2023

My son takes me on an ATV ride

My son takes me on an ATV ride, I’m Katherine Holman. My son Brad wanted to take a long ATV ride and camp out overnight, so we are riding the pipeline in southeast Missouri to a remote campground near Van Buren MO. We ride the gas & power lines which are great trails. We have to connect to some county roads once in a while.

We’ve been on these 4 wheelers for 6 hours and my 49 year old body is worn out. I’ve been watching my son’s shirtless back all day and I’m dusty and ready for a shower.

“How much further!” I yell for the hundredth time pulling up next to Brad.

Chuckling, Brad responds; “we’re there. We take this county road about a ½ mile.”

“We need to hurry, I have to pee and I need a shower. It also looks like rain’s coming.” I say looking to the west.

“Yeah, OK.” Brad says taking off.

Pulling into the campground I’m quite disappointed. It consists only of a large open grass area with a small restroom facility. This is definitely a roughing it campground.

“There’s the bathroom and the showers are on the side of the building” Brad says, pointing to the outside of the building where there are a couple of shower heads.

“The showers are outside Brad, did you know that?” I yelled at him, none too pleased.

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