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My ssbbw granny

Fictional story everyone When I was a young lad we use to summer at me grandmum’s every year. My parents would drop off me and my 3 older b*****rs for a couple of weeks. Each of us were only about a year apart. my parents had us when they were young a d wanted a large f****y quick. Grandmum was a large gal to say the least. She was about 5 ft tall and weighed about 200 lbs when I was growing up. When I was 12 years old me granpappy passed away. Me grandmum was very depressed that first summer. When we were there all she did was watch the tele and eat. Mostly ice cream and sweets and such. I swear she gained 10 lbs just the two weeks we were there. Her clothes were getting tighter and her boobs were starting to spill out the top of her brazerre. The following summer when we came for our visit she had ballooned upto nearly 400 lbs.. She wore mostly loose night clothes and she rarely ever wore any underclothes. She missed granpappy something awful. We felt so sad for her. She just sat around the house eating, sulking and crying most days. After a week of being there grandmum had really begun to smell ripe. My oldest b*****r finally said something to grandmum about her not taking a shower. She said “How cares about how a smell or look anymore. The love of my life is gone and I wish I was with him now.” We pleaded with her that she needed to take care of herself and the we loved her very much. She said “We’ll, since I have gained so much weight I don’t really fit in the tub and …
when I take a shower it is hard for me to reach all of the places now that I am so fat. So I just stopped trying. I haven’t showered in almost a month now.” She started crying and said “she just can’t go on anymore.” My oldest b*****r, Marc said “Granmum I love you very much and if you’d like me to I could help you take a shower and wash you up where you can’t reach.” Granmum said “you would do that for me sweetie”? “Of course I would.” And the rest of us said we could help also if she needed the help. We all told her “whatever she needed to help feel better we would be glad to do it.” She finally agreed that we could help her. Mark went to the shower and turned on the water. Granmum came in and told us to turn around as she took off her night clothes. I could see out of the corner of the bathroom mirror as she took off her clothes. Her boobs were even bigger than I had thought! They looked like two giant watermelons hanging from her chest and the laid on top of her enormous belly all the way past her belly button. And her nipples! They stuck out about two inches and were almost as thick cigars. I couldn’t help it. My penis had a mind of it’s own and it sprang to life when I saw her. She was the first naked lady I had ever seen. At the time I didn’t know it but my b*****rs had all had the same reaction. After she got undressed she stepped into the shower. The shower was small and the door would not close all the way when she got in. Water splashed out onto the floor and we got

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