Thursday , March 30 2023

My step-daughter gets naked for the first time with her boyfriends

I met my wife at work. She was the executive secretary for my boss and I was his IT director. Lucy was in the midst of a very messy divorce from a real asshole and I was unhappy in a 23-year marriage. Unfortunately, Lucy was a smoker. I never smoked and neither did my first wife and I really didn’t like that bad habit. But whenever Lucy would take a smoke break from her work, she’d buzz me on the intercom and tell me to meet her outside where I’d keep her company and we’d commiserate about our shitty marriages.

Her ex is one of those macho guys around women who likes to dominate and control them. He was either abusive or overly loving depending upon the day. He would Pervert Exploit her one day and apologize the next and be the most loving guy she could want. He wasn’t a very tall guy, but he apparently worked out a lot as he was quite buff. She had finally had enough of his shit when he pushed her down the stairs of their condo when she was eight months pregnant. She filed charges against him and he did some jail time and then had to take an anger management course which, we later found out, didn’t help much.

Lucy and I spent a lot of time just talking at the office and then we eventually started going out to lunch together. I wanted to leave my wife, but we had two kids and I didn’t want to leave them in a broken home. I guess they weren’t really kids at that point but I think you always consider your children your kids no matter how old they are. My youngest was about to graduate from junior high and my oldest was finishing his sophomore year in high school. There was one event at home that finally was the last straw, however, and I made the decision to leave my wife at the start of the summer after the boys got out of school.

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