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My sweet little step-sister Josie

My name is Tim; I am twenty five years old, six feet tall, weigh two hundred pounds and am in good physical shape and I exercise every day. My face is a light tan color with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Girls often tell me that my most attractive features are my eyes and my firm cowboy butt. This is a story about my life growing up with Josie. We were raised on a ranch in the beautiful rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta Canada.
My biological parents died when I was too young to remember them and I was adopted and raised by a loving couple that owned the ranch I am writing about where this story all takes place.
They are really great and loving parents and treat me like their own child. Dad is white Caucasian and has lived her since he was little, mom is Latina but she was born in Canada and has been in this area her whole life
I lived on the ranch alone with my parents until just after my seventh birthday, when my step sister Josie was born. She just turned eighteen this spring, and has grown into the most beautiful and sexy girl that I have ever seen, she looks very much like she is full Latina, but she is half white because of her dad.
I started riding horses when I was two years old and learned all about ranch work and riding horses on that ranch. I learned how to rope steers and chase cows by the time I was five. I really loved life on the ranch, there was always something fun and exciting to do.
When I turned sixteen I found myself starting to think more and more about girls. One day I saw a flier that mom had left on the kitchen table advertising dance lessons and I had herd somewhere that girls love to dance, so next day I drove into town and signed up for that.
They were teaching the Texas two-step and that was perfect because most of the girls in that area were cow girls so they would all like that type of dancing. The instructor said that I was a natural when it came to dancing and I learned how to two-step very quickly and got really good at it.
I went to all the dances that were going on in that area and most of the girls wanted to dance with me because they said I was a great dancer and could make them feel like they were floating on air as we danced together.
By the time I was eighteen I was really into girls and wanted to do more with them than just dance and the next time I was at a dance I saw a pretty little sixteen year old girl there that really liked me, so I asked her to dance.
After we danced together for a while she was really starting to come on to me so I took her by the hand and led her out the back door to my pickup where we started kissing and holding each other close all the while exploring each others bodies.
By this time we really wanted each other so it was no problem for her when I started to take of her clothes. Before long we were making love on the seat of my truck and we both came very quickly because it was the first time for both of us, afterwards we just sat close together cuddling and talking for the rest of the night till the sun started to come up. I drove her back to her house and dropped her of and on the way home I was thinking about her and how great it felt to have sex for the first time.
Over the next five years I dated quite a few girls and had sex with most of them but it never really felt like any of them were what I really wanted till one day at a wedding dance.
I was twenty three that year and met a really sweet eighteen year old girl that had just gotten married.
She was still a virgin and her new husband was drinking with his friends as her and I danced together and started to get to know each other. We really started liking each other and later that night her husband passed out in their room before they could even make love, so she came over to my room still a virgin.
That night I made love to her and we started to have a secret affair that lasted all summer and we both cared about each other very much but she said she could not leave her husband because to all her family and friends marriage is forever, so we decided it was best if we did not see each other anymore. That was two years ago and the first time that I had really cared about a girl.
I started working in the oil patch when I was around fifteen and have been doing that ever since. I started out just working in the summer months and going to school the rest of the year but when I turned eighteen I started to work full time and now I am consulting for Shell.
I always come home to the ranch whenever I am of work for break-up or if I finished the job that I am on.
I made a lot of money working in the oil patch so three years ago I decided to spend some of it on a small two seat airplane because ever since I was young I wanted to fly.
Also that same summer I wanted to have my own place, so together with the help of my dad and a couple of friends we built a log cabin at the end of a meadow about a mile from the main ranch house and now that is my home whenever I am not at work.
The year after we built the cabin, we made an airstrip for my plane that was rite near my cabin.

Chapter Two: (Sweet little Josie)

Ever since Josie was old enough to walk and whenever I came home from school or work she would always find me and want to hang out with me.
She was a really cute and sweet little girl and I just loved to have her around, watching me as I did things and her asking me all kinds of questions. It got to be after awhile that I liked having her around so much that whenever I came home I would always find her just so we could hang out together
When Josie was two, I took her with me to the horse corral and started teaching her how to ride a horse; it did not take very long she was doing really good at riding and when I went out to do my work she would ride along with me.
A couple of years later I took her fishing with me and taught her how to cast a line out into the stream, she would always hold onto my hand as we walked along the trail to the creek and back home again. She was always happy and talked a lot but I never got tired of listening to her.
When Josie was sixteen I taught her how to dance the two-step and most of the time after that she would go to the dances with me and we would dance together, it always felt so good to have her in my arms whenever we danced together. Josie told me that she loved the two-step because she could be so close in the guy’s arms when she was dancing with him.
Thinking back on it now I don’t remember ever seeing her dance with anyone else but me, I never gave it much thought at the time
I spent a couple of months in Lloydminster Alberta getting my private pilots license and May first 2011 I flew home in my new Taylorcraft and a brand new private pilots license.
I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was Josie’s birthday and I had called her earlier that day and told her that when I got home I would take her flying for a birthday present.
When I landed at home Josie came running out to meet me, she was so excited and happy that almost before I got stopped she had the passenger door open and was climbing in.
I had not seen her since just after Christmas which was four months earlier because I had been away getting my pilots licence that whole time.
She had just turned sixteen and it seemed like she changed from a sweet little girl to an absolutely amazingly beautiful and sexy young woman since the last time I saw her.
She was dressed in a tight little pink t shirt and a pair of tight fitting Wrangler blue jeans that showed of her well developed full firm breasts, her sexy little belly and her tight little ass that was fully filled out and pear shaped like a young women. Her legs were perfectly tapered up to her bum and her long wavy brown hair was cascading down her back almost to her bum. Her beautiful blue eyes were sparkling now from her excitement at getting to go up in the air for the first time in her life. This was the first time that I had noticed her as anything more than my sister.
Josie was so very excited to be up in the sky with me as we flew around the ranch and all around in the mountains and foothills looking at everything, after we landed she gave me a big hug and thanked me for the wonderful flight and birthday present. When she hugged me I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest and it was really getting me turned on to have this sweet sexy little girl in my arms like that.
She then turned and started running back to the main ranch house. I watched her till she disappeared into the house, what a beautiful site she was, her long wavy brown hair was bouncing along and her sexy ass wiggled as she ran back towards home.

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