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My Tight Experience with my Friend And My Wife

This sex story is not letting me relax, I can’t stop myself writing this sex story. I am sure you can’t read another sex story same day once you experience this one.

I am married for 6 years with a beautiful girl from a small town, she is very fair as I and she has long silky hairs up to lower back. Her height is also making her special, with 5.8-inch height she has 36c size milk parlors, which always catch people’s eyeballs and balls. Her waist is 30 with little flash at her tummy supported by two melon size healthy butts which are 38 in size.

She can make anyone hard with her jogging, even I like to watch her walking when her bums swing and jiggle. Her rosy lips were like pink color orange slices with full of juice, she doesn’t like a french kiss, I don’t get much chance to get the juice out of her juicy lips. Her big eyes always look very innocent and adorable. Her long beautiful legs, especially milky n silky thighs were smooth like a banana stem. I got her body hairs removed with laser treatment, so she no needs to wax her body, all the time she is silky at every inch of her sexy and beautiful body.

Being fair complexion, her face becomes pink if she feels shy and red if she is too excited. At home, our 5-year-old kid keeps her busy. She is into teaching, she also gives coaching at home. We sold our house in Nagpur and moved to Pune. We brought 3 BHK, I had few friends in Pune, soon she also buildup bonds with my friends and their families. One of the family was very close to us.

We were enjoying a new city and now shifted to a new house, I put all money I got from my previous house, but for interiors, it was my wife, who put her earnings from a teaching job.

The real story starts from here. My friend Ramesh’s wife went to the US for 6 months, she went for a year or so. As he was a very close friend and alone, sometimes he comes over the weekend to spend some time with us. This was a day which gave me very tight experience. We often exchange gifts, once he gave my wife a white pink floral frock, which she was wearing that day. That frock was up to her knee and was sleeveless with the deep neck.

We were chatting and I was making a special dish for all three of us, it was Friday evening and my kid slept early. My wife and Ramesh were sitting at sofa near the kitchen, it was kind of 2-seater sofa with one side handle and another side round shape to keep arm where my wife was sitting. As we didn’t buy any furniture yet, they both were sitting there and chatting.

I was in the kitchen so I can’t see them unless I come out to the dining area. They were chatting and now she was very excited with a new house and new things, where she also put her earnings. Ramesh was the first visitor to our house so she was so happy and boiling inside to speak about new house and interiors. He is tall dark and handsome man.

She started telling him,
(my wife) Nilu: you know bhaiya all of the interiors are from my earnings
He surprised!!!
Ramesh: wow, Niluji how? I mean you don’t work.

She was very excited and telling about how she got more profit through extra teaching and how we selected colors, curtains, kitchen design and all in detail.

I needed some curd from the fridge, instead of disturbing her, I came out to the dining area to take curd. They were too busy or involved in the subject, that they didn’t even notice me. But I was stunned by what I saw, my wife left space at her right side of sofa corner and was very near to him, Ramesh also left some more space other side and was near to my wife.

While speaking she didn’t notice herself touching him and telling about wardrobe. Their bodies were touching each other, her left side of the knee and his right side of the right knee was looking like some single person’s legs. Start from toe till knee and from knee till his and her thighs and her left side body was not having any gap to even pass air in between them. Her back of left arm was touching the right side of his chest, his arm was going around her.

She was busy with her excitement telling him about interiors, she didn’t notice or didn’t bother about Ramesh’s right hand going wrong place. Ramesh kept his right hand on her waist, his palm was under her big right breast and thumb almost touching a lower line of her breast.

I was confused and went inside, I was angry but same time Ramesh is very good friend of mine, we share each detail about us. I want to ignore this, but same time I was feeling strange excitement inside. My heart was pounding and dick was getting hard. I thought of peeping there.

She still excited telling about the house, now her left thigh was on his right knee and more turned towards him, her frock was 6 inches above her knee and her left milky thigh was glittering in his eyes. He was looking to her beautiful face eyes and lips as well and now her milky silky thigh was killing him. He can’t control and suddenly he grabbed her right thigh with his left hand and pulled her on his lap, while this her frock was not in between them and her milky thighs were exposed showing a glimpse of her panty.

Nilu was shocked, she was talking about the house and suddenly, she found herself sitting on his lap and now he hugged her tightly. She was speechless, being shy and conservative she couldn’t make a noise. Her face become red and temperature of her face must be very high, she was confused and shocked.

A hungry and thirsty friend of mine didn’t have sex since past 6 months, his wife will be back after next 6 months and now he is having a sexy babe on his lap with milky smooth exposed thighs. With all his hunger, he suddenly started kissing her lips, she was pushing him with no use. She couldn’t stop him taking her tong sucked into his mouth. He pushed her and they landed on the floor.

He was on top of her, in between her naked and smooth thighs. There was no gap in between their bodies, clothes were the only thing keeping some air in between. His chest was making her breast pressed so had that her big cleavage touching his neck.

She was struggling, she doesn’t want to call me as she was much scared. Also, her mouth was occupied with his deep kissing she never experienced. Her left leg was on the sofa, which made her floral frock come to her waist exposing pink panty and he can feel my wife’s smooth silky thighs with his right hand by holding her head and face with left hand. The first time her tong and thighs are touched by some other person.

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