Sunday , May 28 2023

my twin brother gets to fuck my wife

It was a long day at work, I was returning home when my brother called to tell me he was coming home for dinner. I wondered he would never invite himself but then again being a brother I couldn’t say no to him.

To tell you a little about me, I am 30 and so is my brother.. shocked? Well we are twins. I am married to a very hot indian Punjabi girl. To be honest I am about 6 feet, good built and a have never had a complain with my cock, it was a decent 9” monster and my wife loved it. My wife was 5”9 lovely brown hair, 36cc Boobs and a fine ass. She kept her self very well and I knew she was a wild cat but never knew this would happen.

Me and my brother have been sharing everything since we have been kids, we had the same car, we bought the same house and in university we had the same girl friend, well she never knew we both were fucking her, we would take turns for date night. It was a secret we never let out. Sometimes to cover up on business we would be at two different places doing two different deals and we would still be fine with it.

I turned into my garage and I saw him waiting out side, “why are you out here in the cold?”, he said he just got there and saw me coming and we walked into the house together. “coming”, my wife shouted and generally she would hug me but saw my brother and just didn’t realise which was her husband and was just stuck there, “its me” and I walked towards her and she hugged me and said, oh ajay is here for dinner, “sure” and she invited him in.

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