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My wife agreed to help me seduce my sister

When I saw my seventeen year old sister after being away for five years I was astonished by her loveliness. I was sixteen years old when she was born. Two years later I left for college. At the university I received an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree, a PhD, and eventually a teaching position. Somehow I had continued to think of my sister as a little girl. She was not little anymore.

The incest taboo is an instinct that usually develops when one grows up with those whom it places beyond the range of sexual desire. I felt enough of that instinct to feel guilty about desiring my teenage sister, but not enough to avoid desiring her.

My seventeen year old sister had the face of a beautiful child, and the shapely body of a young woman. In spite of my best efforts, I could not help but admire her large and firm breasts, her slender waist, and her rounded hips. When my sister noticed my admiration and sensed my desire she looked down, smiling shyly, and blushing a bit. Modesty in one so beautiful arouses me.

My wife and I were visiting my parents and sister for Christmas. For various reasons I had not been back for five years. I would have thought that my sister was one of the most popular girls in school. The second day I was back my mother mentioned in passing that she had not even been on a date yet. The thought that my beautiful sister was not only still a virgin, but had never been kissed aroused in me even more desire, and more guilt, but not enough guilt.

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