Monday , January 30 2023

My wife and I finally visit Fantasy Fest

My wife was a woman in a bit of an emotional or moral
turmoil. On one hand she wanted to explore but on the
other she was a complete prude. When we were at home she
dressed in a very conservative manner seeming uptight
all the time. The only exception was when we went on
holidays when she would loosen up and wear bikinis and
somewhat revealing clothes not much mind you but
certainly more than she did at home.

We had discussed going to Key West for Fantasy Fest a
number of times and looked at the information on the
web. Karen was interested in the pictures of the men and
women walking around in broad daylight with very little
else on other than body paint, but said there was no way
she would do that. Personally I thought she would be a
hit, she has a slender figure, not overly endowed on the
top but certainly enough to enjoy a full B-cup. Her
legs and ass were her best assets and could easily have
belonged to a top lingerie model.

We finally booked the trip and left to see what it was
all about. Our hotel was a couple of blocks off Duval
Street where we knew the action was. We arrived there
about 6:00 in the afternoon and got ready to start
wandering around. In spite of the warm weather Karen
wore a dress that would have looked good on her
grandmother. We wandered from one bar to the next for a
little while just watching the sights. Karen wasn’t very
good at holding her liquor so was starting to get high.

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