Friday , December 9 2022

My wife fucked by my sister’s hubby

This story is about my wife being fucked by my sister’s husband. My readers please read it in her own words.

One day my husband’s brother in law arrived at my house, his visit was unexpected it was at about 9pm I was alone at home my husband was out of town on business and there was no bus for him to return to his place. He is a very handsome man and bodybuilder, his chest is something every women would like to rest her head on and his hand is something every women would like to be hugged with. I made some special food for him told him be at ease my hubby will arrive tomorrow at 11am. And after food I made him bed to sleep on then I went to watch tv. After a while he came to the hall to watch tv. At around 12 midnight I felt sleepy told him so and went to sleep. His room was after my room I left my room door open on purpose. I was wearing a night gown of thin material v cut neck and had my right leg bend and feet on the bed so that if he looks in he can see my thighs now and that I am sure to give him a boner. Now I can hear that he has switched off the tv and moving to his room arriving at my room seeing me sleeping in that position stood there looking in. I am expecting him to come in anytime, slowly he enters my room seeing me he thought I am deeply sleeping, slowly he closed the door. Now he sits on the chair looks into my thighs I was not wearing panty. I felt my heart beating rapidly, slowly he enters his hand in my nighty touched my pussy now slowly he gets up sits on the bed now lied on the bed his mouth near my mouth. Suddenly he hugged me now still pretending sleep he undressed himself and pulled my nighty up.

I as in my sleep after a satisfying fuck I being the satisfied lady put my head on my fucker’s healthy chest playing with his fuck tool which provided me one of my best fuck and orgasm. My head on his muscular chest I kissed his nipples and he sucked my lower lip. I slowly inches my head towards his crotch takes his fuck tool in my mouth and start to suck his cock he pushed it far up to my throat gagging me. Now nearly 20 minutes of sucking him he rewarded me with his man milk, I swallowed it as it was my life saving medicine. After he came I didn’t let him pull out instead I kept on sucking him. Now hard again he mounted me missionary. Then pulled me up resulting in me sitting on his lap with his cock buried in my pussy. Now he gets down from the bed I have no choice except have my legs around his hips and my hand around his neck, now walks around fucking me looking directly into my eyes, it makes me shy I lowered my head, he pulled my head up saying when cock is in pussy there is no need to be shy. Fucked me walking position he was so strong he fucked me nearly 30 minutes. Now I had two orgasms. When he was about to cum he laid me at the side of the bed and buried his cock deep in my pussy resulting his juice spraying deep in my pussy. Now I held him by his hips pulling him into me like if I want more cock in my pussy, after finishing pumping his seed in me he fell on me tired. Now we slept hugging each other until 6 am then one more go Rockygy and bath together. We as the good relatives was at the hall when my husband arrived, when I told my husband his brother in law was here since night my husband smiled and slapped my ass.

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